• JUL 21, 2015
  • WRITTEN BY: Ruscha Woods

PicMonkey Bungee CollageOn Saturday 11th July, the Experience Days team met up with the UK Bungee Club for another unforgettable day of bungee jumping fun, right on the stunning Brighton beach-front. The weather could not have been more perfect, nor the views more crystal clear, but…as we know, bungee jumping is not about the weather, it’s about that rush of adrenaline.

We thought we’d share some of our own experiences with you, but of course, only you can really be the judge. Nevertheless, here’s what we thought:

My Bungee“Having always wanted to Bungee jump, (pretty much my whole life) but never had the chance – I really couldn’t have been more excited. Upon arriving, the bungee staff were great fun and made everyone feel completely at ease…even those who were nervous. Standing with my toes over the edge of the cage, preparing to jump, the nerves set in, but the second they said “3,2,1 Bungee” all fear dissolved & the rush of adrenaline set in – it’s just a shame that the free-fall was over so quickly – bigger & better for me, next time! Awesome views though!” – Me

My colleagues decided that they weren’t quite brave enough to make the jumps, solo, so if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to Tandem Jump then Toby & Poppy’s reviews might give you more of an idea…

Pops & Toby“As someone who is notoriously terrified of heights I was very apprehensive to take this experience hence why I decided to take the plunge with my best friend- Toby! As we travelled up in the cage, I had my eyes shut the entire time. It wasn’t until we leaped that I finally opened up my eyes and was pleasantly surprised at the calmness of being suspended in the air and the smooth transition of the rebound. The view was incredible and we were very lucky to have a clear blue sky as far as the eye could see. I have done a lot of experience days and this is by far the most exhilarating and memorable one so far, couldn’t recommend it enough!” – Poppy

Toby Bungee Jump


“I have always been terrified at the thought of doing a Bungee Jump, but have always wanted to get the courage up to actually do one before I die! So, I thought I would attempt a tandem one first as this would ease me into it. Well I was right, doing the tandem jump definitely helped with my nerves. Going up in the cage was terrifying however, but what a view! A beautiful day on Brighton Beach – just a shame I couldn’t enjoy it! But you know what… SOON as I jumped….I felt fine. No nerves no fear! I think what this says is I’m more of an adrenaline junkie than I thought I was! So now I want to do an even higher one…on my own this time!” – Toby

The bungee will be back in Brighton in September, so what are you waiting for?…get jumping – book your place, now!!


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