• JAN 19, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

The day of St. Valentine is usually reserved for romantic gifts and quiet nights in with your partner, but this year why not go against the grain and treat your loved one to a Valentine’s day present that is guaranteed to get their heart racing… with an adrenaline fuelled experience! These are some of our favourite extreme present ideas to give on Cupid’s most romantic day that are great when enjoyed together and create an even more memorable experience.

Lovers Leap Tandem 160ft Bungee Jump
Price £120

Make the ultimate leap of faith with your loved one this Valentine’s day with the gift of a 160ft tandem bungee jump. You will be strapped together as you leap from the crane platform sharing this petrifying but totally exhilarating experience. Once safely back on terra firma, you will be able to enjoy half a bottle of bubbly to toast your jump, and to help calm the nerves!

Experience Includes: Share an exhilarating 160ft plunge, toast your jump with a bottle of bubbly, experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with your loved one
Available at: Tamworth, Hove, Bristol, Bedford, Renfrew, Salford, Maidenhead

Harness Sphereing For Two
Price £65

What’s it like to go zorbing? Well why not find out with your Valentine and experience one of the latest thrills to come over from New Zealand. With harness sphereing you will both be strapped into the 12ft inflatable ball and roll down a steep grassy hill, reaching speeds of 30mph with nobody but your partner for company on the other side of the sphere!

Experience Includes: Share the Spereing experience with your partner, reach crazy speeds of 30mph
Available at: Newquay, Bury Port, Chepstow, Cheltenham, Reading, Forest Row, Ware, Birmingham, Nottingham, Holywell, Macclesfield, Leeds, Stocksfield, Blairegowire

Orca Experience
Price £82

This white water Orca experience takes rafting to the next level, as this small inflatable raft fits two people and will really test your relationship as you tackle the raging rapids together. The challenge will be working together, and not falling out (of the boat and with each other) as the towering waves and swirling swells smash into your wave tackling raft.

Experience Includes: Use team work to take on the rapids, test your relationship while the adrenaline is pumping
Available at: Bala (Merioneth)

Top Gun Experience For Two
Price £805

Without question one of the ultimate extreme gifts this Valentine’s day as you will both be up in the skies learning to perform some breathtaking stunts! To get even closer to the real Top Gun experience, your loved one, or ‘Ice Man’, will be tasked with tail chasing you in the simulated Dog Fight as you do your best to shake them from your tail before they get a chance to shoot!

Experience Includes: Aerobatics session Top Gun style, compare your total G’s pulled, watch from your own cockpit as you both fly crazy stunts.
Available at: Cirencester (Wiltshire)

Extreme Adventure Tubing
Price £59

Enjoy a dodgem ride on the white waters of the river Tummel with your loved one as you bob, bounce and bundle your way through the swirling rapids together. As you go with the flow of the fast moving water, you can attempt to catch ‘eddies’ and surf standing waves which is sure to keep the adrenaline pumping the whole way down the river.

Experience Includes: Take one the River Tummel’s rapids, enjoy the white water dodgem ride with a loved one
Available at: Pitlochry (Perthshire)

So there we are, a selection of our favourite extreme Valentine’s gift ideas. Experiencing these exciting activities with a loved one will only make the adrenaline fuelled adventure more enjoyable as it is yet another memory you share. So if you’re looking for a new, unique and exciting Valentine’s present for that special someone, there’s an experience to suit everyone tastes and budget.


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