120 Minute Flight Simulator in Blackpool

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Experience this 120 minute flight simulation activity in Blackpool

  • Blackpool (Lancashire)
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120 Minute Flight Simulator in Blackpool

Experience this 120 minute flight simulation activity in Blackpool

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a real airline pilot, this 120-minute flight simulator experience in Blackpool will provide a fascinating insight. Enter the replica cockpit of a Boeing 737-800NG and enjoy a two hour flight behind the controls!

The Boeing 737 is the world’s leading twin-engined short to medium range passenger aircraft, and the simulator boasts a variety of features that would be instantly recognisable to real Boeing pilots. These include a steel and aluminium structure, authentic instruments and chronometers, dual linked yokes, tiller wheel and rudder pedals. Wraparound HD monitors offer incredible lifelike visuals, and there’s a realistic aft section with seats for family and friends. During the 120-minute experience, your instructor will talk you through all the controls and explain exactly how a flight is conducted. You’ll then program the runway-to-runway flight of your choice, start the engines, taxi and take off! Whilst in the air, you’ll get to follow a range of additional procedures, including following radar vectors to ILS and even tackling air emergencies like engine failure. You can also attempt multiple airport approaches in tricky conditions. Finally, after landing safely, you’ll complete a full shut down of the aircraft. Chocks away!

The 120-minute flight simulator in Blackpool would make a unique experience gift for aspiring pilots and aeronautical enthusiasts. Surprise your aircraft captain with an Experience Days voucher, today!

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This experience is open 7 days a week subject to availability. However, are closed for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Years Day.


Minimum age: 8

Although there is no minimum weight restriction, the participant must be able to access their seat and slide their legs into the narrow 12cm gap.

Customers with photo sensitive epilepsy are unable to use the simulator.


Experience Duration: 02:00

Time Spent at Venue: 02:30

This experience involves a 120 minute flight time slot. However, will also include a 30 minute briefing beforehand.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The 120 Minute Flight Simulator in Blackpool is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 1

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

This is a one to one experience. However, if two customers (x2 vouchers) book together, then they may be briefed together and sit in on each other’s session if preferred.

Up to five guests are welcome to watch the experience, this is from an overlooking cabin with real aircraft seating. - being one of the only simulators who offer this to spectators.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please dress in comfortable clothing. Although you're more than welcome to wear pilots uniform for photographs if you wish!


This experience is not affected by the weather.

£ 230 £270