• OCT 23, 2015
  • WRITTEN BY: Rosie Littlejohns

Brighton Walking Tour 1

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to take part in a fantastic Brighton based experience; a walking tour of the city – including a lovely glass of bubbly to round off the trip! Have a read to see how we got on….

Brighton Walking Tour 2Brighton is known for its creative, buzzing atmosphere, unusual architecture and, of course, the glorious seaside. It’s a bustling and lively city, full to the brim with unusual characters, shops and many sights and secrets to be explored. Living and working in Brighton, it is all too easy to forget to stop and appreciate this wonderful city, as it is with anything you grow accustomed to.  So, when the Experience Days team were invited to take a walking tour around Brighton, we were very excited to have the chance to stop and learn some more about this incredible city.

We met Rick, our friendly tour guide, just outside one of Brighton’s most iconic buildings; The Royal Pavilion. After introducing ourselves to the rest of the group and having a quick chat, we were off! As we walked through the Pavilion gardens, the sun was shining, people were wandering and a busker was playing music. It was easy to see what all the fuss is about, Brighton really is a wonderful place!

Brighton Walking Tour 6


Rick stopped to give an insightful talk about the architecture and history of the Pavilion. This extraordinary building was the seaside resort for Prince George, who became the Prince Regent in 1811. We stopped beneath a statue of the Prince to discuss how his extravagant lifestyle, hedonistic ways and infidelity went on to shape Brighton’s unusual identity. Rick’s knowledge of the city was extremely impressive and every piece of information was delivered in a interesting and amusing way. You could definitely tell Rick has his roots based in comedy – making us laugh at every stop along the tour!

As we made our way through Brighton’s colourful streets, we learnt that it isn’t just the city’s interesting history that makes this town famous. A number of more recent events have shaped Brighton, putting this seaside town on the map. Who knew that Abba’s claim to fame, the Eurovision song contest, took place in Brighton? Or that Brighton is the birth place of Anita Roddick’s world famous The Body Shop? We learnt so many fun facts and interesting insights into Brighton during the walking tour… but I won’t give them all away here!

Brighton Walking Tour 7

The tour ended on the seafront after winding through Brighton’s quirky North Laine and the old town shopping district of The Lanes, discovering interesting and lesser known facts along the way! We took in the fantastic seafront view, including both of Brighton’s famous piers, before popping into a wonderful Cava bar to enjoy a glass of bubbly – all included with the fantastic tour!

Brighton Walking Tour 8

I would highly recommend this walking tour of Brighton to visitors to the city, or for locals who are looking to rediscover their home town and the lesser known secrets it hides so well. It is a truly unique insight into the unusual history of Brighton, offering a humorous and informative way to explore the town. I learnt many things about the city that I never knew before, and I’ve grown up here!

So, why not get out and explore (and enjoy a lovely glass of vino) this unique city on this fantastic walking tour experience? A perfect afternoon out with a friend, or for a more unusual gift for those who are looking to explore Brighton from a different perspective.




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