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London Street Art Bike Tour for Two

Take a tour of London's incredible street art - by bike! This cycling tour of London will take you around some of the more impressive and creative street art that graces London's walls.

Price for 2 participants

As if a tour of London's fantastic street art weren't already alternative enough... here's one you can do on a bike! This cycling tour of London is for two people and lasts two hours, during which time you will pedal your way around the capital city, seeing some of it's most iconic and beautiful street art. It's a wonderful way to see a different side of London - whether you're a tourist or a jaded local! 

The tour kicks off near London's Old Street, after you've been provided with your bike and helmet for the day. For the next two hours you'll cycle around the city, visiting Hoxton, Hackney, Brick Lane, and Shoreditch among other places. London is known for having a strong and very creative street art subculture, and your guide will show you the very best of it as you  cycle around the streets of the city. If you are familiar with street art, you may recognise some of the pieces you pass; you'll see work from artists such as Phlegm, Invader, Shepherd Fairey, Conor Harrington, D*Face, Stik, ROA, Vhils... and of course, Banksy! Your guide will give you a little history about the street art culture in the city as you go, so if you have any interesting in knowing a bit about the stories behind the street art, this is the tour for you. Oh, and bring a camera, because you'll see some pretty spectacular stuff! 
If you're a fan of street art, or you're looking for a really fun and interesting experience gift for someone who is, this two hour street art tour of London by bike is a really great way to see a lot of London's finest pieces, all in one interesting afternoon - after all, you can cover a lot of ground when you're on two wheels! 

The London Street Art Bike Tour for Two is 2 hours long.
Groups are small for a more personal experience. There are about  12 riders in total on the day.
Tours commence and finish regularly every Friday throughout the week, with a start time of 11am.
Bikes and optional helmets are provided on the day.
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PicMonkey Collage

Last weekend, Thomas and I made our way to the distinctive and culturally diverse Shoreditch area, to embark on a 'Street Art Bike Tour' in order to see some of the best graffiti and street art that London has to offer. Shoreditch is increasingly becoming recognised as an area of innovation in arts and culture and is a hub for aspiring artists in a growing wellspring for creativity.

981314_673162926032702_1178361535_oEntering the headquarters of Alt London, this artistic underground scene was immediately apparent from their unique office - a converted old school bus! The shell of the bus is regularly changed as it acts as a canvas for artists and friends to create huge murals exhibiting their own artwork.

11257692_10206694783593467_1299685311_nWelcomed by our tour guide (and owner) Garry, we were informed that the tour would explore a strong community of artists from all around the world, that had used street art and graffiti to create ‘art provocation’.

Settled on our bikes, we zipped our way through the alleys and backstreets of East End London. I was pleasantly impressed with the nimbleness, speed and comfort of the bikes, which worked as the perfect means of transport in our art exploration.



The tour encapsulates Shoreditch’s alternative scene, following a series of art forms that varied from each other in their message and selected media platform. The cycle was a leisurely ride and we quickly became spoilt with choice by the passing gallery of art. Works ranged from 3D modules, murals, street installation and sculptures. Each artists work became more familiar as we began to recognise their unique style or signature stamp (also known as ‘tagging’). A particular favourite artist of mine was Christiaan Nagel, who has created vividly coloured mushroom sculptures, sprouting from the tops of buildings and walls throughout the East End - so make sure you keep an eye out for these peculiar fungi!




The tour is predominately an art guided tour; however, there are a few interesting historical anecdotes and non-art features along the way, including a quick stop to Hackney City Farm (which is free entry!). Nestled away in the heart of the city, the farm is filled with chickens, geese, ducklings, pigs and donkeys and has become a key environmental hub within the local community for almost 30 years now. Also expect to see ‘Syd’s’ coffee stall, which has been a family run business for 3 generations - first opening at the end of the First World War. It is an important time capsule of local history and is still, to this day, the only business in the UK that receives its power from a municipal lamp-post located just next to the stall!



Next stop was the pub! We visited the ‘Pride of Spitafields’, a small traditional English local pub. The weather was sublime, so with a cold pint in hand we shared some of our muses of the day.




My favourite artist of the day is Phlegm. Phlegm merges the gap between the paradox of reality and fantasy. His work features a visual narrative of long limbed half human and half woodland creatures that stretch across large scale spaces. Phlegm uses the same characters throughout his work and solely works in monochrome to create finely detailed intricate works. Each piece allows the audience for a brief moment to enter Phlegm’s unique ‘dreamscape’.

11263869_1588728794701922_116853348_nThe colourful streets of Shoreditch have shown me the extent to which the street art movement has grown in the last decade, and the active influence it has had on socially relevant themes. I had such a brilliant afternoon and was continually impressed by the height of each artist’s imagination. Garry acted as the perfect guide, educated in the diversity of Shoreditch and genuinely passionate about each artist, he made the whole tour consistently interesting and is to date one of the best experiences I have done.

Please note I have not even mentioned half the artists seen on the tour so look forward to seeing the likes of: Pez, Ben Wilson, Swoon, ROA, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Nemo, C215, Jonesy, Vader and many more!



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Price Price: £44.00

Who Group Size & Spectators:
Groups are small for a more personal experience. There are about  12 riders in total on the day.

When Availability:
Tours commence and finish regularly every Friday throughout the week, with a start time of 11am.

duration Duration:
The London Street Art Bike Tour for Two is 2 hours long.

What to wear What to wear:
Bikes and optional helmets are provided on the day.

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    • London Street Art Bike Tour for Two
    • London Street Art Bike Tour for Two
    • London Street Art Bike Tour for Two
    • London Street Art Bike Tour for Two
    • London Street Art Bike Tour for Two
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