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Bungee Jumping - Nationwide

Jump from a crane at 160ft only attached by your ankles, our bestselling Bungee experience, for the ultimate Bungee Jumping Experience Day Out. Try the ultimate adrenaline rush!

59 Reviews
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Bungee Jumps - thrilling, electrifying and utterly unforgettable! If you haven't done one, you definitely should ... you can't beat the massive adrenaline rush you'll get from throwing yourself off a platform 160 ft high with just an elastic band around your ankles for safety! You might feel as thought you're going against your better instincts, but you won't regret it ... you will recoil skywards with massive G force and it will certainly be a moment you remember for the rest of your life! After springing around for a while (which is great fun!) you will be slowly lowered to the ground, and you are sure to be buzzing for the rest of the day. This experience will leave you utterly exhilarated!

The 160ft Crane Bungee Jump experience can be taken at any of 9 UK locations.

You will arrive at the location and make yourself known at the main desk; you will then be required to complete a membership form. You will then be weighed twice to ensure that the correct bungee rope is used for your jump. Next it is time for you to get into the harness and have the ankle straps attached. The professional staff perform a number of checks and double checks on all of the equipment. You will then enter the cage where you will be lifted to a height of circa 160ft. Now all you have to do is jump off! There will be a personalised DVD and merchandise available for you to buy on the day to remember your experience with.

Minimum Age: 14
Maximum Weight: 120kg
(Under 16s need a parent/guardian's signature)

Over 50s will need a doctor's certificate to jump. You must be in good health and you must make the centre aware of any medical conditions that you think may affect you being able to jump.

You can not Bungee Jump if you have any of the following:
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Condition
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnant
  • Asthma
  • Neurological Condition

If you've ever had damage to your neck, back, spinal column, legs or eyes – you will need to get clearance from the doctor (and a note) in order to complete the Bungee.
If you are not in good health you should NOT jump, If you suffer from any of the above but have been given a doctors certificate then you will be requested to sign a non standard waiver. Please read it carefully.

**If in doubt don't jump**
Please allow 2 hour on site.
Please arrive at the centre approximately 30 minutes before your jump time.
Spectators are welcome and encouraged to bring cameras!
Selected 2016 dates throughout the year at various locations. Please call upon booking for specific availability. All dates are subject to availability.
Please note some jumps such as Chiswick and Cambridge run only once or twice per year:

160ft Belfast Titanic Bungee Jump
April 29th, 30th
September 9th, 10th

160ft Birmingham Bungee Jump
February 11th, 12th
May 13th, 14th
August 26th, 27th
November 18th, 19th

160ft Brighton/Hove Beach Front Bungee Jump
August 12th, 13th

160ft Bristol Bungee Jump
April 8th, 9th
July 29th, 30th
October 7th, 8th

160ft Cambridge (Grafham) Bungee Jump
No Current Dates

160ft Cambridge (Wyboston) Bungee Jump
March 11th
July 8th, 9th
November 11th

160ft Chiswick Bungee Jump
No Current Dates

160ft Lightwater Valley Bungee Jump
No Current Dates

160ft Manchester Bungee Jump
January 15th *sold out*
April 15th, 16th, 17th
June 17th, 18th
July 22nd
August 19th, 20th
December 9th, 10th

160ft MShed Bristol Bungee Jump
No Current Dates

160ft Scotland / Glasgow Bungee Jump
April 22nd, 23rd
July 22nd, 23rd
October 21st, 22nd

160ft Windsor / Bray Bungee Jump
February 18th, 19th
March 4th
April 1st, 2nd
June 3rd, 4th
August 5th, 6th
September 23rd, 24th
December 9th
Dress in comfortable, casual clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions.

Please note: Photos, Videos & Merchandise are not available at the Belfast bungee jump.
Extreme weather conditions may affect this experience. If in doubt, please call the centre to check before setting off.
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Question: I'd like to book a bunjee jump please.
Answer: You can view all available bungee jumps we offer here. - The bungee jumps take place at around 15 locations nationwide and the dates for each will vary. Each location usually hosts a jump twice a year with some exceptions.

Question: I want to buy my boyfriend a bungee jump but I dont want to buy a voucher. Can I book it over the phone and pay at the same time, or is there a store I can go into to book and pay?
Answer: In order to make a reservation at the time of purchase please call us on 0845 862 9911 and we can provide the most up to date list of locations and dates.

Question: I am looking to book a bungee ASAP
Answer: For immediate Bungee Jump bookings please call us on 0845 862 9911. Making a purchase online will be for the purchase of a bungee gift voucher rather than a boooking for a specific date.

