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Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex

Enjoy trying out a range of guns during this unique shooting experience in East Sussex

10 Reviews
Price for 1 participant

This superb Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex is a fantastically unique experience that makes the perfect family day out, corporate event, birthday, stag or hen do, experience gift for a shooting enthusiast or just a fun and memorable solo activity to enjoy yourself!

Shooting in a beautiful woodland location near Crowborough, East Sussex, you will be able to enjoy stunning surroundings and plenty of fresh air as you get to grips with a variety of guns. Under expert tuition from NSRA instructors you will be in the best hands possible, and if you have never shot before you will be surprised at how quickly you can pick it up! With a comfortable, year round heated, purpose-built shooting range, a fantastic selection of targets set in 750 acres of woodland, and guns including the 'James Bond' gun, the Walther PPK, semi automatics and fully automatics, this really is the ultimate shooting experience. Mixed targets are set out at various positions and qualified range officers will be around at all times to assist and ensure you are shooting in safe environment. With BBQ food and drinks available you can make a day of this - you can even bring your own food to eat in the lovely rustic picnic area!

This is a great opportunity to experience the extreme thrill of shooting in a controlled outdoors environment. This is a fun and exciting activity to enjoy with friends or family but equally can be enjoyed as an individual - so get shooting now and don't look back!

Guns Used:

Benjamin 22; Sniper Rifle Walther PPK; James Bond's - Gun Walther PT85; Semi-Automatic Pistol Heckler & Koch MP5; Semi-Automatic G36; Automatic

Minimum Age: 10.
Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian on site.

Extra ammunition can be purchased on the day - this will start at a cost of around £20.00.

The Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in East Sussex lasts for two hours.
Minimum Group Size: 1
Maximum Group Size: 12

Spectators are allowed to view your Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in East Sussex from the picnic area.
The Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in East Sussex is available throughout the year, from Wednesday to Sunday either 10:00 am or 14:00 pm.
You will be shooting in the outdoors in woodland during the Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in East Sussex, so you should wear flat, study footwear and comfortable, casual clothes (no high heels!).
Please make sure you wrap up warmly during the winter months and bring gloves and a hat.

Safety glasses, hi-vis jackets, guns, targets and ammo will all be provided by the centre.

*If necessary, extra ammunition can be purchased on the day - this will start at a cost of around £20.00.
The Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in East Sussex will go ahead in all weather conditions, so do make sure you dress appropriately! The shooting ranges are covered so you will be sheltered.
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Question: I am interested in the Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience, but would like to know whether two people can partake in the experience together with two individual tickets?
Answer: Yes that's absolutely fine. Once the vouchers are redeemed, you will receive the centre details so you can contact the instructor and arrange for the two of you to participate in the Shooting Experience on the same day.

Question: Which air rifle and pistol models are used for this experience?
Answer: You will have the option of using the following guns: Benjamin 22; Sniper Rifle Walther PPK; James Bond's - Gun Walther PT85; Semi-Automatic Pistol Heckler & Koch MP5; Semi-Automatic G36; Automatic.

Question: I'm looking at purchasing this for my husband but who goes out air gunning every weekend. Is it mostly suitable for beginners? Having said that, he isn't always that successful bringing back rabbits!
Answer: The Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience is suitable for all abilities, the instructor is a professional with firearms and can tailor the session to meet your specific needs.

Question: Are real firearms used in this shooting experience?
Answer: The guns are not real firearms, just air rifles and pistols are used. The only experience we offer with a real firearm is the clay pigeon shooting.

Question: Hi, I am looking to purchase this experience for my sons 16th birthday. His sister (who is 13) is also interested. Do you have any age limit on the shooting experience days? Many thanks.
Answer: Hello The minimum age limit for this experience is 10 years old.

