• Microlight Trial Flights

Microlight Trial Flights

Fixed and Flexi-Wing Microlight Flying Experience Gifts

Microlight flying experiences are the perfect way to mix the most advantageous views with the excitement of soaring above the clouds at 2,000ft! Whilst not the most adrenaline inducing of activities, the age old flying method is wonderfully exciting - and the views provided from the sheer drop beneath you are truly second to none. With a qualified instructor at the controls, you can tackle the skies in search of an enjoyable flight and spectacular views - taking off from any of Britain's many airfields.

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45 Minute Microlight Flight Northampton

(0 reviews)
  • Northampton, Northamptonshire

Join a professional instructor in a nifty microlight as you soar 2,000ft above the ground, a truly n...

  • Price for 1 Participant
£110 Learn More >

Microlight Flying 30 Minute Experience - Lancashire

(0 reviews)
  • Cockerham, Lancashire

Accompanied by a fully qualified instructor, enjoy an incredible flight over some of Lancashire's be...

  • Price for 1 Participant
£70 Learn More >

Microlight Flight in Cambridgeshire

(0 reviews)
  • Sandy, Cambridgeshire

Microlight over Cambridgeshire Countryside and enjoy the spectacular views provided at 2,000ft by th...

  • Price for 1 Participant
£60 Learn More >

Microlight Flight for Wheelchair Users

(0 reviews)
  • Multiple

Try microlighting in a specially adapted aircraft, suitable for a range of disabled users! Enjoy spe...

  • Price for 1 Participant
£60 Learn More >

30 Minute Microlight Simulator Experience in Sheffield

(0 reviews)
  • Worksop, South Yorkshire

Experience the thrill of microlight flying without ever leaving the ground during this 30-minute sim...

  • Price for 1 Participant
£50 £65 Learn More >
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