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Mayfair London Chocolate Tour for Two

Take a tantalising tour of Mayfair, London, with this chocolate tasting tour for two.

Price for 2 participants

Enjoy a London tour with a tantalising twist, during this three hour chocolate tasting tour of Mayfair, London. This is a fantastic day out and a great way to see a totally different side of London and makes a perfect gift for chocolate lovers, and a great engagement, wedding or anniversary gift for couples.

Your tour will take you to some of Mayfair's most delicious chocolate hot spots, giving you plenty of opportunities to sample some seriously rich and decadent chocolate delights! The tour begins with a friendly chat and a silky smooth and sweet mug of hot chocolate, as you meet your tour guide and the rest of your group. When you've finished your delicious drink you'll head off on the tour, visiting some of the area's most delectable chocolatiers, including the oldest chocolate shop in London, where the Queen gets her truffles! You'll also get to taste Roald Dahl's favourite chocolate - in fact, you will be given plenty of samples to taste as you visit each establishment, and you'll get a special VIP discount if you want to buy anything along the way (no pressure!). Your guide will also teach you how to taste chocolate; what to notice about the texture, taste and quality of the sweet treat. You will learn about the history of the chocolate shops you visit, and will get a wonderful insight into Mayfair that will allow you to see it from a whole new perspective!

If you know a chocaholic with a birthday coming up, or you're looking for a perfect gift for couples in London, why not give them the sweetest afternoon the capital has to offer, with this Mayfair chocolate tasting tour?!

Anyone can enjoy the Mayfair London Chocolate Tour!
This is a 3 hour tour.
This Mayfair chocolate tour experience voucher is for two participants in a group size of up to 8 participants. The tour is not suitable for non-paying guests.
The Mayfair chocolate tour can be booked most Saturdays throughout the year, and begins at 10am.
Wear whatever you like; we recommend something comfortable for standing/walking around in.
The weather will not affect your Mayfair London chocolate tour.
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Chocolate Ecstasy Tours Header1) Please explain your journey as ĎChocolate Ecstasy Toursí so far.

In 2005 I really wanted to ďbe an entrepreneurĒ and set up a business. At 23, I didnít have a lot of experience, or any cash to speak of, but I wrote a list of all of the things I loved or was good at and brainstormed business ideas from this.†Chocolate, meeting people and London were all on the list and I thought that introducing people to some of the gorgeous, hidden-away and somewhat intimidating chocolate boutiques I had recently found would be a great way to combine things I loved into a business that just might work; everyone loves chocolate, right?

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours 2It wasnít quite the overnight success I imagined and my first big piece of press in the Daily Mail in 2006 didnít crash my website like Iíd feared, but over the years the tours have grown and itís great to be respected as a helpful part of the fine chocolate industry as well as receive such lovely reviews from people whoíve been on the tours.† I love making people happy so I have a great job for achieving this on a weekly basis!

To begin with I was afraid that running the tours would make me get tired of chocolate but I actually love it more now than before I started.†There is so much to learn about chocolate and every piece tastes different and still so fabulous.†All my vacations are to places I can learn about chocolate.†I just got back from Vietnam and spent a day at Marouís chocolate factory and two days visiting cocoa plantations.†Iím honoured to get to judge chocolate for various prestigious awards and to assess it for companies as diverse as Tesco and the niche e-retailer, Cocoa Runners.†Everyone working in the ďchocolate worldĒ is in it because they are passionate about chocolate and itís wonderful to spend time around people who also love what they do.

This year Iím challenging myself to see what else I can offer.† I have plans for new tours, including ones abroad, and tasting evenings.†Iím excited!

2) What differentiates your company from others?

We are the longest running food tour in London and all of the guides would probably run the tours even if they werenít paid to, they love it so much.† Like me, they are passionate about chocolate and London and really enjoy making sure people have a great experience.

Dee's Blog Chocolate 2What especially sets us apart is we have a great, collaborative relationship with all of the places we visit and we make a promise to all guests that they will be completely full of chocolate by the end.†Itís a more in-depth tour, rather than a run around London pointing out shops.†But itís always light hearted and never boring (we like to think!)!

3) Is there any inside information you can give us?

I always advise people to have a low GI breakfast (or lunch!) before coming on the tour and to try everything! Itís an opportunity to find new favourites or be converted.†Iíve had lots of people come on a tour who previously didnít like dark chocolate or white chocolate and theyíve found some they do like Ė itís all about the quality!

4) Do you have any exciting plans for the future that youíd like to tell us about?

In May Iíll be taking a group to visit a crazy and fascinating chocolate factory in Austria and in September have a trip planned to Paris.†Iíll also be launching a new chocolate and coffee tour and some evening tasting events from March.

Dee's Blog Chocolate 45) What would you say is your most frequently asked question?

Where should I store chocolate?† Not in the fridge! Unless itís 30C+ in your house then a cool place in the house is much better.†The chocolate can attract water in the fridge which will change the texture and taste.†Also, straight out of the fridge the chocolate will have much less flavour and who is patient enough to remember to take it out an hour before eating!†If it is over 30C in the house double wrap the chocolate before you put it in the fridge and wait for it come to room temperature out of the fridge before unwrapping it.

How come you arenít the size of the house?†When I tell people they will be completely full of chocolate at the end of the tour I also tell them that it might not be the greatest amount of chocolate they have ever eaten. Because all the chocolate we sample on the tour is so high quality, with a high cocoa content, itís much more satisfying so you donít need to eat as much as cheaper chocolate.†Itís actually hard to overeat the good stuff, like when you have a slice of really rich chocolate cake or a really thick hot chocolate.†Though personally I do also eat a lot of vegetables as well, and usually steer clear of the crisps and chips, which helps too!

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    • Mayfair London Chocolate Tour for Two
    • Mayfair London Chocolate Tour for Two
    • Mayfair London Chocolate Tour for Two
    • Mayfair London Chocolate Tour for Two
    • Mayfair London Chocolate Tour for Two
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