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Archery Experience in Surrey

Give Robin Hood a run for his money as you learn how to handle bow and arrow and hit targets! With expert guidance and advice from archery experts, you'll be amazed at how far you can come!

Price for 1 participant

Put your focus, hand-eye-coordination and aim to the test and try your hand at archery with this superb Archery Experience in Redhill, Surrey! Fun, exciting and rewarding, this awesome activity is perfect for both beginners and improvers; you will receive excellent advice and guidance from highly experienced, specialist instructors - prepare to be amazed at how far you can come in just one session! You will have a fantastic time as you work on improving your aim and precision and learn the basics of archery and several essential archery techniques. Nothing compares to the thrill of nocking back the arrow and then hitting the target, so give it a go today! As well as a thrilling outdoor activity, this hugely enjoyable session makes a wonderfully unique experience gift for anyone who has ever wanted to get to grips with this ancient and thrilling sport. Give Robin Hood a run for his money today!

Your Archery Experience in Surrey will begin with a welcome from the friendly staff, after which you will be given a safety briefing where you'll learn how to safely handle the bow and arrow. You will then be led to the archery range where you will begin shooting; your instructor will be there to offer you constant guidance on how to refine your technique and hit the gold target. You may be surprised at how far you can come in just an hour with the right coaching!

Minimum Age: 16
The Archery Experience in Surrey lasts for approximately an hour.
Max Group Size: 10 participants

Friends and family are welcome to watch your Archery Experience in Surrey; there is a refreshment centre and a cafe on site which offers a range of food and drinks.
The Archery Experience in Surrey is available on selected weekends throughout the year, subject to demand and availability.
You should wear warm outdoor clothing and shoes with grip for your Archery Experience in Surrey. All archery equipment will be provided by the centre.
The Archery Experience in Surrey is not usually weather dependent.
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Jo on the Road is coming to an end, but not before I have time to practice my archery skills in Surrey! Joined once more by Evie, we stick on our wellington boots, grab the bow and arrows and head to the archery field. We both have a wicked time, once again: amazing staff, brilliant instruction and plenty of time to work on our archery skills. Both Evie and I had picked up a bow and arrow in the past … but that was a long time ago!

Before taking aim for the target, we’re given a run through of using the bow, and all the safety precautions – including how to know when it’s safe to go collect the arrows. Bows in hand, arrows at our posts, we take positions and prepare to fire at our target. The first few rounds are just to practice our aim and get used to the feeling of pulling back and releasing.

Moving on to a points round, this is where we get a little competitive! Clay pigeon shooting may not have been my forte … but a bow and arrow? I can proudly say I hit the target! Yes, I was surprised too, I always thought I had terrible aim! After a few rounds of using a points system – 10 for the bull’s eye and decreasing by a point for each outer ring - we tot up the totals and I came in first! Admittedly only ahead by one point in our group of four … but still, yay! (Below is a genuine picture of my surprised yay).

The next round really puts our aim and skills to the test – an arrow in each coloured ring on the board. I nearly manage this one (missing one colour):

For the final round we can work on what we wish to, whether it's aiming for the bull’s eye or trying to get an arrow in each colour again. I had such a great time on this experience (so did Evie, picture below) and I’m already dying to go back and give it another go!

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Archery experience in Surrey
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    • Archery Experience in Surrey
    • Archery Experience in Surrey
    • Archery Experience in Surrey
    • Archery Experience in Surrey
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