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Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening

Taste six delicious cheeses and wines during this sophisticated evening in either London or Brighton.

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Calling all budding cheese and wine connoisseurs, we have something very special for you here. If you've always been fascinated by the intricate craft of cheese-making, or the fine art of making quality wine, then look no further than this cheese and wine tasting experience in either Notting Hill, South Kensington or Brighton.

The experience takes place in a choice of three beautifully decorated cheese shops in their tasting cafes in the heart of three major locations across the UK. Choose either East Sussex, just round the corner from the central hub of the bubbling city of Brighton, the majestic South Kensington, or the incredible Portobello Road in Notting Hill. To begin the experience, your cheese ambassadors will give a brief introduction to the session, and explain what is in store for you during the evening ahead. Throughout the experience, you'll have the opportunity to sample six delicious cheeses and wines which your ambassadors will explain in great detail, including their history, where they are made, and the subtle flavours and ingredients. You're welcome to ask questions throughout, which the ambassadors are happy to answer. The cheeses sampled are bloomy rind, hard, semi-hard, goat, washed rind and blue, and the wines are matched to the cheeses, in order to experience the full impact of what you are tasting. As if this is not enough, you'll also be given delicious charcuterie to pick at throughout the session, and a selection of artisan French breads. At the end of the experience, you have the opportunity to purchase goods from the shop with a special 10% discount.

This experience makes an ideal activity for a group of friends, or as a romantic evening out for couples. Perfect as a gift for cheese and wine lovers, this is a truly memorable evening in fantastic locations.

Minimum age: 18
This experience lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours.
This experience can cater for up to twenty people.
Start time: 19:15.

The cheese and wine tasting evenings take place on most Thursdays (unless otherwise stated).
For specific availability, please contact our customer service team.
All you need to bring on this experience is an appetite! You are also welcome to take pictures during the session.
Because the cheese and wine tasting takes places indoors, it is highly unlikely the experience will be affected by the weather. If you have cause for concern, please make contact before the experience is due to begin.
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Question: Do the Cheese and Wine Evenings run at the weekend?
Answer: Both of the London and the Brighton cheese and wine tasting experiences tend to run on Thursday nights (unless otherwise stated) - weekends are not generally available.

Question: What time do the cheese and wine tasting experiences usually start?
Answer: The Cheese and Wine Tasting sessions start at 7:15pm at all 3 locations.

Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening in Brighton

What a wonderful and unique evening! Very friendly & knowledgeable staff and the cheese and wines were exceptional. Would recommend this experience for anyone who loves cheese and wine!

- Toby, 04/09/2015

Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening in Brighton

Had a great night with a work outing at the cheese cave (La Cave a Fromage). We tried six different cheeses and accompanying wines. Some of the cheeses were a bit potent for my industrial palate but the wine took the edge off. Great staff and a chance to buy produce at the end. Would certainly recommend.

- Robb, 04/09/2015

Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening in Brighton

As a cheese-lover, this whole evening was fantastic! The theme of our night meant that we had the opportunity to sample a range of soft Brie & Camembert-style "bloomy" cheeses, both locally and internationally made...each cheese was also paired with a specifically selected wine. The hosts were highly knowledgeable and extremely friendly - this added to the over all relaxed feeling of the event. Definitely a recommendation for friends!

- Rush, 04/09/2015

Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening in Brighton and Hove

This was an amazing experience. We tasted 6 yummy soft cheeses which were paired with 6 perfect accompanying wines. The different meats and breads on the table were also delicious. The leaders were very knowledgeable, telling us lots of interesting facts about what we were tasting and also coming around to our groups individually to answer any questions. Would recommend to anyone.

