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Bungee Jump London O2 Arena

Experience the ultimate thrill of Bungee Jumping at the London O2 Arena! Experience the drop from 160ft outside the famous building in our Capital City!

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Adding to our bungees in London, we've managed to get another fantastic jump in the Capital City! The success and enjoyment of the Exclusive Central London Bungee Jump persuaded us to seek other places to hurl ourselves out of a 160ft high cage, and here it is; the O2 Arena jump! The stunning setting of the O2 Arena adds an extra visual dimension to the experience that you won't ever forget!

Once you've arrived and been welcomed to the centre you will be required to complete a Bungee Jump membership form. You will then be weighed twice, ensuring that the correct bungee rope is used for your jump. It is then time for you to get harnessed and strapped in by the ankles! The professional instructors are uber-safety-conscious and perform extensive safety checks, further extending your anticipation of what's about to come! You will then enter the cage where you will be lifted to a height of circa 160ft. Now all you have to do is jump off! There will be a digital video and merchandise available for you to buy on the day to remember your experience with.

Want to Jump for a Charity?
We welcome charity jumpers. We can issue you with a sponsorship form and all you have to do is collect £100 or more for your chosen charity. You'll need to pay us a 25% deposit to secure your places, and then the balance can be paid 4 weeks before you are due to jump.

Minimum Age: 14
Maximum Weight: 120kg

(Under 16s need a parent/guardian's signature)

Over 50s will need a doctor's certificate to jump. You must be in good health and you must make the centre aware of any medical conditions that you think may affect you being able to jump.

You can not Bungee Jump if you have any of the following:
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Condition
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnant
  • Asthma
  • Neurological Condition
You should arrive 30mins before your jump is due to start and allow around 2 hours for the whole experience.

If you've ever had damage to your neck, back, spinal column, legs or eyes – you will need to get clearance from the doctor (and a note) in order to complete the Bungee.

If you are not in good health you should NOT jump, If you suffer from any of the above but have been given a doctors certificate then you will be requested to sign a non standard waiver. Please read it carefully.

**If in doubt don't jump**
Spectators are welcome and encouraged to bring cameras!
The O2 Bungee Jump takes place on weekends, roughly every quarter, subject to availability.

160ft London O2 Arena Bungee Jump
(2015) December 12, 13 *Sold Out*
(2016) January 16 *Sold Out*
February 27, 28
March 12, 13 
April 09, 10, 23, 24
May 07, 08, 21, 22
June 11, 12, 25, 26
July 09, 23, 24
August 06, 07, 27, 28
September 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25
October 08, 09, 22, 23
November 12, 13, 26, 27
December 10, 11, 17, 18
Glasses and contact lenses MUST be removed prior to your jump. Dress in comfortable, casual clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions. Skirts are not recommended (think about it).
Extreme weather conditions may affect this experience. If in doubt, please call the centre to check before setting off.
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Question: How long the whole bungee experience will take?
Answer: Although your actual bungee jump will only last for a matter of minutes, you will need to arrive around 30mins before your booked jump time and allow up to 2 hours for the whole experience.

Question: Will there be any pictures or videos taken of the bungee jump?
Answer: There will be digital video and photo merchandise of each persons jump available to buy on the day.

Question: If my Bungee Jump London O2 Arena is cancelled due to weather, will I be refunded or can I re book for another date and time?
Answer: If the Bungee Jump London O2 Arena was cancelled due to weather, you would be re booked by our supplier for another suitable date and time. I'm afraid we would not be able to refund you.

Question: I am looking to purchase this for my husband and it says above about any eye problems, he has lost sight in one eye at 18 but has no other problems. Would he be able to jump. He has done a previous bungee jump post loosing the eye sight.
Answer: Yes, your husband would have no problem. If you have any concerns however, it always be advisable to speak to your doctor before jumping,

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena

Bought this as a gift for husband's birthday - he loved every minute and said it was one of the best things he has ever done in his life :-)

- Tracey, 27/09/2016

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in Romford

Staff were brilliant, friendly and helpful. THe day flowed really nicely there was no long waiting around and the jump itself was AMAZING!

- Ramon, 27/06/2012

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in COLCHESTER

Was such a great day out. Staff were wonderfully friendly despite the awful weather. Such a shame we left our video on the tube home :(

- Harriet, 04/06/2012

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in O2 London

A great test to see if when it comes to it you have then 'balls' ha ha...... A great bunch, very well organised and a great view, even if you only see it for a few seconds !

- Tim, 02/07/2015

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in o2 arena

Amazing experience!! The staff was very helpful kind and try to keep you calm. i am waiting for my next time thank you

- evangelos, 25/05/2015

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in 02 arena

The staff were top people. The safety checks were top, which made the jump more relaxing. the video and pictures were top - well worth buying.

- darren, 29/07/2014

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in London O2 Arena

An amazing experience, staff were great and helped you feel calm, overall made the afternoon very enjoyable! Definitely recommend to anyone considering booking!

- Adam, 28/05/2014

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in London O2 Arena

Had a fantastic time can't wait to do it again!

- Kerry, 15/12/2013

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in London O2 Arena

Could have been slightly improved if there was a porta loo. Other than that had a great time! All the guys were excellent - really friendly ad put you at ease.

- Marie, 26/06/2013

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in London O2 Arena

It was an amazing experience and it made it even better because the crew were extremely supportive and friendly.

- Neha, 19/06/2011

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in London O2 Arena

The staff chatted to me in a casual manner and put me completely at ease so that any nerves disappeared before jumping.... they were even wearing furry animal costumes! While putting on the gear the lady also ran through everything so that I felt assured that I was working with people who knew what they were doing. In typical fashion I chose a freezing day, with a blizzard no less, so it would have been nice to have somewhere to wait inside before jumping as my feet went numb, but that's the only negative point. I'd thoroughly recommend everyone doing something extreme... it sounds cheesy but it makes you feel alive!

- Sophie, 09/06/2011

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena in London O2 Arena

It was an amazing experience. I was very nervous and was considering to cancel my jump. Staff were great, I jumped and turns out it one of the best experiences in my life!

- Faisal, 18/07/2010
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    • Bungee Jump London O2 Arena
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