Question: Can you do any discount for a group of 5 looking to book this bungee jump please?
Answer: Discounts may be possible for group bungee jump bookings. Please call us on 0845 862 9911 to discuss your options further.

Question: If I purchased this bungee jumping activity, am I guaranteed to get the chosen date that I want?
Answer: At Experience Days, we do not have direct access to the bookings system for the Bungee Jumping experiences - we are only able to advertise the dates on which the bungee jumps will be operating, not the exact remaining time slots. Therefore if you are hoping to book for a specific date, we would advise you to check this with us prior to purchasing.

Question: Do you run the Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Belfast?
Answer: Belfast is one of many locations where the Bungee Jumping - Nationwide takes place. We do try and update the available dates per location on the page. They generally only run up to 4 days throughout the year in Belfast.

Question: What is the Midlands location?
Answer: The Midlands bungee jump takes place in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Question: How can I check the dates before I buy a voucher?
Answer: Please contact us to check the availability for a specific location. The Bungee Jumping experience will be held on numerous occasions at each location. However, dates are subject to change, according to the availability.

Question: Do we have to buy a voucher or can we just book a date and time for the bungee jump?
Answer: Bungee jumps run on various different weekend dates, at each location. If you are interested in making a booking for a specific date (rather than purchasing a voucher which can be redeemed at a later date), please call us to check for availability. Please be aware that once booked on to a bungee experience, dates and times cannot be changed.

Question: I would like to do a charity bungee jump, is there a discount or donation that I can receive in order to do so?
Answer: Please contact directly in regards to your charity request.

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide

Superb! The staff were all friendly, professional and calming. They made my first bunjee experience fantastic and I'm very greatful. Loved it! Thank you.

- Liam, 10/08/2016

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in ALTRINCHAM

It was a brilliant experience ! I would want to do it again soon :)

- Mohammed, 09/12/2012

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in BRADFORD

time slots are pointless really as the queue is another story. Staff was excellent and a jump unforgettable. Thank you soo much!

- Magda, 13/08/2012

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Downpatrick

No filming off the jump, wish i could of got a vid or a letter saying you completed the jump.

- Martin, 30/07/2012

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Cheltenham

Very enjoyable, looking forward to doing the 400ft jump laer this year!

- Angela, 19/07/2012

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Plymouth

First bungee jump. Amazin experience, definatley do another one.

- Kelly, 09/07/2012

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

I thought all staff and equipment was excellent and an overall thrilling experience in which I intend to experience again. Thank you.

- lee, 21/10/2013

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

Really good experience, the staff were brilliant, I was really nervous and nearly didn't jump, the staff were really encouraging, and were good at putting me at ease I doubt I would of done it otherwise. It was an amazing experience and I would definiteley do it again.

- abbie, 17/06/2013

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

Absolutely brilliant! Staff were great and I felt very safe. You've given me the bungee bug!

- Mike, 22/10/2012

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

Impressed with organisation, h&s awareness and the way staff set mind at ease :)

- Stuart, 09/12/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Brighton Marina

It was not at Brighton as they were not doing it this year. It was at Windsor, Bray Water and was excellent.

- Lee, 11/10/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

great welcoming team, would definateley book another Extreme Element experience.

- neil, 13/09/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

it was raining and the seat provided for the jumpers and the spectators wasn't good. The price for the pictures was way too high but the CD was sold for a reasonable price. I think that the participants should be allowed to choose the picture they would like to be printed instead of being picked.

- Sudhan, 08/09/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

Going back from the center to the maidenhead train station wasn't that easy, also the photos & dvd were extremely expensive, I mean we paid 60 pounds for the jump & 40 for the photos & dvd!!

- shady, 07/09/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

The staff made the jump much easier as they were very friendly and very reassuring. They seemed to genuinely care about their job and us "jumpers". I had a great experience.

- Natalie, 04/09/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Brighton Marina

Mental! had a good time and I have recommended to friends

- stephen, 05/08/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Brighton Marina

Awesome experience - completely scared the daylights out of our friend who's getting married... quality of the video from the guys was ok (lots of scrambling - might want to watch your DVD before you buy it), photos were great. AMAZING view at the top over all of Brighton (you can see for miles on a clear day). The jump was exhilerating - doesn't look that high when you're on the ground watching other people, but when you're up there, all of a sudden the fear creeps in. Special thanks to the guy in the cage helping everyone to jump - who convinced our friend to jump despite him saying otherwise!!

