• APR 10, 2013
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Here at Extreme Element, we love ALL things extreme, whether it be a sport, video, athlete or something completely outrageous, like a parkour dog! When we heard about this up and coming video that has been produced to delve deeper into the life of three extreme athletes, and the challenges they face, we knew we just had to find out more. We caught up with the director behind the movie to get a real insight into the film.

Movie Title:Attention, a life in Extremes
Genre: 80.min. Feature Documentary
Director: Sascha Köllnreitner
Production: AdriAlpe-Media

So Sascha, please just talk us through the film – “Attention, a life in Extremes”, and what you’re hoping to give to your audience?
What fascinated me the most was the real human being behind the so called “modern superhero”. A perspective I mostly missed in other extreme sports movies.

So first we get to know the daredevils, the gladiators at the edge of the possible, but step by step the true identity and emotions behind this daredevil are uncovered. With all the difficulties, challenges and problems the extreme athlete is facing… Professionally, and even more, privately.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s not that easy having a family while you are constantly risking your life, and unfortunately without taking these risks and pushing these boundaries, our inspiring and motivating athletes just won’t get recognised, be able to live their dream or become successful!

So the audience can expect a very entertaining movie, where you can dive into the psyches of people who live pretty extraordinary lives.

It sounds truly moving, could you please just tell us a little more about the three extreme athletes you mention?
The three athletes fit the theme of the movie perfectly, as they’re all from different backgrounds, doing different extreme sports and living different lives. I love the diversity, it really helps to create a true insight into the extreme world. Every one of them has a really interesting story to tell, and have experienced things most of us can’t even begin to imagine. One of my favourite stories is actually how Gerhard, the cyclist, was previously a weightlifter! I learnt so much about these athletes whilst making the film, and it’s such a brilliant way to delve deeper into their backgrounds and past experiences. I felt I really connected with them all.

It’s not long until you’re due to be finished making and editing the film, what are your next steps from there?
Get the film into as many cinemas as possible! I’m really looking forward to a broad promotion tour we’ll be doing in the near future, where I’ll be connecting with so many people from around the world.

We wish you the best of luck with your crowdfunding campaign, how has it gone so far?
From the perspective of a PR agent… Brilliantly! The trailer views are constantly rising.
Speaking in producer language; “Could be better!” We still need a few backers.

It’s always interesting to hear the background, or ‘behind the scenes’ for any movie, do you have any insightful, motivating or interesting stories from your time making the film?
We would be here all day if I even attempted to tell you half of it!

Having recently survived nine days in a car, during the Race Across America, with no more than three hours of sleep a night, we certainly have some brilliant videos and pictures that might give you a rough idea into the ‘making of’. We actually did this trip twice! It was such an amazing and memorable experience. We created a YouTube channel and Facebook page to document our adventures… they’re just too good to miss!

I have learnt so much in the making of this movie, it’s unbelievable. I really can’t stress enough how great it is to just be out and about meeting people and getting to know them! After filming this I’m now constantly telling people to travel as much as possible, and dare to dare sometimes. You may not fancy yourself to be a wingsuit flyer as such…. but get out there! Be extreme!

Brilliant, it all sounds very exciting and like a real eye opener, if you’re dying to find out more, check out the ‘Attention, a life in Extremes’ trailer!
Dying to find out more certainly sounds very fitting to the topic. Thanks again guys and I hope you enjoy!


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