Lake District Tandem Skydive

Cumbria Tandem Skydiving - the ultimate in adrenaline experiences over the country's most fantastic grounds, free falling 14,500ft with an experienced instructor controlling the skydive.

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This skydiving experience brings you the serious thrills of a tandem skydive in the Lake District in Cumbria, combining the most extreme of extreme sports with the most beautiful of beauty spots in the UK. Any skydive is a memorable experience, but when it is enjoyed over the famous scenery of the Cumbria Lake District it becomes something even more unforgettable.

See the Lake District from the best possible vantage point - 14,500 foot in the air, with the ground coming to meet you! The great thing about a tandem skydive experience is that you have very little responsibility - all you have to remember is how to position your body, and you can leave all the parachute work to your highly experienced skydiving instructor! This means you are free to simply enjoy the view of the lakes and relish that freefall feeling as you drop 5,000ft in 50 seconds!

Your tandem skydive experience in Cumbria will begin when you fill out the registration forms and watch the safety & technique video with an instructor. Then, once briefed, you'll begin a short technique learning session - including where to tuck your head and legs throughout the skydiving experience. Then, once you are fully ready - you'll put the safety clothing on (boiler suit, cap, goggles & gloves) and make your way to the runway with your instructor and other skydivers. You'll get into the PAC 750XL plane - which is one of a kind and designed specifically for skydivers, sat in between the legs of your instructor with rows of jumpers to the side and in front of you. Once you've taken off and at a height of around 14,500ft - the hatch will open and you'll shuffle to the door ready to tuck your legs and roll out of the plane. Around 50 seconds of the most incredible free fall will ensue, dropping 5,000ft feet at 120mph before the instructor opens the parachute ready to begin eight minutes of floating back to ground level.

Minimum Age: 16
Maximum Age: Over 40's Need BPA or Doctor's Declaration of Fitness
Maximum Weight: 15 stone

All skydivers in Cumbria are required to complete a declaration of health- which must be witnessed. For under 18s, this witness must be a parent or guardian.

Tandem skydiving in the Lake District requires any jumpers over 40 years of age to fill out the BPA Declaration of Fitness form - which is to be signed by your doctor prior to the jump. Failure to complete this will prohibit you from skydiving.

If you are disabled this does not mean you cannot skydive!
The Cumbria skydive will last for around 10 minutes in total, with 50 seconds of free fall and 8 minutes of parachuting back to earth.

The entire experience may last for between 1.5 hours and a whole day (9am - 5pm) depending on the weather conditions and which flight your jump is booked for.
Spectators are more than welcome to watch your tandem skydive in the Lake District, and are encouraged to bring a camera to capture your excitement at ground level.

The clubhouse comes complete with a canteen serving food and refreshments, a pool table, showers and TVs - making the day a lot more comfortable for your spectators and waiting around.
Tandem Skydiving in the Lake District is available at weekends and on bank holidays throughout the year, with one weekday per month available in the summer months.
You can wear comfortable causal clothes for your skydive in the Lake District, as you will be wearing safety equipment provided by the centre - including: a boiler suit, a cap, goggles & gloves.

In the colder months, you may be waiting around at the centre for a while so it is advisable to wrap up warm!
Skydiving in the Lake District is weather dependent.

If there is torrential rainfall, snow or sleet - the experience may involve waiting around at the centre for the best time to take to the skies. If the conditions are unworkable, your experience will be rescheduled for a more convenient and viable day.

Lake District Tandem Skydive in Cark Airfield

Lovely setting, professional staff, fantastic instructor and a wonderful experience for my 50th birthday. I do admit to shutting my eyes as I left the plane though! I would recommend this experience to anyone with a sense of adventure and an interest in glorious scenery. Peter Reay

- yvonne, 31/07/2013

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    • Lake District Tandem Skydive
    • Lake District Tandem Skydive
    • Lake District Tandem Skydive
    • Lake District Tandem Skydive
    • Lake District Tandem Skydive
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