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Baby Photography London - Deluxe Package

Make those precious moments last a lifetime with a wonderful London Baby Photography Session. The perfect baby gift for new parents, this Deluxe package includes a disc with all artworked photographs!

Price for 1 participant

The Deluxe London baby photography shoot is an ideal way to capture the all-too-fast first year of a baby's life. The photo shoot makes for an unusual, and unforgettable, baby shower gift - great for mums and dads who want to capture some precious moments in their little one's development! In a baby's first year they change and grow so much, with every day an adventure full of surprises and new emotions.

The baby photography London shoot aims to capture some of this wonder, snapping the little one in as natural and relaxed an environment as possible. Whether the child is a dozing newborn baby, a giggling 3 month old, or a chubby 9 month old with it's first little teeth, the baby photography session will beautifully capture a fleeting moment in his/her rapid development.

The London baby photography session takes place in your home or chosen location, making it a relaxed, happy and very comfortable experience for baby, and for mum and dad!

The London baby photography session includes a single day (3-4 hour) photo shoot. This photo shoot has the added benefit of not being studio-based. A professional photographer will actually travel to your home, or to a place that is special to you, meaning that tired mums and dads don't have to worry about journeys, parking, changing facilities... anything, really, other than picking out baby's cutest outfits!

The photographers will take lots of pictures of baby, and are very good at what they do - they love babies just as much as they love photography!

This experience includes a disc with all artworked photographs, meaning you can easily share with family and friends, and choose to print as many as you wish.

Minimum Age: 3 days old Maximum Age: 11 years old

Please note that there is a limit to two siblings per voucher.
Please allow 3-4 hours for the baby photography session.
It is best not to have too many people present during the shoot.
The Deluxe London baby photography session can be booked from Monday - Saturday, throughout the year.
There are no particular special preparations necessary for the baby photography, however you may want to choose some of your favourite baby clothes.
Snowy conditions may affect the London baby photography session.
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First word, first smile, first steps. Such precious moments that any parent want to cherish forever. Magic Rainbow Photography are there to help you capture these beautiful experiences with a photo shoot catered to fit around you and your busy baby schedule.

Hi Marta, thanks for talking to us today, please just explain a bit about what you do.
I provide custom baby and family photography to families living in London. The session normally takes place in their home or if we are lucky enough to have the shoot on a sunny day, fun outdoor pictures are also an option. I have worked in portrait studios in the past and I know that travelling to a distant studio and an unknown environment can be a hassle for some families, especially if they have a newborn baby. Sometimes, the hours spent in preparation for the shoot are too long and by the time the children are in front of the camera theyíll be tired and not in the mood for photographs. Thatís why I decided to start my Baby and Family photography by taking the studio to them and their home rather than the other way around.† There is no substitute to the comfort of your own home, and with a selection of props and the right equipment the photo session runs smoothly and the end results are natural and closer to the people involved.

Have you always been involved with photography?
After doing a degree in photography, like most young photographers I started out by assisting, then worked as a retoucher in a celebrity photographic agency for a while and I learned a lot about art working digital images . Eventually, I decided that itís time to make it on my own as a photographer and I have been freelancing for over 8 years now.† Iíve always been interested in people and portraiture, but itís only in the last 3 years that I started specialising in baby and family pictures.

Do you have any main inspirations for the photo shoots?
I look at every new photo shoot as a blank canvas to begin with. I try to learn about the family, get a feel about what the child likes, about his or her character and then adapt my approach† to their personality. The biggest inspiration is just connecting with the kids and capturing a candid moment of their life.

Working with babies and children must be pretty hard work! Have you had any particularly memorable experiences?
Yes, it can be hard work at times, but if you enjoy what youíre doing and like children, it can be lots of fun as well. Itís touching every time I photograph newborn babies in those very first days of their life, when they are so fragile and there is such a strong bond between them and their mum. No two sessions are the same. I love the unpredictable nature of the shoots and even though I sometimes give directions, in general the kids run the show. If they are happy, good pictures are easy to take! Some families book a shoot with me around the same time every year and seeing the kids and family as they grow is lovely.

Any tricks of the trade to stop those babies from crying or crawling away?
Playing games with them is the only way to try and control the shoot while keeping their attention.

Do you have an age limit for the photography shoot?
My kids photography shoots are for children up to the age of 13.† Sessions aimed at teenagers are organised in a slightly different way, but do get in touch if anyone is interested.

Whatís the best part of the job for you?
Being silly is actually helpful when I work, this must be a good thing!

Definitely! So, how did MRP first start up?
After doing portrait and fashion photography for years I decided I wanted to change my approach to photography and not be in control of the end result to such an extent. Working with children was the obvious choice and Iím glad I made it. Thereís always an element of surprise when I go through my pictures now.

Do you have any stand out memories so far from any photo shoot?
Too many to list, but a recent shoot I did of two newborn baby girl twins, stands out. The bond between them was fantastic and they were a dream to photograph. I canít wait to see them when they are older and find out if the connection is still that strong.

Do you have a favourite age group to photograph? Must be the newborn babies, Iíve seen some of the photos!?
Yes, I love photographing babies in the first few months after they are born. A lot of patience is needed but the results always have the Ďwowí factor! Three to five years of age is also a great time to capture childhood.

Thanks for talking to us today, definitely sounds like happy and playful way to spend a working day!
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    • Baby Photography London - Deluxe Package
    • Baby Photography London - Deluxe Package
    • Baby Photography London - Deluxe Package
    • Baby Photography London - Deluxe Package
    • Baby Photography London - Deluxe Package
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