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Escape Game In Brighton For Two

Your mission is to solve the Brighton Pier murder and escape the room before your sixty minutes is up!

3 Reviews
Price for 2 participants

Escape Games are becoming increasingly popular adventure days out, as they're fantastic ways to improve team-building skills and test your mental ability. With the Escape Game in Brighton, you and your partner must solve the murder mystery before it's too late! 

The rules of the game are simple, you have 60 minutes to complete the challenge, and escape the room. You will need to work as a team, using a combination of logic and intuition to explore your detective streak and create an escape plan! The aim of the game is to solve the Murder at Brighton Pier. You will be given your case file outlining the information that has already been gathered, and there will be clues to the killer hidden around the crime scene. Your mission is to use the clues to discover the guilty culprit and solve the crime within the one hour time frame. 

This Escape Game makes a truly unique experience gift for adventurous people, and a fun way to spend time with a friend in the heart of Brighton. Perfect as a couples bonding session, this is one experience you'll be talking about for weeks!

Minimum age: 13
You have sixty minutes to escape the room, however expect to be on site for longer.
The maximum group size for this game is five, and it will only be your party in the room.
The Brighton escape game is available 3-4 times a week, every week. Bookings are subject to availability and must be made in advance.
All equipment is provided by the centre, you just need to bring a sense of adventure!
Weather should not affect your experience, however should a cancellation occur your game will be rescheduled for another date.
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Escape Game In Brighton For Two

Something different but found it a little difficult. Some of the clues were more luck than judgement which seems to miss the point a little. Still fun but would be better if all of the clues were something that could be worked out rather than guessed.

- Rod, 17/03/2016

Escape Game In Brighton For Two

Escape games are so much fun! This one was just the right level of difficulty so we completed it with about thirty seconds to spare... Definitely recommend.

- Eve, 02/03/2016

Escape Game In Brighton For Two

I went along to this escape game experience with my work colleagues. It was such a good night, although we did find it quite difficult! I would definitely go again with my friends as I had such a good time. Highly recommend!

- Ruby, 23/10/2015
Escape Game (500x213)

We recently had the amazing opportunity to take part in Brighton’s only Escape Game! Escape Games are becoming popular activities for groups all over the world and we felt especially lucky to have the opportunity to experience this one right in the heart of Brighton. We have tried our best to not give any clues away, so read on for more details on this incredible experience!

Being Brighton’s only Escape Game we were very excited to be taking part. The theme of Brighton’s escape room is based on the infamous ‘Brighton Trunk Murders’ in 1934 – which were never actually solved!

Escape Games (500x202)

Arriving at the Escape Game location, the escape room was situated in the basement of a traditional Brighton townhouse. We were very apprehensive about what this evening had in store, although in some ways not knowing added that extra thrill! We were warmly greeted when we arrived and were given the aim of the game plus any restrictions, before being shown to the room that would become our prison for the next hour.

The room was decorated in the authentic style of the 1930’s with props such as briefcases, teapots, maps and books scattered around for added atmosphere. A video clip was projected onto the wall which displayed a short video of the case to solve. We were then locked in the room to begin the game, although we were reassured that we could ask for clues if we got stuck, using the walkie-talkie in the corner.

Escape Game Brighton (500x231)

The aim is to solve the murder in 60 minutes, with a bonus game of guessing the murder weapon at the end! We began by scanning the room for any clues we could use to kick off the investigation. Searching through draws, cupboards and books, it was harder than it seemed to find clues.

The clock was ticking and we were almost half way through - without having found enough clues to solve the mystery, the nerves definitely started to kick in! Luckily enough, Richard was there to help us out by giving some hints to help us find the all-important clues.

Escape Rooms (500x227)

At the 57 minute mark... We solved the mystery! Unfortunately that left us with only 3 minutes to find the murder weapon, and so we fell at the final hurdle. That didn't take away our sense of achievement though, as it's definitely more difficult than we initially thought.


This 1 hour murder mystery was an incredible experience, it really let us live out our inner detective, whilst putting our combined intuition to the test! If you would like the opportunity to take on the task of solving the Brighton trunk murders, grab yourself a gift voucher.

Escape Games Brighton

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Will, the owner of Brighton's very own first-of-its-kind Escape game. These types of games are gaining popularity fast in the UK, providing fun and unique ways to spend time with friends, bond as a family, or complete some team-building with colleagues. We were lucky enough to secure an interview with Will who owns Brighton's first escape game! Here's how it went:

Hi Will, Great to meet you!
So tell us, what first inspired you to set up your own escape game experience here in Brighton?

I have been in the Escape Game industry for two years working in Berlin, Germany. I always wanted to have one in my home country and thought Brighton would be the ideal location as we would be the first and only game in that location.


It’s very exciting that you were the first person to open an escape game in Brighton! The experience sounds really interesting, what does completing the task involve?

You have to work as a team. The game requires detective work, intuition, brain power and a little luck to solve the mission.


It sound’s challenging! Do many people manage to solve the mystery within the time limit?

Yes we have about a 70% success rate from teams

Are the murder mysteries based on true stories?

Yes, they are based around ‘The Brighton Trunk Murders’ from 1934

Ooh spooky! Would you say your experience is catered for a particular audience?

Anybody really. The game is ideal for players aged 10 – 70. It’s a fun game for families, friends, students and business team building events.


Are you hoping to continue to grow your company? Where would you like to expand to?

Yes we will be opening a second game at the beginning of 2016 in Brighton.

What do people enjoy most about your experience?

Most teams leave feeling very excited because they have never had an experience like this before. There is a ‘rush’ teams feel as they solve puzzles and different clues come together to reveal a solution. It’s a very unique experience and every team will experience a different game depending on the personalities of the group.


Finally do you have anything you would like to add? Tell new/potential customers?

Just that if you are looking for something different or looking for something unique to do in Brighton, then come check us out. You can read on Facebook and TripAdvisor that every group is giving us 5 star reviews and want to come back to play another game. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Will!

Do you think you've got what it takes to solve the murder at Brighton Pier?
Purchase your voucher here and find out!
    • Escape Game In Brighton For Two
    • Escape Game In Brighton For Two
    • Escape Game In Brighton For Two
    • Escape Game In Brighton For Two
    • Escape Game In Brighton For Two
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