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Bronze Taster Drifting Experience

This drifting lesson in Hertfordshire near London is a short introductory session of advanced driving and drifting.

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This Hertfordshire taster drifting experience is a superb baptism of fire into one of the coolest driving styles there is - the amazing art of drifting. Drifting is every bit as cool as it looks, but aside from all the fun you'll have, the advanced driving skills you will gain are of great practical use. The motorsport academy is highly regarded - and just an hour from London city centre - with instructors that have years of experience in teaching drifting, so you can be sure you will progress quickly (and at a pace that suits you) throughout the driving day.

You will start off the drifting lesson by taking two sighting laps in a track prepared sports car, before driving a powerful Mazda MX-5 to learn powersliding and oversteer, manipulating the weight of the car to initiate a slide, and feint braking. Once you're confident in your abilities, you'll learn how to break traction and practise slide balance, seeing some serious smoke coming from the back tyres! The final challenge is power sliding round a sweeping curve at full lock, which is sure to take your breath away.

This 8-lap taster drifting session is perfect for getting to grips with the skills and techniques involved, and makes a great introduction for those looking to improve their knowledge or take up a new hobby. A wonderful gift for motor enthusiasts, this is one driving experience you'll remember for a lifetime!

Additional options:
Upgrade to a BMW M3 from £39.00
Book for a Saturday morning for £39.00


To partake in the Hertfordshire drifting experience taster, you will need to have a full and valid driving licence. An international manual licence is fine, as long as it is valid. Unfortunately automatic licences cannot be accepted as the cars are fully manual.

Minimum Height:  5ft
Maximum Height: 6ft 2in.
Maximum Weight: 18 stone.
Drivers must be at least 17 years old.

Drivers must be fit and healthy - this is a thrilling experience which will raise your heart-beat. If you have any health concerns relating to this experience, please check with a medical professional, prior to booking a date at the track.

An optional collision waiver will be available on the day. This will cost £20.00 and will cover you for any damage to the vehicle - there will be no excess to pay. (Instructors have the right to void the waiver if the driver is irresponsible or negligent). 

Please note:
Saturday date requests will incur an additional £39.00 surcharge which can be paid on booking.
You will be at the centre for about 90 minutes in total during the Hertfordshire bronze drifting experience, with 2 sighting laps and 8 drifting laps.

Average total driving time: approximately 20 minutes.

Please note: Saturday date requests will incur an additional £39.00 surcharge which can be paid upon booking.
Spectators are absolutely welcome at the centre, and there is a dedicated viewing area where they will be protected from the elements while they watch the drifting experience! Depending on availability, there may even be an option for them to experience a hot lap with one of the instructors.
The drifting taster is available on selected weekdays and Saturday mornings.
The track is closed on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Please note: Saturday date requests will incur an additional £39.00 surcharge which can be paid upon booking.

Optional insurance is available to purchase on the day for £20, this will zero the excess of £1400.00+VAT.
Please wear flat-soled, flexible shoes or trainers. Helmets are not mandatory but are provided at the centre, if you prefer to have one. All necessary gear will be provided at the driving academy.

If you need glasses or contact lenses, be sure to wear them on the day.
A bit of rain won't affect the drifting taster in Hertfordshire, however in extreme weather conditions the drifting may be unsafe and will have to be cancelled. In this instance, the driving academy will reschedule your drifting experience to an alternate date.

On very wet days you may experience some unavoidable delays. There is a hospitality suite on-site, so you will not have to wait around in the cold!
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Question: I have a European Driving Licence, can I still take part in the Drifting Experience?
Answer: So long as you hold a full driving licence that is valid on UK roads, you would be fine to take part in the Taster Drifting Experience. You will need to present the licence on arrival.

Question: How much actual drive time will I get in the car?
Answer: After a 40 minute introduction to drifting techniques (with an instructor), you will be driving the Mazda-MX5 for 4 laps of the circuit. This will take approximately 30 minutes, according to how fast you are driving.

Bronze Taster Drifting Experience

I had never tried to drift a vehicle before. The instructor explained the theory and demonstrated how to carry it out. We then proceeded to spend what I felt was a long time having some fun around the track. Great day and great value. I've literally been drifting my own car all around my estate ever since:)

- dean, 05/12/2016

Bronze Taster Drifting Experience in Hemel Hempstead

Fantastic event! The staff were very friendly and patient even with a complete newbie to drifting. Most of the training was done in-car, so there was minimal time off the track. Excellent value for money and great fun. I'm very tempted to do one of their full drift days.

- James, 17/06/2014
This week we are going in a completely different direction by talking to Jonny from Drift Limits, boasting the UK's fastest drifting experience. If you're a fan of driving days, super cars  and all things speedy, then this is definitely an experience worth reading about. 

1) Hi Jonny, please explain your journey as ‘Drift Limits’ so far.

Since the early days of getting into motorsport I did a few driving experiences but really felt they lacked integrity for the keen petrol head, I found they were very restricted in terms of how hard you can push the cars.  I have been racing for 3 years and then moved onto become an ARDS instructor with the ambition of developing a driving experience where you can really lean about car control and follow our motto ' find your limit' at the UK's fastest drifting experience.

Drift Limits 6

The type of job it is means you're constantly on your toes. It can be incredibly rewarding watching guests progress their skills in a short period of time. I guess I'm fortunate in being able to say I love what I do.

2) Yes that must be rewarding, what has been the biggest or most memorable event you have provided?

Ah, so many awesome days! Last week we had Harry Main and Buttsy Butler from Monster come up and play.  We also had a demo shoot for Jack Reaper stunts which was good fun despite all the screaming in my ear!

3) Sounds great! Is there any inside information you can give us?

Yes, definitely - come to one of our days and we will divulge! Ha, really just listen to the instructors to get the most out of the day. Be patient and you will progress quicker. Some people find the 3rd gear corner very daunting sideways at 60mph. You have to focus and forget about what you previously thought was possible.

After a session at Drift Limits you'll come away a better driver and obtain new skills in the car control department. The track experiences allow guests to drive dream cars that are bonkers fast!

4) Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?

Big plans - the track layout is currently being extended and resurfaced, and it is already the fastest drifting experience in the UK. We have a Ferrari 430 GT3 race car and Formula Renaults joining the fleet soon, so we'll have quite a few more experiences to offer looking forward.

Thank you for talking to us, Jonny, definitely something I would love to try! Stay tuned for more information drifting experiences.
    • Bronze Taster Drifting Experience
    • Bronze Taster Drifting Experience
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