- Rishin, 25/07/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Tamworth

the venue was just great location everything staff were very nice and made you feel welcome and were professional in what they did thankyou for a great day

- Kat, 24/07/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

Noone and nothing can prepare you for the intense sensation that you get from the experience. The staff made me feel at ease and the location and weather made the activity all the more enjoyable.

- Josephine, 11/07/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

The most intense moment of my life, I'm definitely doing it again.

- Tripp, 03/07/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

This was such an amazing experience and i'm hoping to do a 300ft jump at some point in the future!

- Krystie, 18/06/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

An excellent event at a beautiful location. Every member of staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Whilst waiting noticed that at least five members of staff checked all the equipment! Made me (and my partner) feel especially safe and cared for. Overall five out of five stars.

- Ivar, 15/06/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Rodgers Quay

Great time would definitely do again

- Darren, 14/06/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

the staff was very friendly. i recomend this to anyone its something you never for get

- wayne, 09/06/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

It was brilliant. Me and my son loved it. Recommend to all. A proper rush.

- Paul, 09/06/2011

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Tamworth

I really enjoyed my experience, the staff were friendly and excellent in their instruction and supportive when the nerves kicked in! Parking was limited at the venue but this was a minor inconvenience that did not detract from the enjoyment of the day.

- Iain, 15/10/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Tamworth

Over very quickly, but was a blast. if £49 isn't too much for you, do it!

- Antin, 13/09/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Tamworth

fantastic and professional staff. Felt very safe and supported through out the whole experience. They made the day enjoyable. Would recommend to anybody.

- kelly, 13/09/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

Absolutely wonderful experience, from beginning to end. The staff were an amazing group of young people who gave the impression of experienced professionalism, coupled with genuine friendliness. I felt completely safe throughout, and completely at ease. And the jump itself: what a brilliant adrenaline rush!!! Thank you to all concerned for my fantastic experience!

- Kathryn, 05/09/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

Absolutely amazing experience! Watching other people and the friendly staff really relaxes you and I am looking forward to going back! The jump itself was an amazing experience I'll never forget.

- Deborah, 05/09/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

I had a fantastic time and the staff were excellent in calming my nerves. The experience was exhilarating, terrifying and exciting :) However the site I went to charged for parking and there was no reference to this when booking. All in all an AMAZING experience!!!

- Jessica, 05/09/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Grafham Water

Brilliant day - scary but well worth it

- Steve, 22/08/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Grafham Water

The jump itself was amazing! The staff there were really friendly and professional.

- Wesley, 22/08/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Brighton Marina

Bungee Jump was a present to my husband for his birthday. It was very enjoyable experience for him: he was nervious at the beginning, but in the end he proved to himself and the others that he is a real braveheart... I am really proud of him because not everyone would be able to do such a thing.

- Natalija, 26/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

It was one of the best experiences we have ever had..........we had a blast......

- pamela, 12/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

excellent experience!!! made even better by the staff all of which were friendly, easy to talk to and obviously enjoyed what they were doing. I will definately recommend them to friends and family and be booking another jump in the future with them!

- George, 12/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

I had an amazing experience and cant wait to do it again! All the staff were very helpful and friendly

- Melissa, 12/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre


- , 12/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

The staff were awesome and made me feel really welcome. The experience itself was absolutely mind blowing! It was one of the best things i've ever done, and can easily give you my word that i'll be doing it again!! :D

- Jessica-rose, 11/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

Staff friendly and everything was made clear. Very thorough safety checks and questions.

- Hadrian, 11/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

the whole day was brilliant the staff were excellent really friendly and kept me informed of what was happening,

- , 11/07/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

It was an amusing experience, even though we got there 30min late the stuff was just amusing. The jump itself..OMG !! Another experience to keep in the memory for the life time. Soon as I took my feet off the platform, it felt like all my body was left behind. Really, I do recommend it to try...It was the best weekend of the month ! Thank you Extreme Element Team.

- Tchize, 07/06/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

My son jumped for my charity i run and is now itching to go again only a 300 ft next time, a great time was had. Thank you very much.

- , 06/06/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

loved it :D

- , 03/05/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

thought the DVD was a bit expensive and was poor Quality but photo was great and Jump was a great experience ! Thank you

- Jean, 03/05/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake


- Thomas, 04/04/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

It was my 1st bungee and it was awesome. It was remarkable and i will do the highest bungee next time. Two adverse points, the DVD was not that good... they should start it from the time i wrap my belts till i meet my friends after the jump. plus i had to go searching for a toilet way too far... but all in all it was one of the best things i have done in my life.

