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Kent Skydiving - Level 1 AFF Course

Learn to skydive and jump from a plane, solo, with this Level 1 AFF skydiving course in Kent!

Price for 1 participant

With this superb Kent skydiving course, you have the opportunity to learn how to jump from a plane solo, achieving AFF Level 1 certification - the first rung on the ladder towards becoming a fully-certified skydiver. The Kent level 1 AFF skydiving course may just kick off a lifelong skydiving hobby, and it does it in true style - you won't do any tandem skydiving on this course, you'll go straight from ground school to the skies, fully prepared for a solo skydive! 

This Kent skydiving club - just a short drive from London - is a well known and long-established skydiving school, with instructors who are highly experienced, totally professional and wonderfully enthusiastic about ensuring you get the most from this two day skydiving introduction. Before you go anywhere near the plane, you will have learned - and been signed off on - all the skydiving technique and skills you need to get you safely from the aeroplane to the landing area. you'll be jumping from the formidable altitude of around 12,000ft - solo - on your very first jump! If this sounds a little scary, don't worry; throughout your solo skydive you will be flanked on either side by an experienced instructor, who will be offering you guidance, help and instruction throughout the jump. 

This level 1 AFF skydiving course in Kent takes place over 1 or 2 intense and fun days. The first section of your Kent skydiving course includes everything but the actual jump, and is called ground training. This will last for about 6 hours, during which you will practice every aspect of the skydive ahead of you, including basic safety training, body tucking, body positioning, exiting the aircraft, stability, altitude awareness, and parachute canopy control.

Once all the practice is done, it's time to put all of your new skills to the test, and make your first solo skydive! Once this first solo jump is done, you'll be at 'Level 1', and can continue fro there to learn and train until you are a fully certified skydiver!

Maximum Weight Men: 14½ stone (92kgs)
Maximum Weight Women: 13½stone (86kgs)

These weight restrictions apply to a fully clothed person.

Minimum Age for the Kent skydive is 16 years of age, and parental/guardian consent is required for skydivers under 18. Maximum age is 54 years of age. All skydivers are required to sign a declaration of fitness. Anyone over the age of 40 must have the declaration signed and stamped by their doctor.
The Level 1 AFF Kent skydiving course includes 6 hours of ground training as well as your jump. The whole course can be completed over two days.
Your friends and family are very welcome to to come along to the drop zone and watch you make your jump.
The Level 1 AFF Kent skydiving course is available to book on most Fridays in the summer months, as well as other midweek days on request (subject to availability). On the day of your  You will be asked to arrive at 8.30am on the day of your ground training.
All of the equipment you need will be provided for you at the skydiving centre.

The fee for this Kent skydiving course includes a P6 membership to the BPA, as well as third party insurance, all instruction, parachute hire, the aeroplane ride, helmet hire, radio, altimeter, overalls and jump.

If it’s cold on the day of your jump. please wrap up warm but not in anything  too bulky, as the jumpsuit provided will go on over your clothes. A t-shirt and trousers are finw on a hot day. Please do not wear open toed shoes or sandals - trainers are recommended. 
The Level 1 AFF Skydiving in Kent is affected by weather. If your jump must be cancelled due to inclement weather you will be able to reschedule for an alternate date within three months time. 
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