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About Us - Our Mission & Vision
Our Dream is Our Mission

We want to promote the learning of extreme sports courses and the taking part in adrenaline experiences across the UK & Europe

In other words, to get people out of the office and into the great outdoors!

Our Vision is to INSPIRE you to EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE the sports, music, travel and the way of life that is the EXTREME brand.

Our passion for extreme sports is infectious. We want to share the experiences we love so much with everyone, from seasoned professionals to the complete novice: we want to connect you and your friends to the exciting world of extreme sports! To do that isn’t easy though; we have to spread the word and get more people to try things that are outside of the comfort zone. We want to make the decision process as easy and enjoyable as possible by providing quality experiences at the best centres, and aid that decision with user-based information that really helps.

Ultimately, we want our customers to see us as a portal to the great outdoors and to experiencing the thrill of an adrenaline rush. We already know it, so we want you to promote the sports that we love to those that are missing out!