- , 23/03/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Grafham Water

There was no video equipment on the day, luckily I had brought my own camera but some others may not have and would have been disappointed that they had no video or photos to take away with them. Maybe in the future there should be notification of this. Great fun though was definately worth the nerves!!!

- fran, 22/03/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

The bungee jump experience itself was great but I do have a complaint. I paid £15 for the DVD which was a complete rip off. The DVD was very poor quality, badly filmed and lasted just over 2 mins. It was atrocious and wouldn't have been worth having even if it had been free. If you are going to offer this type of merchandise then you should at least make sure it is of a satisfactory standard. Perhaps some training for the camera person would be in order.

- Deborah, 16/03/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

Amazing experience...

- Donatas, 13/03/2010

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

It was a great experience!!!!

- Alexandra, 09/12/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

it was fantastic had great laugh while waiting to do bungee even though we were soaked through with the rain we were all in high spirits and loved every minute of it would go again in a second.

- Ashleigh, 25/11/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

It was an extremely wet and windy day and we had to stand out in the pouring rain for over half and hour past our allotted time. The staff kept spirits high because they were hilarious, but it did ruin part of the experience being so wet. A bungee jump's never going to be a bad experience though!

- Hannah, 25/11/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

I bought this as a present but attended the jump! It was the best present I ever bought so I was told anyway! Great day out!

- Cat, 25/11/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

great experience... already got 4 of my friends 2 jump with me :)

- rasha, 24/11/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Lloyds Ampitheatre

I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it! We're gonna do another one :-)

- Lisa, 12/10/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

Best thing I have done so far, will def be back to do the higher bungee jump. Don't think I would've been able to do it if it hadn't been for the staff putting me at ease. Thanks

- kim, 25/09/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in Bray Lake

Brilliant day out!

- Mark, 22/09/2009

Bungee Jumping - Nationwide in The Quays

It was great experience!!! Everything was excellent!

- Justyna, 18/09/2009

We thought it was about time to have a chat with John, owner and founder of UK Bungee Club and one our very best experience providers. The level of professionalism and commitment to customer safety that the club projects makes it easy to understand why they are the market leader in bungee jumps. Here at Experience Days, many of our team have been lucky enough to jump and it is truly something we will never forget (you can see our jumps here). Although nerve wracking and nail bitingly scary, the rush of adrenaline is worth the anticipation and will leave you grinning ear-to-ear as you land back in reality. So, if you've been thinking about taking a step on the wild side and taking part in a bungee jump, have a read to find out a bit more about the adventure...



Q: Please could you tell us a bit about the history of UK Bungee and what inspired you to join the bungee jumping industry?

A: Bungee first started on 1/4/79 in Bristol when 4 members of the dangerous sports club jumped from the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol. What most people don’t know is that Bungee jumping is a British invention. I jumped in Australia in 1991 and was hooked. Coming back to the UK The UK Bungee Club had just started operations. I became a Roadie and worked for the club more or less every weekend during the summer of 1992 completing all my exams to become a site controller. By 1993 the bubble had burst with only a handful of operations left in the UK. We decided to put a 300ft Crane next to the Thames in Battersea and we have never looked back. Today we offer 10 locations nationwide including Belfast at heights of 150ft, 300ft and 400ft plus the only Bridge in the UK plus the world’s only indoor Bungee. Overseas operations have included Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Brazil, Australia and South Africa to name but a few. The UK Bungee Club continues to be market leader in the UK for Bungee jumping and safety consultation with the health and safety executive.

Q:  How has the bungee industry or customers’ understanding of bungee changed over the years?

A: In the early days people were naturally scared of the product which was kind of the point. People were sceptical of the safety approach and the public needed educating. We were regularly inspected by local councils which we welcomed to spread the word regarding safety and that our operations were professional and run with integrity. Bungee is now recognised as a highly safe activity run by professionals. British health and safety is the best in the world and so by its very nature the attention to safety has been very high from inception back in 1992 when the company started. The general public know that with 25 years’ experience we are the company to jump with.



Q: What’s the most frequently asked question by customers?

A: Believe it not have you killed anybody and will I die. Thankfully the answer is no to both of these.

Q: What’s next for the Bungee Industry in the UK? Any exciting news to share with us?

A: We are looking at our 25 year anniversary next year on the 16th July so potentially we are looking at a 400ft Crane jump at Wembley Stadium. Look out for information on the Experience Days website!

Thanks UK Bungee Club for letting us know a bit more about your story. You can buy a bungee jump here which is available from a number of different locations. If you haven't got the courage to jump on your own, jump with a friend!
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