Indoor Ice Climbing Introduction - for 2

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Hands-on indoor ice climbing tuition will see you and a lucky companion learn the skills of ice climbing using an ice axe & crampons, giving you a baptism of fire into the world of ice!

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Indoor Ice Climbing Introduction - for 2

Hands-on indoor ice climbing tuition will see you and a lucky companion learn the skills of ice climbing using an ice axe & crampons, giving you a baptism of fire into the world of ice!

Ice climbing is much cooler than rock climbing, even if only in terms of temperature! Any type of climbing is seriously good fun, but with ice climbing there is a stronger sense of man vs the elements - you face a frozen vertical challenge that can't be rivalled!

Ice Climbing is as good for body as for mind, helping you to keep fit whilst losing yourself for a while in quiet focus as you scale the the frozen wall. The ice wall is beautiful and just a little daunting, and while the physical challenge is certainly something to keep in mind, it is the need for a calm and focused approach that can present the biggest challenge - and, consequently, the greatest reward. It is just you and the wall, and the minutes will slip away as you find your route to the summit.

With picks and axes in hand, you'll chip away at the freezing cold ice and step your way to the top of a challenging and tricky wall that has been made using over 100 tonnes of snow, creating a surface around 300 square metres for your scaling pleasure.Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the centre your day will begin with a thorough safety briefing covering all aspects of the wall. Then it is time to get kitted out in all of the necessary gear - all equipment is provided - and to head to the wall! You will be under the strict supervision of your instructor who will provide professional one-to-one advice.

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Usually available throughout the year, except for the Christmas and New Year Period.


Age Restrictions: Min age is 14. ( Must be at least size 4 shoe size)
If you are over 50 please contact us to avoid disappointment.


Experience Duration: 00:40

Time at Venue: 01:30

The Ice Climbing experience will last for around 1.5hours. This includes the safety briefing, kitting out, basic training and the time on the wall. You will get at least 40 minutes on the ice wall. You should aim to arrive ten minutes before your allotted time.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Indoor Ice Climbing Introduction - for 2 is for 2 participants.

Max Group Size: -1

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Your tuition is on a one-to-one basis. They can generally have one to two people go up on the wall at the same time but can fit up to four in the room together per session.

Where is it Located
What to wear

You are advised to wear loose fitting clothing and all specialist clothing and equipment will be supplied on the day including outer clothing, axes, crampons, harnesses, helmets, eye protection and gloves. It's a good idea to bring a change of T-shirt and socks to change into afterwards. You may bring your own equipment if you wish. Crampons must be suitable for climbing and not walking. Boots must be B3 mountaineering boots. Both axes and crampons should be suitably sharp and may be refused if not. Clothing should be suitable for ice climbing in temperatures of -5 to -10°C.


Indoor ice climbing experience is not weather dependent.

Great choice of activity

We were gifted an experience day voucher and decided that ice climbing was what we were doing! The climbing is great although very tiring and the instructors were very encouraging and helpful. It's a guaranteed full body work out but you'll love every minute!

- Somerset
Give it a go!

Bought this experience for my husband and son. They are both adventurous and love a challenge so thought it might be a bit of a doddle! How wrong they were! They have both climbed before but not on ice and it was a very different and challenging few hours! They both loved it and we all would recommend this experience.

- London

Great day out, fun experience.


Me and my fiance went as his Birthday Present. We had a fantastic time and loved every minute of it. Will definitely be you back to do the next levels. . The instructor Duncan was full of energy and enthusiasm and clearly loved his job. He went at the right pace for each student, moving people on who where doing well but still assisting the slower people until the got it without putting them down. Overall we give it 10/10


We found the address given was not easy to find, we think a clear plan of the immediate area would be a great help. Other wise we had a great time, may well go again in the future


All the staff at the centre were fantastic, and the instructor was amazing.Was an all-round awesome experience day! I will be recommending to my friends!



I had an excellent time. Ronnie was a fantastic instructor, I was very nervous and didn't expect to pick it up quickly at all, he is a real credit to the team at Milton Keynes. I cannot wait to come back!


Really enjoyable but bloody hard work

£ 75 £89
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