• JAN 14, 2014
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey


2014 is the year to learn something new, and what could be better than discovering a flair for fantastic food? Cookery classes are an all round favourite as they not only help you improve your culinary skills, they also benefit your lucky family and friends who get to test out your new creations! Here are three of our newest gourmet classes added this week, but you can find the whole range of courses in our Gourmet category.

dim sum#Dim Sum Cooking Class London
A cuisine that has rapidly increased in popularity in the UK recently, Dim Sum is fast becoming the ‘must-try’ food of modern times. Originating in southern China, Dim Sum is a style of food prepared in a similar manner to tapas, whereby the dishes are bite size and varied in flavour and texture. This Dim Sum masterclass in London is taught by a professional chef, who will teach simple, easy-to-follow recipes that can be recreated at home to the delight of all your friends! Dim Sum is one of those cuisines that you don’t find in the home very often, so this class is a great way to introduce your family to new tastes and cultures, as well as learning a fun new skill. The dishes you’ll be making are Shumai, Jiaozi and shrimp spring rolls, three of the most popular (and delicious) Dim Sum recipes. A fantastic new cuisine that is sure to impress your family and friends, the Dim Sum Cooking Class in London is a great introduction to the newest addition in your culinary repertoire.

eclairsLondon Eclair Baking Class
For a more specific culinary excursion, the London Eclair Baking Class is perfect for mastering those troublesome yet delightful pastry treats. Eclairs are a favourite amongst afternoon teas, and it’s not hard to see why. From the light choux pastry to the fluffy, creamy filling, eclairs are kings of the cream cake world. Enjoying something so delicious has to have a catch, and it happens to be that these little pockets of joy are notoriously tricky to make, which is where this course comes in! Learning from a skilled pastry chef, you’ll be taught all the hints and tips needed to make perfect eclairs every time. In the professional London kitchen you’ll whip up a batch of pastry, perfecting your mixing and piping techniques, and ensuring the quantities of ingredients are accurate. Once baked, you’ll produce a delectable cream filling to be expertly piped, leaving you with gorgeous eclairs – ready for eating! A great course for those wanting to improve their skills or looking to discover something completely new.

MacaronBeginners Macaron Workshop London
Move over cupcake, there’s a new cakey treat in town, the macaron! The simple design makes these meringue delights completely open to lashings of creativity, from exotic flavours to colourful decorations, macarons make the perfect personalised gift. Taking place in a modern, professional kitchen, the expert chef will teach you the specialist tricks of the trade, including how to properly whisk the egg whites and ensure the macarons don’t sink in the oven. You’ll have a wonderful selection of colourings and flavours to experiment with, and paired with your expert tuition, your macarons will be of the highest standard imaginable! The recipes are simple to follow, and can be easily replicated back at home, so you can continue to improve your skills and designs in the comfort of your own home. At the end of the class, you’ll be able to take home your creations from the day and share them with your friends – or not!


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