• FEB 9, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

As Valentine’s Day sneaks up ready to stab you through the wallet like a sly bow from Cupid’s arrow, there are many ways to get the heart a racing and the pulse a pacing without spending fortunes on the usual hallmark jargon – so you don’t have to rummage through the card shop looking for teddies and toys…

This year, why not go all out and please your squeeze with an unforgettable experience to really get that heartbeat a booming! Release those endorphins like a bursting bottle of bubbly and get the fire of love roaring with a high octane activity pushing the limits of both your comfort zone and what is acceptable on the year’s biggest extreme love fest!

Highest Bungee In The UK
Price £100

If you’re going to put them on a platform ready to leap off in the name of cheap thrills, you may as well make it the highest Bungee in the UK! There is very little as daunting / exciting as peering over the edge of a 300ft platform ready to make a lemming leap attached by nothing more than a bit of rubber around the ankles…

Experience Includes: Highest Bungee in the UK, Reach 60mph in just 1.9 seconds, leap from the 300ft platform!
Available at: Belfast (county Antrim), Knutsford (Cheshire), Maidenhead (Berkshire)

Tandem Skydive
Price £220

If 300ft isn’t quite enough to tickle the fancy of your Valentine, why not try somewhere nearer 13,000ft? With a big cloth parachute instead of an elastic band, they’ll experience 30seconds free fall as they drop 8,000ft – before deploying the parachute and feeling that sharp tug of a harness to the crotch – as they descend back to earth on an 8 minute scenic tour of the skies!

Experience Includes: Tandem jump form 13,000ft, 30 seconds of free fall, safely attached to a professional instructor!
Available at: March (Cambridgeshire)

Radical SR3 Passenger Ride
Price £75

If the thought of leaving terra firma is a little too trouser twitching this Valentine’s Day, how about sending them on the fastest track day available? With Radical SR3 Champion Anthony Dunn behind the wheel, let them experience a white knuckle ride to send shivers down the spine – and see if the scent of red roses lingers after 3 laps of Silverstone…

Experience Includes: 3 or 4 white knuckle laps, 300bhp Radical SR3 racer, expert driver pushing the car to its limits!
Available at: Chertsey (Surrey), York (North Yorkshire), Gainsborough (Lincolnshire), Lutterworth (Leicestershire)

Fly Fighter Pilot Weekday
Price £249

Another of the high octane and exhilarating experiences, the Fly With A Fighter Pilot is guaranteed to get your their heart racing and they pull manoeuvres straight out of ‘Top Gun’. The Bulldog aircraft is used by several air force’s worldwide and the expert pilot will teach them how to perform a variety of breath-taking stunts before handing them the controls!

Experience Includes: Ex-military pilot, fly a range of awesome stunts, fly the Bulldog training aircraft
Available at: Cirencester (Wiltshire)

Zap Cat Experience Bournemouth
Price £99

Water based adrenaline fuelled experiences don’t come much more extreme then the awesome Zap Cats. These light weight catamaran can pull an astonishing 3G in the corners when piloted by the expert driver. The 50hp engines are sure to get your loved one’s adrenaline flowing as hey co-pilot the Zap Cat around the tricky off shore course!

Experience Includes: Co-pilot the awesome Zap Cat, reach 45mph and pull 3g in the corners, expert driver at the controls
Available at: Cirencester (Wiltshire)

So there we have it, a selection of our favourite adrenaline pumping activities that will make your Valentine’s heart race come February 14th! With a selection of air, water and driving experiences, there is bound to be an experience perfect for your other half this Valentine’s.


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