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One Hour Group Ballet Class in London

Superb One Hour Group Ballet Class in London

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This sensational One Hour Group Ballet Class in London is for you if you're looking for a unique and exciting new way to exercise, one that's hugely enjoyable as well as incredibly rewarding.

Whether you're looking for an extra special experience gift for a friend interested in fitness or are trying to find a new way of keeping fit that suits you, this fun and beneficial class is for you. Ballet is well known for being one of the best ways in which to develop a toned, sculpted and flexible body, and aside from that it has an extremely significant effect on posture, movement and overall grace. Mixing elements from ballet, pilates, stretching, dance, fitness and mind and body connection, these group classes are specifically designed to help women of all ages improve both their physical look and the way they feel - all while having a great time. Exercise is hard to maintain if you don't enjoy it, but due to the fun, relaxed and rewarding elements of this fantastic class, it really is the best place to start a new physical regime. Working with highly trained professionals with years of experience, these group classes will focus on developing elegant and graceful posture, core strength, flexibility, tone, balance and co-ordination. In a sociable group environment, you'll soon feel confident and ready to be put through your paces by your tutor with a range of fun and progressive exercises. No experience in ballet or fitness is necessary to take advantage of the class, and under such expert tuition it's likely you will see and feel the effects of ballet sculpturing after a single session.

So if you are hoping to increase your fitness or improve your body, nothing about this brilliant and multi-beneficial class will disappoint.

The Ballet Class in London is suitable for all; no previous experience in ballet, dancing or fitness is necessary.
The Ballet Class in London will last for an hour.
The Ballet Class in London is for one person within a group.
The Ballet Class in London is available regularly throughout the year. Classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:00 - 20:00 and on Saturdays at 14:00 - 15:00.
You should wear anything that is comfortable to exercise in for the Ballet Class in London. For the footwear, soft ballet shoes which you can find in ballet stores are recommended; you can purchase these directly from the centre if you wish. It is also advisable to bring your own matt for the floor exercises, a bottle of water and a small towel.
The Ballet Class in London is not weather dependent.
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Expert Interview with Ballet Body Sculpture

Looking for a unique way to have fun and get fit? Here at Experience Days, we are always on the lookout for new experiences to bring our customers, with our most recent addition a London Ballet Class. If you imagine a ballet class to involve twirling in circles and not a lot else, think again! We've been chatting to Asta from Ballet Body Sculpture about this exciting new experience.

Ballet Body Sculpture 11) Please explain a bit about the history of Ballet Body Sculpture. Where did your interest in ballet stem from?
Up until my retirement from the ballet arena a few years ago, I was working as an international ballet dancer in some of the most prestigious companies in Europe, as well as participating in international ballet Gala performances worldwide.

During my ballet career, I had to learn about the focus and precision of body mechanics, core strength, body conditioning and posture; as well as the specialised art of specific ballet exercises and techniques, which developed the fitness and confidence essential to perform lead roles at celebrated venues. This valuable experience, gave me a base to the develop classical ballet exercises I'd perfected into a program. One that could be taught as a highly effective fitness class to develop and maintain great posture, a toned & well conditioned body, coordination, special awareness and artistry. Subsequently, through the study of NLP, I refined the program further into a mind and body class, specifically for women to enjoy and rapidly develop a healthy attractive body; a great alternative to other fitness regimes and workouts, which are not specifically focused on the female form.

2) How did your passion turn into a career?
From years of training for professional ballet performances, I felt that I could help women achieve better posture. However, when I learnt about the mental gains NLP could secure, I realised there was a unique program I could develop that would encapsulate both.

Ballet Body Sculpture 2The business started initially in Switzerland, Zurich, about a year ago. As it became very successful, itís now expanding into other areas, including Kensington & Chelsea in London with private and group classes.

3) Do you have any exclusive information you can share with us?
By combining classical ballet, Pilates & stretching, with a series of visualisation techniques, the effects are rapid & dramatic.

In group or private classes, students find the exercises progressive and very rewarding, developing graceful posture, core strength, flexibility, tone, balance and coordination, within a safe fun social environment. Our goal is to ensure you feel and see the effects of ballet sculpturing from day one.

No previous experience in ballet or fitness is necessary to join our classes, start by attending a trial class or booking an individual assessment session for specific goals. You will find us relaxed and welcoming, always with your best interests at heart. We want you to look and feel your best.

Ballet Body Sculpture 34) What makes your experiences unique and special for customers?
The program has become highly successful with professional and affluent ladies aged between 25 and 65, who are looking to increase their confidence, fitness and sense of wellbeing. The classes are very much focused on achieving the desired results, with a combination of exercises, including NLP (neuro linguistic programming), the mind-body program is unique and has never been used before. Clients look younger, feel great and find their lives take on new meaning and purpose through the confidence building techniques we employ.
Rather than just another fitness exercise, the Ballet Body Sculpture program combines physical and personal development, giving women a unique holistic workout for the mind and the body.

5) Sounds great! Where do you see Ballet Body Sculpture in five years?
We have a defined business development plan that is structured to take us into cities all over the world. We are looking to develop a great franchise model, that will rapidly take Ballet Body Sculpture to new areas and regions as well.

Ballet Body Sculpture 4We are currently developing a new range of more advanced exercise programs, to take the initial gains and boost our clients progress further. We will be running more weekend workshops which have had excellent feedback.

6) Whatís your most frequently asked question from customers?
Do I need ballet experience?
Is it only for professionals?
Absolutely not, no experience in necessary. The classes are for all women who are conscious about their appearance, and like a very personal approach with their training. They have fun and achieve progressive results in elegance, posture, coordination, flexibility, balance, fitness, weight loss, self expression, confidence and toned body lines.

What do I need to wear?
Comfortable exercise clothes, just like any other fitness class. Soft ballet shoes or just socks for the first class are fine.

Ballet Body Sculpture offer both individual and private ballet lessons, which you can find here:

One Hour Private Ballet Class in London

Ballet Body Sculpture 5Ballet Body Sculpture 6
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    • One Hour Group Ballet Class in London
    • One Hour Group Ballet Class in London
    • One Hour Group Ballet Class in London
    • One Hour Group Ballet Class in London
    • One Hour Group Ballet Class in London
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