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On-Road 2 Hour London Maserati Driving Experience

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in a 440bhp Maserati Grancabrio, driving for two hours on winding roads and the motorway with a country pub rest-stop in between!

Price for 1 participant

Experience the pleasure of owning a luxury supercar with the on-road Maserati driving experience. The drive will show you exactly how these beautiful vehicles handle on London roads and the surrounding countryside, as well as the thrill of putting your foot down on the motorway.

The experience begins when you greet your guide in Hyde Park, where you'll have a sit down and go over exactly what you'd like to get from the day. The session can be very flexible and tailored to your preferences, so if there's a particular street or landmark you'd like to pass, this can be worked into your driving experience. After a short walk to the car, it's time to get behind the wheel and feel the power of a Maserati 440bhp engine! You'll head out of London on a planned route that avoids traffic, winding along country roads on the way to the M25 - once there, you can see what these machines are really made of! (Within the limits of the law, of course). The instructor will be beside you at all times offering advice and acting as your personal tour guide, directing you to a country pub where you can stretch your legs and stop for refreshments. Once back on the road you'll head towards the capital, finishing right where you started in Hyde Park. 

This is an utterly unique driving experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, making it a wonderful gift for car lovers and those looking for a touch of luxury. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, the On-Road London Maserati Driving Experience will be a day you'll never forget! 

Minimum age: 21
Maximum age: 65
Maximum weight: 20 stone
Minimum height: 5'0''
Maximum height: 6'3''   

Drivers must hold a full, valid UK driving licence. 

Drivers must speak fluent English.
The experience is inclusive of insurance.
This is a two hour experience, with a short stop at country pub in the middle.
The experience will include an expert guide in the passenger seat at all times.

The cost of the voucher covers the entire car, so three people in total can sit in the car so feel free to bring two spectators to watch you drive.
Drives are available Thursday - Friday 11am - 4pm and Saturday - Sunday 10am to 4pm. All experiences are subject to availability, and should be booked with at least a week's notice.

Upgrade to a weekend date for £20 paid upon booking.

Experiences are not running between the 17th of May and the 6th of June 2017.
You should wear comfortable clothes appropriate for driving.
The experience will go ahead in all weather conditions unless this compromises the safety of you and the instructor. Should the experience be cancelled, you can simply reschedule for a more suitable time and day.
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Question: How do I pay for the On-Road Maserati Driving Experience?
Answer: All Experience Days vouchers can be purchased online and sent as a gift pack in the post or as an e-certificate. The voucher can then be redeemed online, and a booking made for a suitable date within the 12 month validity period.


PicMonkey Collage

This week we had the privilege of interviewing Jamie Schachar, the owner of luxury car experience company GT Rush, based in London. The GT Rush experience is perfect for those who like driving fast and beautiful cars, but want to have the experience on real roads rather than a race track. Keep reading to find out more behind the inspiration for the company and Jamie's exciting plans for the future...

Q1. What inspired you to start GT Rush?

I will never forget the first time a friend offered to let me drive his Porsche. I didn't care much for cars back then. It only took a few minutes behind the wheel… the thrill and the adrenaline took over me and I was hooked!

I wanted to give as many people as possible the opportunity to have that life-changing, 'wow' moment - the sort of moment you never forget. At the same time, I wanted to offer something completely different to your traditional track day experience. I wanted to make it convenient, so we had to be based in central London, so our clients can get to us on the tube. And I wanted to provide a premium, personal and friendly service in a gorgeous and immaculately kept car.

Q2. What would you say your unique selling point is?

I believe that the experience of driving a luxury sports-car is in the details and about much more than just the car.

Of course the car is very important, but I believe the real emotion of driving a stunning performance car comes with that feeling that you’re not just stepping into any generic car on a track. When our clients ride with us, they're not just driving any Maserati, they're driving Harry, our celebrity, convertible, Maserati GranCabrio Sport, with his own Instagram fan page. And when our clients ride with us, they're not confined to a track. We tailor the perfect route for them, cruising past their favourite, iconic London sites or journeying through England’s gorgeous countryside and country lanes.

But we don't just offer the opportunity to drive a stunning car, we also provide real service. We are knowledgeable about cars as much as we are knowledgeable about London, and we are able to enhance the experience by sharing interesting and fun facts about our great city as we go. We take the time to ensure our clients are comfortable and that they get the very most out of the driving the car by trying out the various features the car has to offer in a fun and safe way. We are friendly and flexible, and we are always there for the client.

Q3. What would you say is the best thing about the GT Rush experience?

Nothing beats cruising around Regent's Park or St. James' Park in our gorgeous Maserati, with it's luxurious leather interior, with the roof down and the wind in your hair. Then we put Harry into sports mode and hold it in second gear, and that beautiful growl pours out of the exhaust. That puts a smile on everyone's, every time!

Q4. Have you got any interesting stories to share?

Yes. GT Rush is my first business. Starting your own business is a scary, challenging, incredible and amazing experience, all at the same time. It's so incredibly satisfying though when you can feel and see it's working, the customers really are having that 'wow' moment and some great reviews start coming in!

Harry has put me through my paces though… Right in the beginning, a friend had booked a ride and it was one of my first. I wanted it to be awesome. My friend and his fiancé stepped into the car, I passed over the keys and told my friend to unleash the beast! And the battery had gone flat… Argh! Gladly they were understanding and we re-booked for another day (and I gave them some extra time behind the wheel of course!) I immediately had the battery replaced and we now have a jumbo pack in the boot as well as back-up. Thankfully, Harry has been behaving ever since (we did have some words though!)

Q5. Please tell us more about the inspiration behind the car?

I've always loved Maseratis. It's the sound! It's like they were tuning a musical instrument, like a guitar, trying to get the optimal tone to resonate with something deep inside of you.

The GranCabrio is the perfect first car for us. It's convertible and nothing beats cruising around London with the roof down! It has proper rear seats and I wanted our clients to be able to share their experience with their significant other, their friends or family. And it's automatic, easy and an absolute joy to drive. Most of our clients are men, but we've also had quite a few ladies driving and they get along with Harry just fine!

I've always named my cars. I've owned a Josie and a Tina. I wanted the car to have personality, to be unique. Why Harry? Prince Harry of course! Royal, ginger (Harry has a red leather interior), fun and a bit cheeky!

Q6. Is there anything else you would like to add that has not yet been covered?

GT Rush right now feels a bit like a mad dog and an Englishman. Except it's a car not a dog and I am actually Brazilian. But it's just Harry and me which is the point!

I want to grow our fleet and give our customers choice. I also want to continue to give my clients that 'wow' feeling by offering something different and novel each time they come back. Our next car will probably be another GT, very possible an Aston DB9 Volante who will of course be called James. But at some point I would love to add a Tesla to the fleet. I believe Tesla is turning the automotive industry on it's head and changing the world in the process. I want to introduce my clients to electric, it's awesome power (it's actually much faster than the Maserati believe it or not!) and show clients that you can have as much fun in a Tesla without pumping carbon into the atmosphere. Watch this space!

So now you know a lot more about the GT Rush Experience, with thanks to Jamie Schachar! We hope you've enjoyed finding out more about Harry the Maserati, if you'd like to find out more about booking this on road London experience, click this link and choose one of the unique On-Road London Maserati Experiences!
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    • On-Road 2 Hour London Maserati Driving Experience
    • On-Road 2 Hour London Maserati Driving Experience
    • On-Road 2 Hour London Maserati Driving Experience
    • On-Road 2 Hour London Maserati Driving Experience
    • On-Road 2 Hour London Maserati Driving Experience
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