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Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool

Learn to wakeboard on a cable with a friend in Liverpool

Price for 2 participants

This Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool is your chance to get to grips with the exhilarating sport of wakeboarding, and enjoy a thrilling day out on the water that you'll remember forever!

Specifically designed for those with no wakeboarding experience, this lesson will have you and a friend up and riding a wakeboard by the end of the session; with tuition from fully trained and qualified staff you'll be surprised at how quickly you can pick up the technique. Throughout this lesson you will be using the revolutionary System 2.0 cable tow to pull you over the water; this helps you control both speed and balance, and the expert tuition will maximise your improvement. Arriving at Liverpool Wake Park, your experience will begin with a safety briefing from the instructors. Once you've been kitted out with all the necessities, you'll learn the basics of wakeboarding during a dry land lesson. Then, once you're confident, it's time to hit the water! Nothing compares to the high you get from whizzing across the water at eye-watering speeds, and it's a safe assumption to say that by the end of the lesson you will have found yourself an exciting and rewarding new hobby! Once you've learnt how to stay on your feet the world is your oyster, and you can begin to learn how to perform wakeboarding tricks with two 15 minute sessions on the water!

This is a hugely enjoyable lesson where you will be astounded by the speed of your progress. So whether you are looking to try an awesome new activity or treat a special someone to an experience gift they will never forget, this brilliant lesson is just the ticket!

Minimum Age: 6

You must be a competent swimmer to participate in the Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool. You must inform the staff of any disabilities, injuries or health problems.
You should allow up to two hours for your Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool; this includes a 30 minute dry land lesson, kit selection, booking in, getting ready, 30 minutes on the water, and a 15 de-brief.
The Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool is for two people and is suitable for spectators.
The Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool is available throughout the year, from 11 am to dark. In November, December, January and February the centre is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays; in March and October it is open from Wednesdays through to Sundays, and in April, May, June, July, August and September the centre is open 7 days a week.
You should bring a swimsuit and a pair of flipflops or shoes along to your Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool, plus a spare towel; a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, wakeboard and one towel will be provided for you by the centre.
The Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool can sometimes be affected by extreme weather conditions. If this is the case you will be able to reschedule.
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Expert Interview with Liverpool Wake Park

To carry on the theme of watersports since the last expert interview with Wet Jets, this week I've been talking to Tim from Liverpool Wakepark about the exciting activities they offer. Wakeboarding is a fairly new surface water sport, combining the techniques used in snowboarding, water skiing and surfing. Read on to hear what Tim has to say about the experiences available from Liverpool Wakepark.

LWP 41) Please explain your journey as ‘Liverpool Wakepark’ so far.

Over the last 5 years we have been setting up and installing wake parks all over the UK and Ireland, we have set up over 20 brand new wake parks in incredible locations like London Docks, Hove Lagoon in Brighton and the Grand Canal Dock in Dublin. We are the leading suppliers of wakeboard obstacles and cable tow systems in the UK. We are motivated by our passion for wakeboarding and our goal is to help grow the sport of wakeboarding by opening new wake parks and making the sport more accessible. We also run events like Red Bull Harbour Reach, Wakestock and the Grassroots Tour. We have been involved in wakeboarding in the UK since it began in the 1990’s and we still 110% love it!

Over the last 5 years we have been opening wake parks for other people, in spring 2013 we opened our dream park; Liverpool Wake Park. We have combined all our masses of passion and experience to create the flagship wake park in the UK and one of the most unique parks in Europe. This is our park and we love it!

We have designed a wake park for all standards or riders with an incredible progression ladder to improve your skills. You can learn on the amazing System 2.0 cable tow, we have never failed to teach anyone to wakeboard! Once you have learnt to ride the real fun begins and you can start learning tricks with the aim of hitting our obstacles. The wake park is loaded with cutting edge and progressive obstacles. We have the small kickers to start with and then move on to the box, rooftop rail and many more. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or total beginner we can guarantee fun times on the water.

LWP 3This is an amazing sport and the problem a decade ago was that it was not very accessible, you basically had to own a boat and be super rich to participate. Now that all these new wake parks are opening the sport has opened up to a much wider demographic. The beauty of the new revolutionary System 2.0 cable tow is that it is taking the sport to new locations. Our wake park is setup in the heart of Liverpool City Centre and it makes this awesome sport so much more accessible!

We have spent our entire lives loving being on the water and spending time doing sports like wakeboarding. Liverpool Wake Park is all about passing on that experience to new people.

2) What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?

We work closely with Red Bull and over the last 3 years we have created Red Bull Harbour Reach. In 2011 and 2012 the event took place in Lyme Regis on the South Coast. The 2013 event moved to Liverpool and the famous Albert Docks. We created one of the worlds most unique wakeboard courses right in the middle of the Albert Dock and invited the best riders in the world to battle out for big prize money! We have the current world champion James Windsor (AUS) here and former World Champ Daniel Grant (THAI) along with other high level international riders like Adam Errington (USA) and Brenton Priestley (AUS). The riders loved the event, the locals loved the event and it really showed Liverpool exactly what wakeboarding is all about! Check out this video for more info:


LWP 23) Is there any inside information you can give us?

We provide all the kit you need, but we do advise you bring a set of swim trucks to wear under your wetsuit and a towel. An insider bit of info for you is to make sure you really listen to the instructors, if you listen to them you will be up and riding in no time. These guys and girls are well trained and know exactly what they are doing. We generally find that ladies learn faster as they seem to listen to the instructors more! Some of the macho men seem to think they can get up without listening to us! So if you want some good advice we recommend you listen to our instructors! Another great tip once you start learning tricks is don’t forget to ride switch! There are so many tricks you can learn, it is unbelievable, and you can learn them all either left foot forward or right foot forward. If you like snowboarding or skiing you will love this and it is a great summer alternative sport.

4) Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?

We will always be developing the park, installing new obstacles, running competitions and hopefully Red Bull Harbour Reach will be back in the Albert Dock in 2014!

5) What would you say is your most frequently asked question?

Is the water clean seems to be a regular question. Liverpool South Docks is one the cleanest stretches of water in the UK. 2 decades ago the entire docks was emptied and dredged and it is now incredibly clean and tested on a monthly basis. It is actually cleaner than most lakes in the UK, which never get tested for water quality!

What do I need to bring, you need a towel and a set of swim trunks or bikini to wear under your wetsuit.

LWP 1Do you need to be able to swim: Yes!

What age is it for: Anyone over the age of 6 years old. Our youngest member is 6 and our oldest member is 65!

6) Any additional information?

We have a video blog from one of our sponsored riders, Jessie Knight. Check them out here:

This is how easy it is to get up:

Any questions? Get in touch...

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Twitter: @experiencedays

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    • Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool
    • Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool
    • Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool
    • Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool
    • Cable Wakeboarding Beginners Lesson for Two in Liverpool
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