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Enjoy experiencing one of the best air activities around with an incredible hang gliding experience day! Hang gliding truly is a mind-blowing activity: slower-paced than other aerial thrills like skydiving or aerobatic flying, hang gliding is no less thrilling; you will have time to appreciate the breathtaking views that unfold beneath you as you fly. Tandem hang gliding will bring you the comfort of an instructor right beside you - so you can focus on admiring the views and having the time of your life! The perfect experience gift for a daredevil or an awesome activity to give you a real sense of peace and exhilaration.

Hang Gliding & Flying Experiences,

Treat a loved one to an amazing flying gift experience with these awesome hang gliding activities.

You can soar through the skies with the brilliant Northamptonshire Tandem Hang Gliding Experience, where you can enjoy stunning views from your 3,000 feet high vantage point! With an experienced professional controlling your flight, you are able to sit back and enjoy the exciting yet tranquil feel of hang gliding. This experience will last for 30 sensational minutes, which is plenty of time to give you a taste of this remarkable sport and allow you to admire the spectacular views of Northampton. A fantastic gift for someone looking to get into the sport, or something brand new and thrilling to try yourself.

You can soar like an eagle through the skies with the Tandem Hang Gliding Experience with Aero Tow in Essex, where you will be towed by a microlight up to a height of 2000 feet, before being let loose to glide through the clouds! With an instructor beside you, this your chance to take the controls and have a go at piloting the hang glider yourself. You can appreciate incredible panoramic views of the south east as you experience the unique sense of peace which can only come from being high in the sky. Sit back amongst the clouds as you experience this wonderfully adrenaline-pumping experience!

If you're based further up north, you can't go wrong with a Hang Gliding Experience in Derbyshire, where you can take to the skies with an instructor and enjoy a magnificent flying activity with very little effort on your part! Sit back and enjoy the ride as your qualified guide takes you on an incredible aerial journey at 3,000 feet over the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Appreciate the awe-inspiring views as you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime perspective of the world.