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Portsmouth Brewery Experience

Turn master craft brewer for the day with this Portsmouth Brewery Experience - and follow the process from grain to ale... You can even take a mini-keg home with you!

Price for 1 participant

Head to Portsmouth for a pint or two, with this full day brewery experience - a fantastic, fun and fascinating introduction to the magical process of brewing beer. A lot of work and ingenuity goes into making good beer, and this day is the perfect way to see just how that sweet amber nectar is made! The experience takes place at a renowned Brewhouse and Kitchen in Portsmouth; there couldn't be a better place to go behind the scenes! 

The brewery experience day kicks off at 10am with a drink - not an alcoholic one just yet  though! You'll have an introduction to the day over a nice a cuppa, then it's time to get to work, and start with the first stage of the brewing process; the mashing in. Milled grains are mixed in a mash tun with water, and then heated up. It takes a while, so When you've got the mash in started, you'll have time to taste your first craft beer (or 5), whilst your professional brewer explains the chemical process that's happening in the mash tun. When you've had a snack and have a glass of your favourite Brewhouse craft beer in hand, and the mash in is done, it's time for the the transfer, re-circ and sparging. This will all be explained as you go so don't worry if you don't know what any of it means just yet! At this point it's time to break for lunch...and we think you've earned yourself another pint by now, so bottoms up! After lunch you'll start the boil, which means adding hops and kettle finings to the mixture. By five o'clock, everything will be done - you'll get involved with the clean up, and be ready to head home... or perhaps back into the pub for another well-deserved and very delicious craft beer (if your'e not feeling too tipsy already, that is)!

At the end of the experience, all participants are entitled to a certificate and a 5L mini-keg of their brewed beer (valued at around £25). It needs time to ferment so the keg will be ready for collection, approximately 2 weeks later. Alternatively they can choose a mini-keg of a different Brewhouse and Kitchen beer, which they can take away on the same day. If you're a beer lover, or you're looking for a great gift for someone who appreciates a cold, crisp pint of beer, this Portsmouth brewery experience is just the ticket! 

Participants must be 18 or over.
The Portsmouth Brewery Experience lasts for approximately 7 hours with a 10am start time.

There will be a mid-morning snack break, and a lunch break included (and beers throughout the day).
Minimum group size: 2 participants.

This Brewery Experience is not suitable for spectators.
The Portsmouth Brewery Experience is run approximately 3 times per week (specific days may vary).

*If you'd like to book this experience at another venue, please see the full list of locations, here.
Simply wear something you feel comfortable in.
This experience is held indoors so will not be affected by the weather.
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Question: Is the Portsmouth Brewery Experience suitable for spectators?
Answer: Unfortunately the Portsmouth Brewery Experience is not suitable for spectators.

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    • Portsmouth Brewery Experience
    • Portsmouth Brewery Experience
    • Portsmouth Brewery Experience
    • Portsmouth Brewery Experience
    • Portsmouth Brewery Experience
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