• JAN 24, 2013
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Three weeks til’ the love bug crawls up and bites you, whether you’re counting down the days to celebrate your love with someone or you have a first date planned, we have some excellent ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day this year. In fact, we can go one better than sugar and spice, we want to make your day memorable and extreme enough to place it on the extreme-ometer!

White Water Rafting for Two in Perthshire

As Valentine’s Day is meant for two we’ll start off with an experience made to be enjoyed with others – white water rafting in Perthshire. Tackle the rapids with your loved one as you battle your way down the river, working as a team (with 4-6 other people) and having fun as you go. The experience is a thrilling three hour journey where you’ll be encouraged to work as a team and try not to get too wet! If this doesn’t quite float your boat, but you know it’s perfect for your loved one, there’s no need to worry about them as they’ll be in safe hands with a fully experienced and qualified instructor.

Price: £105 (price for two)
Location: Pitlochry (Perthshire)

Lamborghini LP640 Thrill

What better way to surprise your partner than with a chance to sit behind the wheel of a £220k supercar, and with only 17 in the country you can’t really get a gift more unique than that! With a top speed of 219mph, those three to four laps should give you enough time to really enjoy the full capability of the Lamborghini. During your two hour visit to the centre you’ll be given a quick in-car introduction by a highly qualified instructor, who will then proceed to guide you around the circuit, giving you direction as to the best places to speed up and turn. After your three to four laps you’ll leave the centre with a personalised certificate, free to do with it what you please… perhaps framed and ready to show off?

Price: £165
Locations: Chertsey (Surrey), York (North Yorkshire), Gainsborough (Lincolnshire) or Lutterworth (Leicestershire)

UK’s Highest Bungee Jump

Jumping from a height of 300ft and freefalling for around four seconds… ahh can’t get more romantic than that! Well, if your adrenaline junkie partner has a love for bungee jumping and anything extreme, but you’d rather have your feet on solid ground then this is just the experience for them. The highest jump in the UK and you don’t even need to worry about being strapped to them… well, unless you want to, Extreme Element also provide the UK’s highest tandem bungee jump in the UK, now, that may be seen as a little more romantic – being strapped to your partner, hearts beating together and jumping on the count of three!

Price: £99 – £198
Location: Belfast (County Antrim), Knutsford (Cheshire) or Maidenhead (Berkshire)

Ultimate Monster Truck Car Crushing Experience

Swap the family car for a monster truck and start doing some damage! Crushing two cars, tackling tricky terrains and successfully controlling a gigantic truck that has 6 foot tyres and a 7.5L engine. The experience itself may not have you weak at the knees and falling deeply in love (well it might do) but imagine your partners face when they open this present up! They sure won’t be forgetting this Valentine’s Day for a while. This unique extreme experience, lasting three to four hours, has been exclusively put together for Extreme Element, but if you find yourself more interested in just the truck driving then maybe the ‘Big One’ is more up your street, or perhaps your partner is just a big kid that would gain more enjoyment from playing with some big toys in their monster truck!

Price: £139 – £845
Location: East Grinstead (West Sussex)

Well, if they don’t spice up your Valentine’s Day this year, we don’t know what will! Oh and don’t forget to order in a bunch of flowers and some chocolates, happy Valentine’s Day.


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