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Mountain Boarding Experience Redhill

Learn how to mountain board at the fantastic slopes of Ride the Hill. With all equipment and expert tuition included, experience the fast paced adrenaline of the giant off road boards - for a full day

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This Mountain Boarding lesson is a superb introduction to a really cool sport. Sometimes called All-Terrain Boarding (ATB), mountain boarding is a rather new extreme sport that has really grown in the UK in recent years, and for good reason - it is seriously great fun. A Mountain Board is basically a kind of mash-up between a snowboard and a skateboard, and it can be used on any slopes that are covered by grass, and also dirt.

The premise of Mountain Boarding is relatively simple - just get yourself down the hill, and have as much fun as you possibly can along the way! This full day mountain boarding lesson is a fun but comprehensive introductory course, and is absolutely ideal for those who are interested in taking the sport up properly, but want a good foundation of knowledge and practice before they go investing in any gear, such as their very own mountain board.

On arrival at the centre you will be met by your instructor and supplied with all the kit for your day which includes the mountain board, helmet and pads. You will then be given a safety briefing, determine whether your stance is regular or goofy and learn the principles behind the most important move in mountain boarding which is power sliding or if you want to be technical, stopping! It is then off to the junior slope to have a go! You will practice your power slides and then be shown how to perform moves such as toe turns, heel turns and how to carve down the hill. You can move on to the big slope as soon you are ready where you can continue to practice your new skills and be shown how to use the drag lift. The full day course is really good for gaining confidence and getting to grips with the sport, the instructors are on hand to help whenever needed and if there is a particular riding style that you want to focus on such as Boarder X or Freestyle then this course will allow you the time to do so. Kickers and grinders here you come!

Minimum Age: 8
You should allow around six hours for your course.

The first hour will be spent with an instructor, for a group tuition session - the remainder of the day will be spent on your own, practicing the skills you have learnt.

Full day experiences usually start at around 10:00.
There will be a maximum of 6 riders per session. Spectators are welcome.
Mountain Boarding is available from mid February till late November. There may be limited availability during the winter, please check to confirm.
All equipment such as the mountain board, helmet and pads is provided. You should wear trainers and clothes that you don't mind getting muddy.

Please bring your own lunch with you on the day - the centre is not able to provide meals or refreshments.
Extreme weather conditions may cause the course to affected, if in doubt please check with the centre before setting off.
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Mountain boarding, what's this? I hear you say. Also known as All-Terrain Boarding, mountain boarding is an extreme sport based on snowboarding, that involves riding a board with four wheels down an off-road hill or mountain. Luckily for me, you don't need any kind of boarding experience to have a go at this activity, so when Ride the Hill invited us to have a beginner's session in Surrey, I headed over with an open mind.

Picture4.2We drove down on Saturday morning to meet our instructor, Alison, at the Redhill location ('we' being me, Robb, Luke and Abby). After signing our lives away on a waiver, we got kitted out in elbow, knee and wrist pads, and sturdy helmets. The session starts on flat ground with an introduction to the boards, we had our feet strapped in and were shown the correct way to fall over (it's inevitable so you might as well do it properly). Heading up to the nursery slope, we had our first experience of rolling down the hill, then crouching and grabbing the board to 'power-slide' to a halt.


Picture14.2Although we all fell over several times, it didn't take long to start getting a feel for the boards, and we were soon moving up to the big-boy slope for more speed and distance. Orange cones were placed at various points down the hill to form a slalom course, so if you didn't want to end up in the trees, you had to really perfect your heel and toe turns!

Lugging a mountain board up a hill is quite hard-work, so as we moved the start point higher, we were introduced to the drag-lift for easy travelling. The lift does exactly what it says on the tin, you stand on your board at the bottom of the hill and grab a metal pole attached to a cable that drags you upwards - it's actually quite fun! The hardest part is making sure you don't roll back down when you reach the top...

Picture9.2Alison soon realised we were well on our way to becoming pro mountain-boarders, so she left us to it for some individual practice time. Feeling brave, we headed up to the very top of the hill and tried riding from there. Robb was the only one who made it to the bottom without falling off/stopping halfway, but we all gave it a good go! We also walked round to the more extreme hills, and watched the pros doing their jumps and tricks.
After a few more runs down the hill, our experience came to a close. Mountain boarding is a fun, exciting and adventurous activity for people of all ages - a definite must for the bucket list! Huge thanks to Ride the Hill for inviting us along and providing fantastic instruction - now, where's the Deep Heat?

Mountain Boarding in Redhill



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    • Mountain Boarding Experience Redhill
    • Mountain Boarding Experience Redhill
    • Mountain Boarding Experience Redhill
    • Mountain Boarding Experience Redhill
    • Mountain Boarding Experience Redhill
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