• JAN 31, 2013
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Valentine’s – a day for gifts, flowers, chocolates, couples in love and dinners for two… but what if you haven’t met the right person yet, or you simply can’t be with your loved one on the 14th February?

Well, fear not, solo Valentiners – Extreme Element are here with a range of the finest, most exciting activities to get the heart racing come the dreaded day. Why not take a Lamborghini for a spin, learn to fly a plane or even jump out of one!? We do love making things a little extreme here at Extreme Element, and we can’t see why Valentine’s Day should be an exception.

Drive a Supercar Anywhere in the UK

Make your Valentine’s Day a SuperValentine’s Day by driving around one of the UK’s famous race tracks, such as Goodwood, Silverstone or Knockhill in one of their many, many supercars (over twenty altogether)! Whether you’re a Lamborghini lover and have always dreamt of getting in the driving seat of a Gallardo or a Murcielago, or you find yourself fantasising over getting your hands on a Ferrari steering wheel, then Extreme Element have just the experience for you. Take your love for cars and speed to the extreme by dedicating this romantic day to you, a roaring engine, and the track ahead of you.

Flying Lessons around the UK – See the World from a Different Angle

Dying to get those butterflies in your stomach once again, well avoid that first date embarrassment and book yourself in for a flying lesson. Take to the skies in a helicopter, microlight plane, vintage biplane, or even an aerobatic plane. If all those loops and swoops don’t make your belly flip, then we don’t know what will! Spending this romantic day up in the air, soaring over beautiful landscapes and learning all about the techniques of flying will definitely keep you satisfied and hungry for more.

Skydiving in the UK

Always dreamt of jumping out of a plane? Well, why not do it this Valentine’s Day? Gently free-fall back to Earth in a dreamy daze, with the option of a tandem skydive, static-line parachute jump or even the opportunity to complete your own skydiving AFF course, and fulfil all your skydiving dreams. If skydiving sounds right up your street but you can’t quite come tocompleting a static line jump from 3,500ft up in the sky, then why not give the indoor skydiving experience a go? You’ll experience the same free-falling sensation and can float in mid-air without the fear of being too far away from the ground – brilliant.

Archery around the UK

Trade in Cupid’s bow and arrow this Valentine’s Day and take aim for the bullseye instead. With adult archery experiences from as little as £20 in Southampton, you’ll find it more than easy to have your cheapest Valentine’s Day yet! Even better, children aged 8 – 17 can participate in an archery session for only £15, so why not take your son or daughter for a day out too … it’s a real bargain and a brilliant way to spend a day devoted to love.

We hope we’ve given you plenty of reasons to get out and about this Valentine’s Day, and if not we’ve certainly given you some great ideas to distract yourself in the future! Happy Valentine’s Day.


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