- Rosie, 04/09/2015

Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening in Brighton

Last night we went to the class in Brighton and had a thoroughly enjoyable time! The cheeses and wines were explained in detail and the expert guide was more than able to answer any questions we had. We sampled six cheeses alongside six glasses of wine, and even bought more cheese at the end to take home! A fantastic evening that I will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

- Evie, 04/09/2015
Cheese and wine tasting 9cheese and wine tasting 10Cheese and wine are a combination made in heaven. I’m not sure if there is a single person who could deny a nice tipple coupled with a nibble of savoury cheese! As a true lover of all things boozy and foodie, wine and cheese are up there with the two things I’d never want to live without. So as you can imagine, I was over the moon when La Cave à Fromage invited the Experience Days team along to try out one of their Cheese and Wine Tasting Evenings. Our experience; ‘In Full Bloom and Wine,’ featured a range of ‘bloomy rind’ cheeses (think cheese with soft, white rind like Brie or Camembert), that had been produced in France or Britain and each paired with a white or rosé wine.

Originating in South Kensington, then quickly spreading to Notting Hill and south to bustling Brighton, La Cave à Fromage is an absolutely incredible set of cheese shops. Each venue is full to the brim and almost overflowing with the vast selection of over 250 ever changing, seasonal cheeses sourced from the UK and Europe. They also offer a fantastic selection of wines, charcuterie and accompaniments such as white truffle honey and fresh breads. The really exciting part of these shops are the cheese and wine tasting sessions they offer, an experience that will tantalise your taste buds with the wonderful marriage of carefully selected cheese and an accompanying wine. This is what we had come for and we just couldn't wait for it to begin!

cheese and wine experience 11

We entered into Brighton’s La Cave à Fromage around 7:30 pm and were immediately greeted by our friendly cheese masters. Laid out on a clean slate ready to tempt us were 6 types of cheese, baskets full of artisan breads and a board bursting with different sliced hams and charcuterie. I could hardly resist diving straight in! However we didn’t have to wait long as the first glass of wine, a Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that has been especially chosen to compliment the first cheese, a local Sussex soft goat cheese, was promptly poured into our awaiting glasses.Cheese and wine tasting 13


We were introduced to the cheese and wine and their particular flavourings, followed by an informative description explaining how their unique tastes would complement each other. We were advised to first sip the wine, then taste the cheese, and finally taste the cheese and wine at once, in order to appreciate the flavours. The way the flavours changed when experienced together was surprising. It’s the kind of thing you need to stop and think about in order to really appreciate how the subtle notes of sweetness in the wine were matched perfectly with the creamy tang of goat’s cheese. The fantastic cheese and wine ambassadors were great at answering our questions and were very attentive, visiting each group for a chat and to ensure we had enough bread and water to last the whole night.

Cheese and wine tasting 15


We were given time to relax and nibble our delicious breads and sip our wine. Almost as soon as our glasses were empty, they were being filled again with a fresh, new wine to be paired with the next cheese. Over the night we sampled 6 different cheeses with their 6 matched glasses of white or rosé wine. It was a night full of spectacular wines and magnificent cheeses, some of which I’d never tasted anything like before. The Brillat Savarin was a particularly unusual soft cheese. It's name famously comes from the celebrated gastrononomer who coined the phrase ‘You are what you eat,' in reference to this decadent double cream infused soft cheese. It was paired with a slightly citrus wine that cut through the richness perfectly, it was one to remember!

cheese and wine tasting 17

At the end of what was a boozy and delicious evening, we were happy, full and had definitely learned a lot. The relaxed atmosphere of Brighton’s La Cave à Fromage meant it was ideal for a night out with friends. There was no long, over the top lectures on the wine and cheese, just to the point, interesting information with plenty of time for you and your company to enjoy the night. The experience came to an end at around 10pm. We were given plenty of time to peruse the fascinating shop, and to make any purchases of the cheese, wine and other delicious products we had tasted during the night!

This cheese and wine tasting is perfect for a romantic night out, a family get together, or for a more sophisticated night out with friends. I would recommend this experience to anyone, cheese and wine experts, or newbies alike!
    • Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening
    • Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening
    • Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening
    • Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening
    • Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening
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