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'Grizzly' Monster Truck Ride in West Sussex

Enjoy a thrilling passenger ride in the 'Grizzly' monster truck in Sussex

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If you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity that you'll never forget, either to give to a friend as a wonderfully unique experience gift or to enjoy yourself, then look no further than this superb 'Grizzly' Monster Truck Ride in West Sussex!

This is your chance to experience the incredible sensation that comes from riding in the greatest monster truck in the world ... the awesome 7.5 litre American beast that goes by the name the 'Grizzly'. This is a passenger ride that is definitely not for the faint-hearted; with a mighty V8 engine and 6-foot wheels, your heart will begin pounding before you've even climbed into your seat. With an expert driver at the wheel, you're guaranteed to get the very best out of this incredible vehicle; forget driving around things, with the Grizzly you can just go over them! The ride will take you around the whole site, over mounds, down hills and around sharp bends - and even right over a car! Prepare yourself for a serious rush of adrenaline, as riding in the Grizzly is like nothing you've ever experienced before. This really is an exceptional experience that you will remember for the rest of your life - not least because this centre is the only place in the whole of the UK where you can climb aboard this monster truck and witness its capabilities!

So, whether you want to treat a loved one to an incredible monster truck experience that will leave them absolutely buzzing, or would rather just enjoy this exhilarating activity yourself, nothing about the Grizzly will disappoint! A sensational experience....

Minimum Age: 8
Maximum Height: 6'9"
Maximum Weight: 20 stone

Please contact us if the participant does not fit the advised guidelines, as it may still be possible.

All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian.
'The Grizzly' Monster Truck Passenger Ride in West Sussex will last for 15 minutes driving time; please allow up to an hour for the whole experience, including a safety briefing and instruction.
'The Grizzly' Monster Truck Experience in West Sussex is suitable for up to four spectators.
2016 Dates and Times

12/03/16 11:00
07/05/16 11:00
23/07/16 11:00
14/08/16 11:00
24/09/16 11:00
16/10/16 11:00

Please note all dates are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty for 'The Grizzly' Monster Truck Experience. The ground is muddy with some puddles in the winter, so don't wear your best shoes!
'The Grizzly' Monster Truck Experience can sometimes be affected by extreme weather conditions, please check with the centre before leaving. In the event of postponement, you will be able to reschedule.
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'Grizzly' Monster Truck Ride in West Sussex

This really was awesome! It was a gorgeous day and the people who run the experience we super friendly - over all it was a great experience and definitely something everyone should do in their lifetime - seriously would recommend!

- Lenny, 26/09/2016


Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to meet Grizzly – the 4.5 tonne, 7.5 litre V8 Chevrolet Monster truck! She has 5ft 5inch wheels and can crush cars, fly over mounds, climb steep hills and make great speed. Grizzly is a genuine retro American-born ’96 model Chevrolet Silverado, and can get up to 1700 horsepower when racing. We chose the passenger ride experience, but you can also learn how to drive Grizzly yourself and share the driving experience with others!

We set off from Brighton and drove to Blackland Farm in East Grinstead, which despite being in the country was surprisingly easy to find. Blackland Farm is a large activity centre site with several other activity centres in the same area. This gave it a friendly and exciting atmosphere.

monster-truck-meeting 20160924_110336

Leisure Pursuits’ meeting point was clearly sign posted and we made it down to the designated car park where we were met by one of the instructors, Daryll. He took us down to the site in a 4×4 Jeep through the forest. We didn’t drive for long but it was still a fun experience as the Jeep was very bumpy, and it got us even more excited for the Monster Truck! The site was a huge open field on one side of a small forest featuring a stationary bus, which contained a seating area and fresh tea which we were encouraged to help ourselves to.

Once everyone had arrived, we were taken through the different parts of the truck and were briefed on the history of how Grizzly got to the UK. Believe it or not, Grizzly has made appearances in several TV shows and adverts, including ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, ‘The One Show’, ‘Top Gear’ and the recent ‘McDonalds’ advert. Once we knew more about this world famous American classic, it was time for the safety briefing. We were provided with helmets and shown into our seats. There were eight seats in the back of the truck and as a kind gesture I was lucky enough to sit in the front next to the driver!

right-over-a-car truck-over-cars

The rest of the group got in by climbing a tall ladder, showing off just how tall the truck was. Feeling a little nervous, and not knowing what to expect of the ride, we were off before we knew it! Tim (our driver) put his foot down and floored it – the monster truck raced over the huge hill and as the grass was wet we skidded here and there which made the whole experience even more exciting. Our adrenaline was pumping as we drove through ditches, over steep hills and in-between fields, making sharp turns left and right to give us that true ‘roller coaster’ style ride. The best bit was saved for last as we drove over two cars! Making our way back to our set off point, hearts still pounding and faces aching from smiling, we were so excited to have experienced such an amazing Monster Truck ride.

Huge thank you to Daryll and Leisure Pursuits for a fantastic day in the countryside, and to Grizzly for being such a lovable beast! There are plenty of monster truck experiences available, from drives to passenger rides to off-road combos, you’re guaranteed to find the ultimate grizzly gift that’ll never be forgotten.


    • 'Grizzly' Monster Truck Ride in West Sussex
    • 'Grizzly' Monster Truck Ride in West Sussex
    • 'Grizzly' Monster Truck Ride in West Sussex
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