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Falconry For Two In Wales

Meet some beautiful birds of prey with this Welsh falconry experience for two people! Learn to handle and fly the hawks, and enjoy a marvellous hawk walk!

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Price for 2 participants

This falconry experience in Wales is a fantastic day out that is perfect for couples or friends, especially those who like to get back to nature. You will get up close and personal with some stunning harris hawks during this 90 minute falconry experience, and get a close look at how they fly, hunt and live. These beautiful birds of prey are fascinating, mysterious creatures, and with this 90 minute bird of prey encounter you will get a rare insight into their habits.

You and your companion will arrive at the falconry centre in Wales, where your falconer guides will deliver an introduction to the experience. You will be introduced to the birds, and learn a little bit about what falconers actually do. After this it's time to get out into the gorgeous countryside where you will fly the birds. Your guide will show you how to handle the hawks, with a thick protective leather glove on your hand. As you go for a walk through the fields, your hawks will follow, soaring through the air around you and displaying their incredible speed and agility. Of course, they will also regularly land back on your gloved arm to check in. Not only will you get hands-on with the hawks, but you will also get the rare chance to meet and handle a beautiful Barn Owl. 

This is a wonderful gift for couples who like to get back to nature.

Minimum Age: 12 years
This is a 90 minute falconry experience.
This bird of prey experience is for two participants only. Only voucher holders will be permitted.

Refreshments will be provided as part of the experience. 
The falconry experience for two can be booked throughout the year on selected dates.
Please wear shoes or boots that are suitable for walking through the countryside, and outdoorsy clothes that are appropriate for the weather on the day of your experience.
The falconry experiences may be affected in extreme weather conditions. If this is the case you will be able to reschedule for an alternative date.
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Falconry For Two In Wales

Wonderful experience with Rich and the Harris hawks, Edgar and Alan not forgetting Sharpie the owl.Something very different and entertaining with Rich being very friendly and informing. A recommended experience.

- Peter, 12/11/2016

Falconry For Two In Wales in Yeovil

I just want to make myself Perfectly Clear to anyone who wants a falconry experience. Please go to Pentre Mawr and see Rich to enjoy hands of falconry, I went with my wife and we were so thrilled and made to feel very welcome by the Rich and the team. We saw Edgar, Alan & Storm (the Haris Hawks) and not to mention Frank (the European Eagle Owl) We couldn't of wished for a better day out. Frank (the European Eagle owl) was a legend according to my wife. Thank you guys, we will be back. Stu & Jade

- Stuart, 17/06/2015
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1) Please explain your journey as ‘Falconry Experiences’ so far.

I started as a professional falconer in 1999 and have worked with birds of prey in several different ways, from doing shows to doing pest control. I went on to do all kinds of other exotic animal training, but always had birds of prey along the way. I love the art and history of falconry, but I work with my birds in a more modern way, using what I have learned from working with other animals.

It was always my dream to work with animals, and it’s provided me with plenty of fun over the years. What I have found throughout my career is that sharing that with other people is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. That’s why when I went into business for myself I wanted do something that gave other people the opportunity to have maximum contact with the animals. The birds I work with are very sociable and so ideal giving people a really up close and personal experience.

2) What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?

In my previous job I've done shows in some exotic locations, provided animals for films, and met some big stars. But what I do now gives me much more satisfying memories. The hawks are constantly learning, doing things for the first time and surprising me. The other day I was out with some guests and my youngest hawk, Alan, found a thermal and began to soar. It was the first time he’d done it, he’d learned to do it without any training from me, and he looked absolutely spectacular. It was such a treat to watch him, but what made it extra special was that I had someone there to enjoy it with me. And when Alan had finished playing so high up, he swooped down and landed on my guest’s glove. Sorry, if that’s not a very good answer, but I’ve been telling everybody about it!

3) Is there any inside information you can give us?

My methods are a little unorthodox, not really traditional falconry. I spend a lot of time bonding with my birds, building up a special level of trust. Then when we work, I try to lose control a little bit, give the birds a chance to do what they please. That way, they continue to surprise us because they are continuing to learn and display all kinds of natural behaviour, which we can enjoy watching. As I say to my guests to begin with, I never really know what will happen during a session. For example, if we pass a stream, the hawks might jump in and have a bath. But because of the bond we share, we can enjoy these behaviours close up, and still have them return to us throughout the session. For another example, most falconers would be too cautious to fly their birds if there’s a strong wind, but I insist on taking mine out when it’s blowing a gale, that way they’ve learned how to fly in it and can provide us with some excellent sights. They love to play in the wind, and though they may get blown three fields away, they know how to fly against it to work their way back to us.

Falconry Experiences Header 2

4) Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?

I only started working for myself last year, so the business is still growing. I do try to do different things with the birds, like taking them to weddings or fund raising events. But I’m determined to keep the private experiences and the core of the business, because it’s that one on one time spent with the birds that people get so much from. It was a long time ago when a bird first flew to me, but every time I take guests out I get the thrill of it for the first time through them. If I could do it everyday for the rest of my life, I’d be very happy, because although it’s the same thing over and over, it’s always different.

5) What would you say is your most frequently asked question?

At the beginning of a session, when the guests first meet the birds, they often ask if I’m able to let the birds fly free and then have them return. Of course, they soon discover that that’s exactly what we do! Probably the most frequently asked question is “do the birds ever fly away and not come back?” So far my answer has always been “Not yet!”

The most common feedback back that I get, from almost every guest in fact, is that they have enjoyed it, and got so much more out of the experience than they expected. I think it’s just very hard to describe the experience to people before they’ve tried it.

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