'Barricade' Mustang GT Experience

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Drive the powerful Ford Mustang GT 'Barricade' from the Transformers films, a mighty car with a 5.0 litre V8 engine - this is one not to be missed!

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'Barricade' Mustang GT Experience

Drive the powerful Ford Mustang GT 'Barricade' from the Transformers films, a mighty car with a 5.0 litre V8 engine - this is one not to be missed!

Even if you haven’t seen the Transformers, this awesome Barricade Mustang Driving Experience is a seriously exciting one! But for petrol-heads who love the Transformers movies, it’s even better than that - the perfect combination of classic car and classic movie.

This is your opportunity to get behind the wheel of ‘Barricade’, the absolute beast of a Mustang GT V8 that you might know from Michael Bay’s famous Transformers movies. This isn’t the actual car from the film (nor does it turn into a huge, terrifying robot-monster, you’ll be glad to know), but it is a perfect replica of the movie car and it comes with all the raw power you’d expect from the Mustang GT’s big, brash, roaring V8 engine! During this experience you’ll drive this motoring monster at a superb UK racing circuit of your choice, with six tracks available for you to choose from throughout the country. You’ll have an instructor in-car throughout your drive to offer tips so that you get the most from your experience. Prepare to be blown away by the growl and force of the awesome Mustang GT V8 as you take on the challenging corners and fast straights at the racing circuit of your choice – and don’t forget your camera, because you'll definitely want some memories of this unbeatable driving day.

If you’re looking for an incredible driving experience gift for someone who loves fast cars and action movies, this Barricade Mustang Driving Experience is sure to get them all revved up!

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The Barricade Mustang driving experience will be held at various locations, on selected weekends from February to October.

Blyton Park requires a £10 upgrade fee for weekend bookings, paid directly to the track when making a reservation.

Dunsfold Park requires an additional £20 upgrade fee which is to be paid directly to the track when making a reservation.

Castle Combe requires an additional £25 upgrade fee which is to be paid directly to the track when making a reservation.

Additional laps and passenger rides may be available as upgrades on the day (subject to availability) - these will start at £39.00 per car (3 laps).

Current Dates:

Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

11th May 2018

12th May 2018

13th May 2018

15th June 2018

16th June 2018

17th June 2018

Bentwaters, Suffolk.

27th April 2018

28th April 2018

29th April 2018

Bicester, Oxfordshire.

22nd May 2018

23rd May 2018

Blyton Park, Lincolnshire.

5th August 2018

6th August 2018

Tockwith, York.

19th May 2018

20th May 2018

6th July 2018

7th July 2018

8th July 2018

Cotswold Airport

20th April 2018

21st April 2018

22nd April 2018

28th July 2018

29th July 2018

30th July 2018

31st July 2018


10th August 2018

11th August 2018


13th April 2018

14th April 2018

8th June 2018

9th June 2018

Castle Combe

17th July 2018

Further dates are released once the earlier slots have been filled.

*Dates are updated regularly but availability is subject to change - if you'd like to check a date prior to redemption, please contact our customer service team.


Minimum Age: 10

Minimum Height: 4ft 10in (135cm)

Maximum Height: 6ft 6in (190cm)

You must hold a full driving license in order to drive at Castle Combe.

Drivers are not required to hold a full driving licence, however you will need to present photographic identification upon arrival.

Participants must have a good understanding of spoken English.

An optional damage waiver will be available to purchase on the day for just £25. This will insure you against damage excess fees of up to £5,000 in the unlikely case of an accident.

All driving instructors are ARDS qualified and DBS checked.


Experience Duration: 00:30

Time at Venue: 01:00

This experience allows you to drive the Mustang for three laps (3 miles) at the chosen track.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The 'Barricade' Mustang GT Experience is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

The experience is one-to-one between the driver and instructor, but other cars will be on the track at the same time.

Spectators are welcome to watch from the pit.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Drivers should wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing, and flat sturdy shoes.


This movie car track day experience will run in almost all weather conditions, including rain.

However, if your experience is cancelled due to extreme circumstances, the centre will simply re-schedule your booking for an alternative date.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5


I booked this experience for a friend. The venue was fine, the staff in the signing in trailer were brill and so helpful.. The one thing I'm not happy about was the instructor who was in the car with my friend made her feel incapable as a female driver, and spent most of the time holding the steering wheel so the experience was not overly my friends. Not the most welcoming of people.

- blyton park

My 11year old grandson had an amazing time driving Barricade from Transformers today! Thank you so much, this was such an amazing christmas present! A massive thank you to all the staff who were brilliant with him! The weather was horrendous and they went over the top to make sure the experience wasn't affected . I cant thank you or recommend this place enough!!! Absolutely class he's not stopped smiling since!!!

- Tockwith
Fantastic Car and Instructor

Fantastic car and instructor. Three laps certainly doesn't feel long enough to really "experience" the car. Not the end of the world if you wanted feedback. Beautiful car and friendly staff put you at ease. Loved the experience.

Wanted more laps

Not enough time on the track. 3 laps isn't enough. 1st lap: Getting used to the car. 2nd lap: Enjoying the car. 3rd lap: Enjoying the speed and then you have to pull in. Even a 4th lap would've been better. But overall it was absolutely fantastic. Thanks.


Drove 320 miles to do 3 laps lasting fifteen minutes, was well worth it. However you have an option to pay 20.00 for insurance or u pay the first two thousand if you damage the car. This should be included and felt it was a money maker more than anything else.

- Goodwood

I bought the Mustang GT Experience for my husband's 50th birthday as the Mustang is his dream car. He absolutely enjoyed racing the Mustang which he did yesterday. It was a very pleasant and amazing day, he is still buzzing from the experience. The staff were very friendly and very well organised which made the day absolutely perfect from start to finish. Thank you for making this day happen, great customer service as it was very easy and straight forward to book this experience, couldn't be any happier with service. Thank you again.


My husband did the driveing experience in the mustang and really enjoyed it,but the laps could have been more than 3 but overall the time was brill.


We all arrived at the same time and had to wait for our turn. I personally turned up with family to watch and being the last to drive meant that my kids were waiting around for over an hour. Would recommend allocated time slots. Would understand some delays possible. Overall experience was excellent. thank you.


A thoroughly amazing experience for my 40th birthday. The exhilaration of driving round the track with just the instructor telling me what to do was incredible. Thoroughly recommend to anyone for all ages... there was even a 70yr old gentleman taking out an old Austin Martin! :)


Great day out, loved every minute it just passed far too quickly and another lap of the circuit would have been welcome.



Best experience I have ever done, the staff were brilliant, my instructor was lovely and the mustang was beautiful. Wish the drive was a little more than 3 laps but it was definitely worth doing, would love to come back and do it all over again. Katie x


What a brilliant day! Staff would great - instructors were great and really made the experience that extra bit awesome! 100% Recommend the Mustang Experience @ Goodwood brilliant day, thank you :-)


This experience was the best experience ever, me being a massive fan of the mustang and all that, I absolutely loved it, would love to definately do it again!! :)


Overall a very good experience. My only comment is that 3 laps is not enough, I was just starting to enjoy and get used to the car when it was time to come back in. I would rather have been given an opportunity to do either 3 or may 5 or 6 laps and would be happy to pay a little extra for this option when booking.

- Epsom
£ 39
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