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Level 1 RYA Dinghy Sailing Brighton

Go dinghy sailing from Brighton Marina and earn your RYA Level 1 Dinghy Sailing certificate!

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Learn to Dinghy Sail in Brighton with this fantastic two day RYA sailing course, and gain a new skill that allows you to go wherever the wind takes you! The course takes place at the superb and sheltered Brighton Marina and along the Brighton coast, an ideal location to learn dinghy sailing.

You'll meet your experienced instructors at Brighton Marina on the first day of your dinghy sailing course for an introduction and briefing. From here, you and your group of up to 5 other people (maximum 6 students per group) will get stuck in, learning all of the important technical, practical and safety issues you need to be a competent dinghy sailor. Over the two day dinghy sailing course, your instructors will teach you about rigging, crewing and helming. You will learn to sail in all directions, and be taught about launching and recovery - all the most fundamental skills you need to get you out there, safely having fun on the water! By the end of the two day Brighton Marina sailing course you can expect to be confident and proficient in dinghy sailing, ready to take the next step and move on to your RYA Level 2 certification! All equipment and instruction is included on this dinghy sailing course, including your logbooks and handbooks, and your certificate of completion.

So whether you fancy the world of sailing but don't know where to start, or you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience gift for a sea-faring loved one, this dinghy sailing course at Brighton Marina is a fantastic choice!

Once you've arrived and been welcomed to the centre your RYA L1 Dinghy Sailing experience will begin by changing into the provided safety gear and sitting through a safety brief with active demos - before taking to the water with the instructor to get used to the boat and how best to manoeuvre. You'll be learning the skills to experience the open water on your own, so you'll be covering areas such as: Boat Handling, Boat Controls, Rigging, Sailing & Safety. Much of the time will be spent afloat, learning the basic manoeuvres - with an instructor ensuring your technique is correct from the offset. By the end of the course you should be able to helm a dinghy under the supervision of an instructor. A Logbook & Handbook is included in the price, as well as the R.Y.A. Certificate.

Minimum Age for the Brighton Marina sailing course is 16.

Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.
This is a 2 day course, taken over weekends. Days are about 5-6 hours each.
Spectators are welcome to watch the dinghy sailing from Brighton Marina.
The Brighton dinghy sailing RYA Level 1 Course is run most weekends at Brighton Marine, all throughout the year.
Bring a swimming costume, and non-slip shoes that you are prepared to get wet. We recommend that you wear a long sleeved top with full length trousers.

Please do not wear jeans during the Brighton sailing course.  A change of dry clothes is also recommended.

All specialist equipment, including a life-jacket is provided for you at the Brighton sailing club.
The Brighton dinghy sailing course is a weather dependent activity and in extreme conditions, the course may be affected.  Please check with the center prior to leaving for the Marina if you are concerned about the weather. If necessary you will be able to reschedule.
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Evie on the Road Film Strip Picture 2With the sun shining, what could be a better way to spend the day than a spot of dinghy sailing? My colleague Nick and I travelled the short distance to Brighton Marina where we first enjoyed the view, then walked down to meet the friendly staff at Lagoon Watersports.

Our instructor, Anna, was quick to getDCIM100GOPRO us kitted out and ready to set sail. After 'showing us the ropes' (sorry), it was time to gently manoeuvre out of the marina, and into open water. The weather made it the perfect day for sailing, and we were all in very high spirits. Nick had sailed before, so I really had to pay attention to make sure I didn't knock myself out of the boat -  easier said than done!

First thing we had to learn was the names of the different sails and ropes and poles all over the boat. Obviously, being already out in open water, we had to learn fast, otherwise a small mistake could have us flying into the icy depths! We identified the boom (the long pole going horizontally across the boat), the mast (the tall one going vertically up from the centre), we learnt how to let out the main sail and the jib sheet using the ropes and tacks, and how to steer the boat with the tiller. There were many more ropes and manoeuvres to name, but they were the important ones!

After getting to grips with the steering and the control of the sails, we started cruising up and down the Brighton coast, catching the wind and really gaining some speed. It was great to see the famous Brighton pier from the water, that was an experience in itself! We learnt a sailing technique called 'tacking', which is the process of turning the bow so the wind catches it from the either side, used when sailing directly in to the wind. Probably the DCIM100GOPROhardest manoeuvre to master because of its unpredictability! When a strong wind comes, (known as a 'gust'), it can really tip the boat on its side, which is scary but so fun! Most of the time we managed to keep our balance when the boat tipped (when I say 'we', I mean 'I'), but unfortunately there was one gust that got the better of me, I lost my balance, grabbed the boom and capsized the boat! Anna kept her cool and crawled on to the topside panel while me and Nick bobbed gently in the water, trying to figure out what had just happened. According to Anna, these boats are "impossible to capsize", so I got a high-five for being the first.

Once Nick started to trust me again, I took the steering while he got attached to a trapeze - a harness used to allow people to dangle precariously over the edge of the boat. It did look very fun, but I just didn't trust myself! Nick was a natural though, and with only his feet on the edge of the boat he looked like a real professional.

The sun continued to shine as we sailed up and down, and the end of the session came all too quickly. We had to be towed back into the marina by Anna's colleague because if there was salt in the engine, turning it on could be disastrous (oops), then we were back on dry land - though we were far from dry ourselves! The donation of a few Experience Days t-shirts to the Lagoon Watersports team concluded our day, and it was time to relax in the sun for a bit to dry off, admire the views, and head home.

DCIM100GOPROAll-in-all an absolutely fantastic day, sailing is a great experience for people of all ages and skills and I would definitely do it again - maybe next time I won't throw us all overboard! The staff were extremely friendly and we learnt a lot throughout the day, a highly recommendable and enjoyable experience.

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    • Level 1 RYA Dinghy Sailing Brighton
    • Level 1 RYA Dinghy Sailing Brighton
    • Level 1 RYA Dinghy Sailing Brighton
    • Level 1 RYA Dinghy Sailing Brighton
    • Level 1 RYA Dinghy Sailing Brighton
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