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Experience the great outdoors with these fantastic Gorge Walking experiences and enjoy one of the most thrilling outdoor pursuits around. Whether youíre looking for an unusual and exhilarating activity to try or a wonderfully unique experience gift for a loved one, you canít go wrong with gorge walking; scrambling through gorges in stunning national parks will give you an adrenaline buzz like never before as you tackle this awesome all-natural adventure!
Adventure Experiences, Gorge Walking, Canyoning Experiences

Discover Gorge Walking

Location: Llangollen (Denbighshire)
Price for 1 participant:
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Canyoning Experience, Gorge Walking, Kayaking Experience

Discover Gorge Walking & Kayaking

Location: Llangollen (Denbighshire)
Price for 1 participant:
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Gorge Walking Experience, Canyoning Day, Outdoors Adventure

Gorge Walking

Location: Betws y Coed (Snowdonia)
Price for 3 participants:
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Exhilarating Gorge Walking Experience in Denbighshire, North Wales

Gorge Walking Experience - North Wales

Location: Llangollen (Denbighshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Gorge Walking Experience - North Wales

Gorge Walking Experiences

If youíre interested in gorge walking and want to see if itís for you, then the superb Gorge Walking Taster in Llangollen, Wales is for you. Under the watchful eye of your expert instructor, your challenge is to successfully make your way through a beautiful canyon by any means; youíll be scrambling over, under, across and through the gorge and its waters as you enjoy this extreme combination of adventure and discovery. Dive head first in to the Welsh wilderness with this fantastic taster session and see if the thrills of gorge walking are for you.

You can enjoy two wonderfully exhilarating experiences in one day with the incredible Discover Gorge Walking & Kayaking activity, where you get the chance to hit the water for an awesome kayaking session in addition to gorge walking. You will learn essential kayaking skills such as paddling forwards, backwards and side-to-side, and if thatís not enough, you will be able to enjoy swimming under waterfalls and scrambling over the slippery rocks too! This is an action-packed day that makes the perfect experience gift for thrill seekers or a fabulously exciting activity to get stuck into yourself.

You can mix things up even further with the brilliant Discover Gorge Walking & Rock Climbing experience, which allows you to try your hand at these two awesome outdoor pursuits during one adrenaline pumping adventure. Fight your way through the wild welsh terrain as you swim, climb, wade and jump your way up through the gorge, after which you will get up onto the crag for a fantastic rock climbing session. You will learn all the basics of this thrilling sport Ė under expert tuition, see how far you can come!