• JUL 26, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

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This week we’ve joined forces with Classic American Muscle at Brands Hatch, the race track once described as “the best circuit in the world” by Gerhard Berger, to bring you four unbelievable Mustang driving experiences!

At Experience Days, we love Mustangs, and we know you do too. First produced in 1964, the Mustang model is now in its fifth generation and has won numerous awards for excellence including being named Motor Trend and Canadian Car of the Year. On the 17th of April this year, the Mustang celebrated its 49th anniversary as well as one million produced in its assembly plant. For the ‘one million milestone’ occasion, they made a stunning red convertible GT with a stylish black interior. If you’re a super-fan of these cars and want to have a drive in one, then we know the perfect place…

Back in 1926, the land was originally used by motorcyclists as a race track, and it steadily developed to be one of the most famous circuits in the country, known as Brands Hatch. With nine bends and a total length of 4.2 kilometres, this track is the ideal setting to complement your Mustang experience.  Drive on the track that’s hosted the British Grand Prix and many other major events, a truly memorable experience!

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Choose from four incredible Mustang experiences; the 10 Mile Mustang Driving Experience is the perfect opportunity to really get to know these cars, ten miles of track gives more than enough time to get used to the feel and movement of the vehicles, and you’ll no doubt be in love by the end. The Brands Hatch Mustang Driving Experience is the original, classic drive. Over three hours you’ll get to watch, learn and test these beautiful vehicles on the famous circuit, and by the end you’ll be an expert in Mustang Driving. If you’re thinking this experience is too good to keep to yourself, there’s also the Brands Hatch Mustang Driving Experience For Two. This would make a lovely gift for a friend or family member, plus you get to share it with them! The fourth experience is for those who would rather sit back and enjoy the ride rather than take the wheel; the Mustang Passenger Ride at Brands Hatch. Ideal for those who do not have a driver’s licence, or those who just prefer being a passenger!

Any one of these experiences is sure to be unforgettable, to get to drive on the famous Brands Hatch circuit in one of the most desirable cars is simply awe-inspiring. A real must for every petrol-head out there!


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