Question: Hi, I would like to buy this experience and was wondering what the charges for ammunition were? Thank you Kind Regards, Divya
Answer: Hello This experience includes ammunition to use on the day. However, additional ammunition can be purchased on the day for £20. This would include the following... For only £20 why not upgrade your special weapons experience. This Upgrade will give you the following… Double ammunition of each pistol 1 x reactive exploding target (not included in normal special weapons +more available at £1 per target) Double ammunition of the .50Cal Desert Eagle 1 x magazine (approximately 300-400 rounds on each gun) of the assault rifles and machine guns. Special weapons only includes one Assault rifle. Either the MG42 General Purpose Machine gun (not included in the normal special weapons experience) or the M16 Blowback action with an awesome working! bolt action (not included in the normal special weapons experience) Sniper rifle 10 rounds

Question: Are the guns used with live rounds?
Answer: The guns and rifles used are a mix of air pellets and airsoft. Live rounds are not allowed here.

Question: How long are the vouchers valid for Kind regards Dee
Answer: Hello All vouchers are valid for ten months from the date of purchase.

Question: Are there any age restrictions for the air rifle and pistol shooting?
Answer: The minimum age for this experience is 10.

Question: Can I use my own air gun on the Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex
Answer: I'm afraid you would not be able to use your own air gun. The centre will insist that you use their equipment that they are insured on and regually check over.

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex

On arrival my girlfriend and I could tell that the day was going to be great. Garry and Jessica greeted used with a warm smile and an offer of tea or coffee to warm up. My girlfriend wasn't shooting but she was free to watch the proceedings in a covered cabin next to a lit BBQ. Garry's knowledge and love of shooting shone through, any questions he was happy to answer and the introduction to each gun made everyone feel confident and comfortable. He was a joy to be around and made my experience fantastic. I would advise shooting lovers, like myself, to spend the extra £19.99 - this means you get extra rounds and can have a try at all of the rifles/pistols. I paid the extra while there, which Garry was happy to facilitate. All in all a great birthday present. Can't wait to go again - the girlfriend has said next time she is definitely having a go!

- Matt, 29/03/2015

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex

I brought my 12 year old son for his birthday with his dad. We had a great time, well worth the money. We did pay for extra ammo which I'm glad we did otherwise I think the experience would have been over too quickly. My son managed to handle all the guns despite being young. We will definitely do it again and I'm up for it too next time. A great experience had by all. Gary and Jessica were very friendly and made sure we were all safe. Well done guys Jack won't forget this day for a long time.

- Jackie, 27/03/2016

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex

Gary's knowledge, professionalism and sense of humour made this experience a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable day out. The weather was against us but the warmth of the log burner and the overall atmosphere made up for it. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in shooting, we will definitely be going back. Thanks Gary, brilliant day.

- Angie, 07/12/2015

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex in Hampshire

There were 10 of us who went for the Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in August 2015. We all had a great day and Garry really took the time to make sure we were all comfortable with the weapons whilst teaching us about the guns and how to shoot accurately. I would highly recommended Go Wild at the Warren and Garry and his team. I would also recommended spending a little extra upgrade to firing more ammunition - you won't regret it!

- Richard, 17/08/2015

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex in Sussex

The experience was an 18th birthday treat for my son and after reading other reviews thought we would make it a family treat too. It was an amazing day and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The range and the instruction and the weapons were out of this world. A fantastic experience. We will be back.

- Lisa, 30/07/2015

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex in Portsmouth

My partner and I had a great afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Great instruction. Thanks Garry and family.

- Steve, 25/07/2015

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex in Crowborough

The experience was a birthday treat for father and son. Both thoroughly enjoyed the morning and I would certainly recommend to others looking for an unusual gift which will stay in the memory for a long time. Garry was a charismatic, charming and engaging instructor who was knowledgable and encouraging. The venue offers a lot more than shooting and we will be back to try another activity, probably the Hunger Games experience.

- Lynn, 02/11/2014

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex in Epsom, Surrey

Thanks for a great afternoon. I bought the shooting experience for my Son's and Dad's birthdays but had to have a go myself. The range was brilliant, the guns were fantastic and the instructions and safety were second to none. We felt comfortable and had a great afternoon shooting. We'll be back for more!

