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Single Float Experience

Single Float Experience

Price for 1 participant

Need a break but dont have much time? You need to float and empty your mind....Floatation therapy is a very personal experience that has strong recuperative benefits for mind and body. It is amazingly beneficial for a myriad of physical aches, pains and problems - along with assisting healing, floating promotes general well-being and self-improvement. In a natural, calm and safe way, the floating sensation brings you back to feeling you again, but without the stress and tense that you went in with. Heaven......

On arrival you will be welcomed by a member of staff, given comfortable slippers and a luxurious towel  (in some loacations)and shown to the private floatation suite of your choice.  Following a few simple guidelines will help you get the most out of every float.  We recommend a short shower before your float to wash off the outside world. Once inside the floatation tank you have complete control of your environment.  The light switch and control for the door are within fingertip reach. Ten minutes of relaxing music will ease you into the float session.  It usually takes about 15 minutes to enter the first stage of deep relaxation and the remaining 45 minutes pass quickly, effortlessly and pleasurably.  The end of your float session will be signalled by the re-introduction of music. Once you reappear from your session, you can shower once more to wash off all the skin softening Epsom salts - hairdryers are available. Complementary fresh water and tea are always ready for you downstairs.  We always recommend you relax with us for some time after your float whenever you can to maximise the recuperative benefits.

You do not need to be able to swim to experience floating safely. Generally the minimum age is 16, however this can be discussed with the therapists if a younger persons come with a parent or legal guardian. If you currently suffer from or have a history of any of the following conditions, you MUST consult your GP before floating; Epilepsy, Bi-polar or Schizophrenia, Acute skin disorders, Kidney problems, Ear infections or if you are currently breastfeeding. Pregnant women should wait until the second trimester to float and may float up until their due date. Tank types may vary in different spas. Some are like small rooms and others like a round tank.
A floatation session will last 1 hour, 20 minutes (one hour float)
It is just you in your own tank. No-one will disturb you during your float. Not everyone wants to close the door at first but as you relax you can try closing it safe in the knowledge you can re-open it at any time.
Opening times vary in each location.
We recommend that you wear nothing for a float as the sensation of your swimming costume can detract from the experience.
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    • Single Float Experience
    • Single Float Experience
    • Single Float Experience
    • Single Float Experience
    • Single Float Experience
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