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Extreme RIB Experience Southampton

Explore the Southampton coast and the Solent in a powerful RIB, with this 90 minute extreme powerboat ride!

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This 90 minute RIB powerboat experience in Southampton is a fantastic passenger ride that will truly blow away the cobwebs, as you blast your way around the Solent and the Southampton coast in a fantastic Rigid Inflatable Boat, with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face!

The exhilarating 90 minute powerboat experience begins at Ocean Village Marina in Southampton. Here, you will meet the boat's crew and the rest of the group, and attend a full safety briefing. This includes guidance on how to sit on the boat's special jockey seats as well as your life jacket fitting. Then you'll make your way to the pontoon and the powerboat. Once you leave Ocean Village Marine and reach open waters you'll enjoy a fantastic view of the Southampton coast, before things get taken to the next level! You'll pick up serious speed once you turn South and head towards the Solent, and will be travelling at speeds of up to 55 knots! Your captain will show you just what these fantastic RIBs can do as you whizz across the swell, and jump the wakes behind the Red Jet Cats that you'll be sharing the waterway with. You will go by Hamble River and the historic Calshot Castle, before putting the boat through its paces at Brambles Bank. This 90 minute powerboat ride gives you plenty of time to appreciate what these boats can do, as you are treated to some exhilarating jumps, tight turns, and fantastic wake-rides!

With a 90 minute extreme RIB ride on the Solent, you are sure to fall in love with the feeling of freedom that these fun, fast craft provide - a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to see the Solent - at serious speed!

Participants must be over 8 years old to enjoy the 90 minute RIB ride in Southampton. All children taking part in the RIB ride must be tall enough to hold themselves onto the jockey seats on the boat. Participants legs must be at least 24 inches to sit properly on the RIB. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a participating adult for the RIB ride. There must be one adult present for each child under the age of 16.

The maximum weight for this RIB powerboat experience is 18 stone. You should be physically fit enough to to enjoy the Solent RIB experience, as it is a high-impact boat ride. The powerboat experience is unfortunately not suitable for pregnant women, or anyone suffering with a bad back or neck. Any medical conditions that might affect your experience must be disclosed when booking your actual experience day.
This is a 90 minute experience that includes a 15-20 minute briefing. Please arrive 15 minutes early.
The powerboat can hold up to twelve people. This particular ride is not suitable for spectators, as you'll be out of sight quite quickly! If family and friends want to accompany you, they are very welcome to wait at the marina while you enjoy your powerboat experience. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and bars to keep them occupied while you are out on the water!
The 90 minute Southampton extreme powerboat experience runs 7 days a week from March to October. All bookings are subject to availability.
You will be provided with all necessary safety equipment on the day of your powerboat experience. If you wish to hire waterproofs, these are available for £5 each at the centre.

Dress for the weather on the day of your RIB ride - warm layers in winter and light clothing in summer. Trainers or flat boots are ideal. We recommend sunscreen and sunglasses when it's hot, and you should also bring a change of clothing for after the powerboat ride - you might get sprayed quite a bit!
This 90 minute Southampton extreme powerboat ride is dependent on the weather, and may be cancelled due to safety concerns in inclement weather. If this happens on the day of your experience, the centre will contact you to let you know and will endeavour to book you in again at your earliest convenience.
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Extreme RIB Experience Southampton

Extreme it certainly was. I even enjoyed the safety introduction, Ian's patter beforehand added to the entertainment and made me think " My god what have I let myself in for" A thrilling ride, I' d definitely do it again. Maybe without the rain!

- Hilary, 12/09/2016
Header 1(2)If you were to line up all the experiences we offer on an 'Extreme-o-Meter', the Southampton RIB Ride with SeaDogz would come pretty high! If you were hoping to read a blog post about a relaxing, chilled out boat ride on Southampton Marina, then I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place.

Arriving in Southampton at midday, Robb and I met the SeaDogz team at Pitcher & Piano where we became acquainted over a few cups of coffee. I can't stress enough how friendly these guys are, nothing was too much trouble and we felt totally at ease preparing for the ride. Once the cameras were set up, the rest of the participants arrived and we donned our waterproofs before beginning the safety briefing.

Header 2
The anticipation was really building as we headed down to the pontoon. I knew we were going on a fast boat ride, but I didn't realise just how fast the RIB could go until we were told all four and a half tonnes would leave the water and crash back down, powered by a 600 horsepower engine! We were taught the correct stance to hold while on the boat (knees bent, weight on the thighs), and that it was imperative we hold on to the handles at all times. Although no one had ever fallen out before, there was still a possibility it could happen - especially with me on board!

Header 3

Sitting in our allocated seats, it was time to head out onto the open water. Luckily for us it was a lovely day, so the journey from the pontoon out past the speed restriction area was thoroughly pleasant. A nice extra touch was the addition of music to the trip, which started with the SeaDogz theme tune, 'Who Let The Dogs Out', the James Bond theme music, and general pumping dance tunes for the rest of the ride!

Header 4

We were given no warning for when the speed would suddenly kick up, only the passing 'End of Speed Restriction Zone' sign. Instantly we were flying across the water, jumping over waves and taking sharp corners around buoys, reaching speeds of 70mph! It felt like riding a rodeo bull, or a rollercoaster without the safety harness, or a race horse - I think I'm fully prepared to compete in the Grand National now!
There were several other boats out on the water, from small dinghies to huge ferries, which produced rolling waves just perfect for skimming across. Our skipper called it 'loitering with intent', as we'd slalom in and out of these boats seeking the biggest waves for maximum jump height, like our own personal skate park.

Header 5

Towards the end we slowed down for a few photos, and a brief history of the buildings nearby, including Calshot Castle which was built by Henry VIII in 1540. We then shot off again for a few more laps before attempting an 'emergency stop' (basically you reach full speed then very sharply spin the boat to the right - thankfully no one fell out), before heading back into Ocean Village Marina.
The trip ended with a couple more 'after' photos, which involved some very lovely wind-styled hair, before heading home.

Header 6

This is definitely up there with the most exciting experiences we offer. For those looking for extreme thrills and adrenaline-pumping action, I can't recommend a Southampton RIB Ride enough. Huge thanks to SeaDogz for inviting us along and being such great hosts!

Extreme RIB Experience Southampton
    • Extreme RIB Experience Southampton
    • Extreme RIB Experience Southampton
    • Extreme RIB Experience Southampton
    • Extreme RIB Experience Southampton
    • Extreme RIB Experience Southampton
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