• DEC 17, 2014
  • WRITTEN BY: Poppy Hatrick

PicMonkey Collage3It’s exactly one week until Christmas Eve! Here at the office we are all getting into the festive spirit and are excited for what the New Year has to offer as well as a few new products that will soon be live on Experience Days!

With 2015 just around the corner (2 weeks to be exact) we have all been reminiscing and reflecting on 2014. The year was filled with an array of high octane as well as some therapeutic experiences, including many activities that we can finally tick off our bucket list.

1770This 2015 why not make your resolution, first, one that you could stick to, and secondly, one that is ultimately fun to do! Try something new in 2015 and embark on an adventure that you never thought possible. Face your fears and jump 160ft into the sky at one of our nationwide bungee locations including; Windsor, Brighton, Chiswick, Cambridgeshire, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow. A bungee jump is an exhilarating thrill that can only be understood by those that take the leap! Or how about take a different jump through history and dine with jugglers, jesters, Kings and Queens at our Medieval Banquet located in London.

Picture8To start the New Year disco ball rolling, we have created our very own time hop of a few of our favourite experiences that we’ve experienced this year at Experience Days!


Kayaking is both exciting as well as relaxing; travelling on water allows you to have a completely unique vantage point. This experience is perfect for lovers of wildlife as you are submerged in an urban nature reserve that is surrounded by a naturally beautiful landscape.




Mountain Boarding Picture4.2

Mountain boarding is an extreme sport based on snowboarding, that involves riding a board with four wheels down an off-road hill or mountain. Mountain boarding is perfect for any thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie.


Bike Tour

The Royal Bike Tour is great for anyone who is a bit nervous to ride on the London roads, as most of the tour involves cycling through London’s beautiful parks in designated cycle lanes, making the experience perfect for families with younger children or less-confident cyclists. Throughout the guided tour you’ll learn all about the history of London royals, ideal for tourists and locals alike.

Picture16Owl Encounter

The owl encounter in Kent is perfect for the animal lovers amongst you, spend your day with majestic owls including; an Athene Noctua (Little Owl), Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl and many more! These elusive creatures will happily perch on your hand, let you scratch their furry heads and stroke their magnificent feathers. Expect a magical afternoon cuddling these birds of prey with an instructor close by as you learn about their natural habitats and behaviours in the wild. It was incredible being able to get so close to these elusive creatures, they were totally at ease with us and clearly looked after very well.

Picture241London Food Tour

Indulge in a cultural pantry of delicious cuisine on our food tour of London’s Markets. Embedded in culture, history and most importantly food, Brixton and Borough Market are hidden gems for foodies with vendors that only sell locally produced foods, meaning the freshest ingredients and tastiest of meals and snacks!

Header-3Finally as we are all as excited as children at 6am on Christmas Day in the lead up to this year’s festivities (including our work Christmas dinner and party on Friday!)
Here are a few pictures of us all from just a few years back… in true throwback style! Enjoy!

Christmas KidsPicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage3PicMonkey Collage2


Christmas with Goodwood Racing Circuit


New Year with a healthier difference



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