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60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience

Speed around the Solent in Southampton with this exhilarating 60 minute RIB ride!

Price for 1 participant

This RIB powerboat experience in Southampton lets you see the south coast from the sea, as you blast your way around the Solent in a powerful Rigid Inflatable Boat! This is a marvellously exhilarating experience; feel the wind in your hair and the sea-spray on your face as you bounce along the water's surface at serious speeds!

The RIB experience begins at the Ocean Village Marina, where you will meet the crew and have a full safety briefing and life jacket fitting, and you'll be instructed on how to sit safely in the RIB. After this, it's time to head to the pontoon, climb aboard the powerboat with the rest of the group, and get ready for the ride of your life! Your powerboat captain will take you out into the water. As you leave Ocean Village and hit open waters, you'll start to get a great view of the coast. Things get taken up a notch once you turn towards the Solent, as you pick up some speed and start to bounce across the swell, or jump the wakes left by the Red Jet Cats that will be out on the water with you. Your experienced captain will put the powerboat through its paces, showing you just what these RIBs are made of as they handle some tight turns, thrilling jumps and exciting wake rides.

This 60 minute RIB ride in Southampton is a fantastic way to get an idea of what these beautiful boats can do in the hands of a pro, and it's a superb experience gift for thrill seekers in Southampton!

The minimum age to enjoy this Solent powerboating experience is 8 years.
All children participating in the RIB ride must be able to hold themselves onto the jockey seat on the boat. Legs must be at least 24 inches to sit safely on the seats.

Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult during the RIB ride.
If children are under 16, there must be one adult present for each child.

Maximum Weight is 18 stone.

You must be physically fit to enjoy the Solent RIB experience, as it is quite a high-impact experience. The powerboat experience is not suitable for pregnant women, or those suffering from bad backs or necks. Any relevant medical conditions must be disclosed when booking the experience.
This is a 60 minute powerboat experience that includes a 15 minute introduction and briefing. Please arrive 15 minutes early for the experience.
The RIB can hold up to 12 people. This powerboat ride is not suitable for spectators, however if family and friends want to accompany you, they are welcome to wait at the Ocean Village Marine while you enjoy your Solent powerboat experience. There are plenty of bars, shops and restaurants to keep them entertained!
This Southampton RIB powerboat experience runs 7 days a week from March to October. All bookings are subject to availability.
All necessary safety equipment, including lifejackets, will be provided on the day. Waterproofs can be hired from the centre for £5 each.

You should dress for the weather on the day. Please don't wear high heels; trainers or flat boots are ideal. In sunny weather, we recommend sunscreen and sunglasses. You should also bring a change of clothing for after the powerboat ride, as you may get wet!
The Southampton powerboat ride is a weather dependent experience. If bad weather causes your experience to be cancelled for safety reasons, the centre will contact you to let you know, and get you booked in for another RIB experience. 
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Question: How strict is the age limit on the 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience?
Answer: The minimum age for the 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience is 8. Those under 18 will need to be accompanied by a participating adult. If there are any children under 16, they will need one participating adult per child.

Question: Does this Powerboat experience run everyday throughout the summer?
Answer: The 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience is available every weekend, and selected weekdays, between March-October (subject to availability). Midweek days can very weekly. Please book your experience at least 2 weeks in advance, to avoid disappointment.

Sea Dogz Header

This week I've been talking to Annabelle from SeaDogz RIB Charter about their extreme powerboat experiences in Southampton. Whether you want to gather a group of friends and compete in a treasure hunt, or go on a thrilling ride round the famous Isle of Wight Needles, SeaDogz have something for everyone.

1) Please explain your journey as ĎSeaDogz RIB Charterí so far.

All of our Skippers and crew members come from a background of working for Lifeboat charities, and so we have a strong interest in the safety side of RIB Experiences. Our aim as a company is to show you what these amazing boats are capable of in the right hands, when driven by highly trained and experienced skippers. All of our experiences are carefully planned to not only be fast, exciting and extreme- but also safe and affordable.

The best part of the job has got to be running the experiences- itís hard work, but worth it when you see people enjoying the experience, hearing them scream and reading their reviews.

What keeps us interested? The customers- everyone is different and no two trips are the same! While we work hard to make the trips enjoyable, having a great group of people on board makes our job seem like a day out. The customer feedback helps us improve our experiences and develop new ones. We are always looking for new experiences and are constantly thinking up new ideas for charters and experiences.

Sea Dogz 12) What has been the biggest or most memorable event youíve provided?

As a company no, but individually some of our Skippers were awarded the Queens medal in the Jubilee year for their services to lifeboats.

3) Is there any inside information you can give us?

Donít wait for good weather to book! Rougher seas make for a more exciting trip and donít worry about the rain- we will be getting you wet anyway!

To get the most out of the experiences charter a boat- that way we can fit the trip to you and make the experience exactly what you want it to be. If you have never been on a RIB before then we recommend the 60min RIB Taster- itís a great way to show you what these boats can do- and will leave you wanting more!

4) Do you have any exciting plans for the future that youíd like to tell us about?

We are always looking to come up with different ideas for experiences- we aim to offer a wide variety at difference prices to suit different budgets. As the company grows we are adding more boats to our fleet and taking on new staff who come with new skills and ideas for us to develop.

Sea Dogz 25) What would you say is your most frequently asked question?

Q: How much do the boats cost?

A: Our RIBs are custom made for our requirements and the current market value is around £120,000.00 per boat

Q: How fast to they go?

A: top speed is around 55-60knots depending on weather and sea conditions.

Q: How many people on a boat? Will we be on the same boat?

A: There is seating for 12 passengers, plus the skipper and crew. If you book at the same time then you will be on the same boat. (groups of more than 12 will be split across 2 or more boats)

Q: Are the any restrictions?

A: yes- the minimum age is 8 and all under 18ís must be accompanied by a participating adult. The experiences are not suitable for those with a bad back, neck or leg injuries and pregnant women. It is a high impact experience so you need to be fit and healthy. If you donít like boats or the water then this is not going to be the experience for you.

Q: What do we need to wear?

A: Dress for the outdoors and appropriate for the weather. Waterproofs are recommended as you may get wet. You can either bring your own or hire ours. All lifejackets and necessary equipment will be provided.

Any other information youíd like to add.

We do exactly what it says on the tin. When we say it's fast- it's fast! When we say extreme, we mean it!

Check out the full range of Sea Dogz experiences, here:

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    • 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience
    • 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience
    • 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience
    • 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience
    • 60 Minute Solent Powerboat Experience
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