- David, 25/09/2014

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex in Sussex

Great instructors at the location. Six of us for a stag do and thoroughly enjoyed it.

- Gordon, 16/05/2014

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex in Crowborough

Our instructor Gary helped make the experience a memorable one. His friendly approach to instruction, whilst constantly ensuring we followed safety procedures, made for an excellent afternoon! - Highly recommended. Thanks again Gary!

- Steve, 11/05/2014
Evie on the Road Film Strip 4

Following from the last experience I reviewed, there was a bit of a big leap between Pole Dancing and Shooting! That's what's great about Experience Days, so much variety. Heading up to Crowborough, Garry and I were on our way to meet another Garry from Corporate Buzz (two Garry's with two R's, who'd have thought?). This was Garry's (Experience Days Garry) first experience with me, so he was pretty excited, and also keen to try out this activity to see if it's something he'd like to do for his stag do.
Shooting Blog 4
The centre was supposed to have a balloon flying outside to guide us in, but unfortunately it had deflated meaning finding the centre wasn't as easy as it could have been, but we still got there on time. Walking through a forest we met Garry (Corporate Buzz Garry) and two other gentleman participating in the experience. The target area looked great, there was a wide variety of things to aim at, from spinners to cans to circular targets, all set against a misty forest. The shooting area had a picnic area with these really cute carved wooden chairs, tables and a barbecue, then the actual shooting hut had benches, a table lined with guns of all shapes and sizes, and a roof overhead in case it rained (which it didn't).
Shooting Blog 1
The gentlemen doing the experience with us went first, so we knew what would be happening. They'd clearly done some shooting before because their aim was very good, I was starting to think maybe this wouldn't be so difficult! Between each gun, Garry would explain a bit about them, how to properly use them, and some history about what they're used for. He was clearly very passionate about weapons and shooting techniques, which made what he was saying very interesting to listen to. Then it was our turn!

Garry (ED) and I alternated turns between shooting, first having a go on the Benjamin 22 sniper-like air rifle. Looking through a scope made aiming very easy, but the further away I pointed, the more I noticed how much my hands were shaking under the weight of the gun, which didn't help the aiming. I did manage to hold it still for long enough to hit a couple of targets, but I can't see myself becoming a professional sniper anytime soon! Up next was the James Bond handgun, the Walther PPK. I was pretty excited about this one because I could pretend to be a policeman and look really cool, same with the Walther PT85. Actually hitting targets was a lot harder with these guns because you don't hold them up to your eye and aim, you just point and hope for the best, which I did, and I think I hit something, maybe once.
Shooting Blog 2
After the pistols it was time for the big guns (wahey). Machine guns! How exciting. We would be firing two, the Koch MP5 and the Koch G36, both could be either semi-automatic or fully automatic, and we would be trying both settings. If, like me, you're unsure of the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic weapon, basically automatic guns you just hold down the trigger and the bullets fire repeatedly until you let go, and semi-automatic you pull the trigger for each shot, but it reloads automatically. Slotting the magazine into place and switching the safety catch off, we were ready to fire. It's tempting with machine guns to move the gun side to side, hoping to hit a wider range of targets, but actually this will make you miss more due to the kick back of the gun once you fire. Still, I did hit a few targets and it was so much fun! It's slightly addictive, which could be a bit worrying if you think about it, but we were having a great time in a safe environment.

Arty photos
Shooting Blog 3

Once all the tin cans were thoroughly destroyed, we finished for the day. I can't say thank you enough to Garry (CB) who invited us to come along, he was so accommodating and made the experience very interesting, making sure we got as much from it as we possibly could. Rifle and pistol shooting is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by adults and children, as well as the perfect theme for a stag or hen do. I'd highly recommend it and I know Garry (ED) would too!

They call me Stacey, Evie Stacey.
Me Shooting

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex
    • Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex
    • Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex
    • Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex
    • Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex
    • Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Experience in Sussex
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