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Tandem Skydiving experiences are among some of the most extreme activities you can get involved with, and are undoubtedly something you will never forget doing. Securely strapped to an expert instructor, you will dangle your legs from a plane 15,000 feet up before taking a leap of faith and experiencing the rush of freefall! The buzz you get from this truly is second to none, and will send your adrenaline levels absolutely rocketing. If you’re looking for the ideal experience gift for a thrill-seeker, or just want to push your own nerves to the limit, a tandem skydive is the way to go! Check out a few of our favourites below:
Skydive In Swindon - Tandem Skydive

Swindon Skydiving - Tandem Skydive

Location: Swindon (Wiltshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Swindon Skydiving - Tandem Skydive
Tandem Skydive Voucher - Parachute at any of the UK's airfields available at Experience Days

Tandem Skydive

Location: Available at 10 locations
Price for 1 participant:
View Tandem Skydive
Tandem Skydive in Cambridge - North London's Closest Skydiving Centre

Tandem Skydive Cambridge

Location: March (Cambridgeshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Tandem Skydive Cambridge
Tandem Skydive in Honiton, Devon

Tandem Skydive Devon

Location: Honiton (Devon)
Price for 1 participant:
View Tandem Skydive Devon
Tandem Skydiving in Shropshire at Tilstock Airfield

Shropshire Tandem Skydive

Location: Whitchurch (Shropshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Shropshire Tandem Skydive
Tandem Skydiving Experience in Netheravon, Wiltshire

Tandem Skydive Netheravon

Location: Netheravon (Wiltshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Tandem Skydive Netheravon
Tandem Skydiving in Nottingham with BPS Langar

Tandem Skydive Nottingham

Location: Nottingham (Nottinghamshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Tandem Skydive Nottingham
Tandem Skydiving Over Newquay In Cornwall

Experience Tandem Skydiving In Cornwall

Location: Saint Agnes (Cornwall)
Price for 1 participant:
View Experience Tandem Skydiving In Cornwall
Tandem Skydiving In Lincoln

Lincoln Skydiving - Tandem Skydive

Location: Lincoln (Lincolnshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Lincoln Skydiving - Tandem Skydive
Tandem Skydive at Shotton Airfield in Peterlee, Durham

Durham Tandem Skydive Experience

Location: Durham (Durham)
Price for 1 participant:
View Durham Tandem Skydive Experience
Tandem Skydiving Experience in Suffolk With UK Parachuting

Suffolk Skydiving - Tandem Skydive

Location: Beccles (Suffolk)
Price for 1 participant:
View Suffolk Skydiving - Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydiving Experiences

With so many different tandem skydiving locations and so many different jump heights to choose from, it can be tricky to choose the right one for you or your lucky recipient. Have a look at a few of our most popular tandem skydiving experiences and see if that helps you narrow it down…

The Tandem Skydive in Kent is perfect for those based near the capital, as it is London's closest drop zone. Jumping from a height of 12,000 feet, you will experience 30-40 seconds of mind-blowing, blood-pumping freefall as you plummet towards the picturesque patchwork countryside beneath you … before your parachute is deployed and you enjoy a gentle float back down to solid ground! Your expert instructor will be on hand to quell any nerves you may have, although once you’ve taken the plunge and jumped they will disappear and you will enjoy fantastically enjoyable journey back down to earth.

Tandem Skydiving in the Lake District is perfect for nature-lovers as well as adrenaline-junkies, because you get to admire the breathtaking splendour of this beauty spot as you fall! Free falling from 14,500 foot with an experienced instructor controlling the skydive, you are free to simply appreciate the view of the crystal blue lakes beneath you as you descend upon Cumbria’s most spectacular area. This experience is the ideal way to get your fix of adrenaline while admiring some of the most famous scenery in the UK.

You can enjoy another remarkably picturesque jump location with the awesome Tandem Skydive in Cornwall, where you can enjoy jaw-dropping views of Cornwall’s coast as you jump from 10,000 feet. You will jump from Perranporth Airfield which is located right on a cliff-top and overlooking one of UK’s top surfing beaches – so you can always stop for a spot of surfing if you haven’t had enough adrenaline by the time you’ve landed! Parachute over some of England's most beautiful scenery and appreciate Cornwall’s rugged beauty.

Whatever tandem skydive location you choose, the intense adrenaline rush as you hang out of an airplane and the mind-blowing sensation of freefall is one of the most exhilarating and memorable feelings you will ever experience. Tick something off your bucket list today, or treat someone to an experience they will NEVER forget!