60 Minute Flying Lesson In Coventry - 2 Seater

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This 60 minute flying lesson in coventry is your first rung on the ladder towards earning your private pilot's licence.

  • Coventry (West Midlands)
  • Gift Voucher valid for 1 Participant
£ 180

60 Minute Flying Lesson In Coventry - 2 Seater

This 60 minute flying lesson in coventry is your first rung on the ladder towards earning your private pilot's licence.

This 60 minute Coventry flying lesson is a superb introduction to one of the most thrilling pastimes there is. Flying light aircraft is an incredibly exhilarating experience, and for those who are seriously thinking about getting their private pilot's licence, there could not be a better introduction. This is a really comprehensive lesson that will give budding pilots a chance to get to grips with all the basic skills and techniques used by pilots in small aircraft.

The flying lesson begins with a briefing from your experienced pilot instructor while you are still on solid ground at the Coventry airfield. You will be taken through some basics about flying, and about the two-seater aircraft you will be taking control of! Once you have talked through your flight, its time for take off! You will take off and soar over the lovely Coventry countryside, down to Silverstone and back again. During the flight, your instructor will hand over control to you, so you can get a real understanding of how the aircraft handles. After your flight, your instructor will take you back down to earth, where you will have a debrief and receive a flight certificate!

This flying lesson in Coventry is a fantastic gift idea for men and women who have a sense of adventure, and want to try their hand at something totally unusual, daring and different.

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The 60 minute Coventry flying lesson is available throughout the year on selected dates.


Minimum Age: 16
If you are over 6'2" in height and weigh 16 stone or more, please call and let us know.


Experience Duration: 01:00

Time Spent at Venue: 02:00

This is a 60 minute flying lesson, however please allow between 1.5-2 hours at the centre on the day of your experience.
You will get roughly around 50 minutes out of the 60 minutes of hands on control. The pilot will take off and land the plane.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The 60 Minute Flying Lesson In Coventry - 2 Seater is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: Private

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Friends and family are absolutely welcome to come along to the Coventry airfield and watch you enjoy your flying lesson!

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please just wear casual, ever-day clothing and flat shoes or trainers.


These flying lessons in Coventry are definitely weather dependant. If there are high winds or adverse conditions, your flying lesson may have to be rescheduled for an alternative date. Please discuss this with the instructor at the time of your flying lesson.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

Very good experience

Excellent experience & able to take control, well explained highs /lows, passed on my experience to family and friends.

- Redcar uk
Perfect gift to be remembered forever!

It was the present for my son at his 18th birthday and luckily we got our session on the same day. I could see how he was thrilled and felt special and proud of himself. The staff was absolutely gorgeous and everything ran smoothly, no long waiting, good organisation of work. After landing I saw my son's happy face and I was glad with my choice of the gift. Absolutely recommend it!!

- Coventry
Access to whole new world

I expected to have a joy ride in a two seater plane with chance to take over the controls for a short spell in the air. The reality was I sat in the pilot's seat and flew the whole flight including take off and landing, my instructor was brilliant, explained everything really well and was there to correct any errors. I have never flown an aircraft before this, it was a wonderful experience which may well lead to me taking up flying. The information I received before, during and after the flight was first class. A great experience and not expensive.

Best ever experance

What a fantastic day, this was my partner's day. We got there 30 minutes early was greeted by lovely staff. We went into the garden to watch the Planes taking off and landing. There was a 15 minute briefing then about 10 minute wait until my partner was called to take his experience. He was given plenty of instruction then he was allowed to take control of the plane to take off, he was so happy about this, over all he had at least 1 hour 10 minutes fantastic fantastic would highly recommend this company.

- West Bromwich
Flying Experience in Coventry

very good experience.lots of fun.




The staff at Welshpool Airfield were friendly and welcoming and efficiently sorted out a minor administrative problem with the booking. The small cafeteria was appreciated by members of my of my family who came to see me off and watch my return. The instructor was keen for me to have the controls for as much time as possible and for me to get the most out of my hour. It was brilliant, a truly memorable experience. Thank you!


My trial lesson was the best experience I have ever had. The instructor was so enthusiastic and patient, I cannot believe he put me in the pilot's seat from the start and I actually flew the plane! I totally love it - it was my birthday present, but I think I am not waiting for next birthday to start flying lessons :)


A wonderfull experience, for the cost of two hours flying time it was really worth while, got behind the wheel straight away and was encouraged to do everything from flying around clouds to steep banks and landing, brilliant - whould highly recommend it to anyone.


The instructor was first rate masses of experiance which rubbed of well. Big thanls to the team at Norfolk airport


Everything on the day exceeded my expectations...well done!


A great experience Nigel the instructor made it very easy and asked the right questions resulting in a flight that met my needs.

£ 180