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Ghost Hunt

If you feel that things go bump in the night for a reason, why not try this spooky ghost hunt experience and put yourself right in the mix of supernatural activity!

Price for 1 participant

Experience the most chilling and thrilling of nights out in the cold, as you put yourself in the most horrifying of situations making contact with the supernatural! Whether you're brave enough to take the challenge or don't believe in ghosts and feel there's nothing to fear; the horrifying atmosphere as you attempt communication in a pitch black room is enough to spook even the most daring of atheist non believers. With an expert paranormal professional, you can visit the most haunted of locations in a large group - aiming to scare the living daylights out of yourself, and maybe much more...

Your horrifying haunting will begin with a group discussion over a two course dinner, comparing the chilling stories from years of believing and non-believing! With a paranormal professional leading the session, you can raise concerns and tell stories of your scariest encounters - setting the tone even more before embarking on the most frightening experience that is just around the corner. Taking you into places that most people won't even visit in the daytime, your expert guide will be using the latest high tech equipment to tap into the terrifying underworld - attempting to communicate with anything that is willing! With a whole evening to 'enjoy' some of the spookiest and most frightening hours of your life, you are undoubtedly in for a good old nerve tingling; regardless if contact is made! With neck hairs standing on end and each sharp breath steaming from your chattering teeth - even the bravest of non-believers will be scared out of their wits!

Minimum Age: 18

It is advised that ghost hunters come with an open mind, ready to be spooked and scared to the max. Even the most sceptical of cynics couldn't deny the terror of the supernatural feeling in the haunted houses. These are obviously not ghost rides with paid actors or anything of the sort - so anything you do encounter may not be easily explained!
Ghosts only come out at night... apparently. With that in mind, your attempt to tap into the underworld will usually start at around 9pm, finishing somewhere around 4am.

Depending on your chosen haunted house - the ghost hunt will usually last for around 8 hours.

Other locations do have different hours of haunting, with some tours starting at 7.30pm and finishing closer to 3am.
Your ghost hunt will usually be in group sizes of around 20.

This way, you can not only combine the powers of your mind to tap into the unknown together - but you also have support in numbers for any communication that you do make!

Everybody is a spectator on this experience, so non-paying participants are not permitted unfortunately. But, the ticket price is a small price to pay in order to make contact with the supernatural... or to just scare the living daylights out of yourself if you're a non-believer!
There a many haunted house locations in the UK, including some closer to home than you think...

As ghosts, ghouls and gargantuas don't generally take any holiday - these terrifying tours are available all year round!

Some of the most haunted and most popular venues include:

Woodchester Mansion
Dudley Castle
Galleries of Justice
Kent Museum
Oxford Castle
Haunted House of York
Bolling Hall
Thankray Medical Museum
Wear something warm and comfortable that you don't mind getting spooked and spoiled.

With dusty old cobwebs and the nature of the supernatural tours you'll be terrifying yourself with - you don't want to be wearing your best clobber - no matter who the guests are you'll be sharing the experience with!
Pathetic fallacy hopefully!

With thunder cracking and lightning illuminating the sky, your ghost tour will only be aided by the differing weather conditions! Hopefully you'll encounter some chilling conditions - such as a dark, damp and dingy basement or a freezing cold room for steam coming off every breath!
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