• JAN 12, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

British snowboarder Billy Morgan has managed to raise the bar in international snowboarding recently by landing the very first triple backside rodeo on a snowboard! Hailing from Southampton, Billy is an unlikely candidate for gaining such world acclaim for being the first to land a huge new trick and help progress the sport of Snowboarding even further. American riders such as Shaun White have helped make the sport what it is today with the likes of the double McTwist, but Billy has now helped raise the profile of British snow sports and has put us on the map as real competitors at future events with this massive achievement!

The trick itself involves three complete off axis rotations – distinguishing it from a triple back flip, which has been landed many times before and was the crowning jewel in many a riders trick list to throw down at competitions in past seasons. However, this new trick, nicknamed Konichiwa (the Japanese for ‘hello’) by Billy is the new top trump in snowboarding tricks and other riders will no doubt be racing to add it to their trick catalogue.

When asked if he knew it was the first landed attempt, Billy said, “Sort of. Ben and I thought someone might have done one into powder, but then when we looked online we couldn’t find it. Just skiers. It was only after all the websites started claiming it that I was like, “Wow. Am I really the first one to do it?”

Billy admitted that he had previously given it some thought, claiming: “but then I think about a lot of tricks. It was only really that day. Ben [Kilner] was like, ‘I bet you can do a triple’ … so I said to Hamish [McKnight, GB Team coach] ‘Is this realistic?, and he said, ‘Yeah, just go for it. It’s not one of the tricks you can huck and see what happens though, you have to intend to land it first try. So do it.’ – And then… I kinda went and did it.”

The future looks bright for Billy as he has just signed up some big name sponsors to help him practice harder and can only help when it comes to the big competitions and with the Snowboard slopestyle being added as an Olympic event, Billy said “It seems a bit crazy to think that far ahead but yeah. The thing is just to train and compete as much as I can and see what comes of it”.

Whatever happens, we wish Billy the best of luck at future competitions and hope he, along with the rest of the British snowboard team, show the world that even without our own ski resorts we can compete with the rest of the world and show them a thing or two!

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