• MAY 16, 2016
  • WRITTEN BY: Rosie Littlejohns

Candy Making Class (4)

With a self-confessed sweet tooth, I’m always on the hunt to find my next sugar fix! So it’s safe to say I was very excited when invited to take part in a Candy Making Class held in London’s stylish Spitalfields Market. What better way to satisfy my sweet tooth than by learning how to make candy – and of course eating it afterwards!? Have a read to see how we got on.

The day started at the Spun Candy store in Spitalfields Market, London. On arrival, you are initially taken aback by the vibrant shop layout, then by the fragrant smell in the air. It was clear the day was going to be full of sweets, sweets and more sweets! The master candy makers warmly welcomed us into the store and after a quick wander around the variety of treats on offer, it was time to get our aprons on.

Candy Making Class 3

The first step in our candy making experience was to decide on the flavourings for our candy. Pawel, the lead candy master, showed me and Rosie a collection of glass bottles filled with coloured liquids and corked tops. The bottles contained different flavourings. There was a bottle to suit any sweet tooth with flavours varying from fruity bases like lime and raspberry, to more unique tastes like cola.

After smelling a selection, we decided to compliment the full flavour of raspberry with a tasteful splash of passion fruit. Our flavourings were then mixed with sugar, water and glucose. The ingredients were brought to a bubbling boil, ready for us to begin the artwork. Pawel set the hot liquid onto the worktop and Rosie and I took turns mixing in food colouring in order to gain our desired rainbow shades.

Candy Making Class 5

We folded the play-doh like candy until the colours glowed and the mixture began to stretch, then it was onto the hard part – the moulding. As beginners, we were shown how to make the simple shape of the classic lollipop swirl. After rolling each end of the candy in order to twist the colours together, we rolled it into the swirl. I found this pretty easy and was rather impressed with the shape I made (if I do say so myself). However, I soon realised a much more artistic hand was required for the more complex shapes. Pawel showed us how to make a variety of shapes ranging from hearts, snails, flowers and my favourite – a butterfly (I actually managed to create this as I intended)!

Candy Making Class 6

Our master candy makers were very talkative and were always on hand to help. They kept us entertained with fun facts on the creation of candy and explained how they came to join the business. We ended up taking a huge bag of our creations back with us and we even made it onto their wall of fame! Each treat was individually wrapped and would make a great gift for a loved one.

Candy Making Class 7

This experience caters for all sweet needs, suitable for children’s parties, a romantic day out and many more occasions. The products are suitable for vegetarians and are all made from natural flavourings, which is an added bonus. The location is easy to find and the class was short and snappy, a definite recommendation for a fun day out in the city!

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