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Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two

Sample plenty of amazing beers - both local and internationally brewed - and learn while you taste, with expert guidance from a master brewer. Best of all, this comes with a gourmet burger meal!

3 Reviews
Price for 2 participants

If you're a beer lover, or even if you don’t yet know how much you love beer, then this excellent beer tasting experience for two is the perfect thing. Wet your whistles with some fine brews from all over the world - and from the very Brewhouse and Kitchen brewery where the day takes place!

Once you've been welcomed to the brewery by your group expert (a master brewer of course), you'll get straight down to the serious business of beer. They will give you a little background info on every beer you try, whether it’s the amazing beers that have been brewed on site, or renowned craft beers from much further afield. You'll learn to taste the subtle differences and interesting nuances of flavour that make each beer unique - and very delicious! Of course, all that hard work is bound to make you a little peckish, so throughout the masterclass, you'll be treated to nibbles such as olives and snaffling pig, and perhaps even a sharing platter if the group is large enough - we find this makes the beer taste even better (if that's possible?). You'll also be glad to know that Brewhouse and Kitchen are as good at making freshly-cooked burgers as they are at brewing beer, and this experience comes with a gourmet burger straight from the kitchen to finish off - what more could you ask for? Throughout the experience you'll get the chance to try 8 different beers.

So if you're keen to learn a little more about the various flavours of different brews, this beer master class is sure to refresh! And if you want to find the ideal gift for someone who appreciates amazing craft beers, then look no further - with the price covering the cost of 2 participants, you're sure to have a relaxing yet sociable experience - after all, beer is an extremely social beverage!

The Beer Tasting Masterclass is suitable for participants aged 18+ ONLY.
The Beer Tasting Masterclasses will last for approximately 90-120 minutes, according to the group size.
Minimum Group Size: 2 participants

There is no maximum group size - each Brewhouse and Kitchen location will try to accommodate as many participants as show interest on any given date.

Unfortunately this experience is not suitable for spectators...who would want to watch others without having a taste themselves, anyway?!

The experiences take place in Brewhouse and Kitchen pubs, so family/friends may wish to simply relax in the surroundings whilst you take part in the Masterclass - you can always join them after, and stun them with your new knowledge. 
The Tasting Masterclass is available upon request. Dates can usually be scheduled around the customer's availability, throughout the year - if your requested date is not available, the Brewhouse will liaise with you to schedule for an alternative.

Depending on group size, you will be added to a session, with other participants - this makes the experience far more sociable... As beer drinking should be!

There is no particular dress code, please just wear something you feel comfortable in.
The Beer Tasting Masterclasses will take place indoors, so will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. 
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Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two

Really enjoyable and informative. A great way to spend a couple of hours. It was also very good value for money.

- Chris, 07/09/2016

Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two

This was a great experience. I love beer and it was fantastic to try such a wide variety and learn from an expert! I took this master-class in Poole and the venue and staff were lovely! I would definitely recommend to anyone, beer lover or not!

- Ruby, 10/06/2016

Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two

This was an Xmas present for a friend and I. Got dropped off and the pub was lovely inside. It was just the 2 of us for the tasting and we had a great time discussing the different beers. Herb was excellent :-) And to top it all off the burger included was awsome. Lift turned up after and we stayed for another couple, just to make sure we understood our training. Will be going again, probably in a larger group.

- Andrew, 07/06/2016
Beer Tasting Masterclass 1.jpgThe world of beer is changing. Craft beers, speciality beers and world beers are appearing in our pubs, and beer drinkers around the UK are rejoicing! We visited Poole, a pretty Dorset seaside town, to try the Brewhouse and Kitchen’s beer tasting masterclass and find out what all the fuss is about!

Poole’s Brewhouse and Kitchen Pub is located in the heart of the seaside town, just a short walk from the train station and bus stops. It’s a beautiful pub full that's of character. Beer bottle lamps light the bar and the walls are jam packed with bottles and quirky decoration. Our master brewer greeted us and showed us to our table, introducing us to the beer tasting class that would follow. She began our experience by explaining the brewing process and showing us the onsite brewing equipment. She explained how every beer has very few ingredients and the varying amounts of Hops and Malt used gives a unique flavour.

Beer Tasting Masterclass 2

Beer Tasting Masterclass 5

Then it was on to the bit I’d been waiting for, the tasting! We were handed a tasting sheet for note taking and our brewer went off to collect our first sample of the session. Every beer we tried was completely different. Some had been brewed on site (delicious by the way), some were bottles that had travelled from Europe or America and others were beautiful British craft beers.

The specific flavours and aromas were explained in detail for each sample we tried. We tasted a cloudy wheat beer that tasted of Banana and a gorgeous dark porter that was so smoky it tasted exactly like Bacon! Who knew you could experience so many delicious flavours within a single taste of beer? Of course, we also sampled more traditional styles of beer, all of which were delicious.

Beer Tasting Masterclass 3

Between each new sample, we had plenty of time to sit back and relax with our beer in hand, enjoying the lovely atmosphere of the pub and chatting with our brewer. After tasting about 8 beers (and finishing a couple of the bottles off…) it’s safe to say we were feeling a little merry and ready for some lunch!

Included in this beer tasting experience experience is a gourmet burger – just what we fancied to accompany the last of our beer samples! I opted for a tasty goat’s cheese veggie burger and Naomi went for the bacon burger. Both were amazing and accompanied by a generous portion of chips. Delicious!

Beer Tasting Masterclass 4

After we’d devoured our lunch and spent a little time exploring the rest of the bar and asking any last questions with our host for the day, it was time to head home. We left feeling extremely full and very happy with our introduction to the world of beer. I’d gained a great amount of knowledge and sampled some fantastic beers. I would highly recommend this masterclass to anyone who has an interest or love of this wonderful drink!

Brewhouse and Kitchen offer their beer tasting masterclasses at a number of different venues around the south. Check out the full range here. If you want to delve deeper into the world of beer, why not try out one of their brewing experiences? Have a look at the experience here.
    • Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two
    • Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two
    • Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two
    • Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two
    • Beer Tasting Masterclass For Two
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