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Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship

Gear up for the ultimate action-packed racing day in F2 Stock Cars, Capri Bangers & Reliant Robins!

27 Reviews
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Not just a driving experience, the Northamptonshire Stock Car Racing Championship Day is a competition! Get behind the wheel of one of these brilliant stock cars and tear up the track - you want to get yourself on that winners podium at the end of your day! Throughout the day, you will participate in a range of driving challenges and competitions. The big one, of course, is the Stock Car Race Championship - which consists of 2 practices sessions, 2 heats and a grand final. You'll also have a go at the 'Professionals' off-road challenge in a rear wheel drive vehicle, the 'Delboy Challenge' in race prepared Reliant Robins, and the 'Nag Drag' where you drive blindfolded around a course with your partner as your guide! With tea and coffee available and lunch provided, you'll have plenty energy for this full day of car madness.

The day begins at 10:00am where you will be greeted, given your racing kit for the day and have some light refreshments. You will then be given a full race and safety briefing from the professional instructors who will ensure you are relaxed and having a good time. After your day spent roaring round the track in a variety of challenges and vehicles, there will be presentation with a trophy to finish the day off at around 4:30pm. To remember your action-packed day, you will leave with a certificate and a souvenir programme with your name printed inside.

The Northamptonshire Stock Car Racing Championship Day is the perfect combination of excitement, fun and competition, and makes the perfect gift for anyone keen to try their hand at driving these fantastic stockcars.


Minimum Height: 4'10"
Maximum Height: 6'5"
Minimum Age: 17
Maximum Weight: 20 stone

Drivers must have a full driving license and bring this to the experience and be reasonably fit.
Expect to be at the centre all day as the Stock Car Racing Championship Day will last for around 6.5 - 7 hours in total. The day will begin at approximately 9:45am, and finish at approximately 4:30pm.
There will be a maximum of 42 people taking part in the day. Spectator admission is £10 per adult and £5 per child and includes lunch and refreshments. There are covered / heated areas for spectators to watch the Stock Car Racing from.

You will be split into four groups (of around 10) to take part in the different activities.  
The Stock Car Championship is available on selected Saturdays, between March-November. 
The experience starts at 9:30am.

2016 DATES:
Sat 5th March (Sold Out)
Sat 30th April (Sold Out)
Sat 4th June (Sold Out)
Sat 9th July (Sold Out)
Sat 13th August (Limited Spaces)
Sat 20th August (Sold Out)
Sun 11th September

*Dates are updated regularly but availability is subject to change - if you'd like to check a date prior to redemption, please contact our customer service team.
All safety equipment and racing day clothing is provided. You should wear comfortable clothing and trainers.
The Stock Car Racing Championship Day will only be affected by extreme weather conditions.
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Question: Is the Stock Car Racing available every Saturday?
Answer: The Northampton Stock Car experience is only available on selected weekend dates. It tends to be run every other month (April - November).

Question: I'm interested in doing the Stock Car Experience day is it possible to come along and just do the stock car day or do you need to take part in the other driving experiences thanks.
Answer: It is not possible to take part in just the stock car racing, as this is just one aspect of a full day event. There is a shorter option available: However, this is also a multi-event day.

Question: Do you need to have a drivers licence in order to take the Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship?
Answer: All drivers will require a full driving license and to bring this to the Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship.

Question: Can spectators come and watch the Northamptonshire Stock Car Racing Championship?
Answer: Spectators are welcome to the Northamptonshire Stock Car Racing Championship, however, there is a spectators fee of £10 per adult and £5 per child which will include lunch and refreshments.

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship

Had a great day. Would recommend this day to friends and family.

- Robert, 03/05/2016

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in NEWTON ABBOT

absolutely brilliant day! staff were fab from beginning to end.

- Laura, 21/11/2012

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Nottingham.

A fantastic day was had by all! Cannot fault anything about the experience; all staff brilliant, instructions clear, safety awareness was great and incredibly well organised from start to finish.

- Anna, 26/08/2012

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in ipswich

What a great day.Ive been waiting since christmas for this day and well worth the wait.Yes ok its not all driving but you have to have safty talks.The staff were great and made you feel welcome.Would go back again 100%.

- barry, 30/06/2012

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in warwickshire

Didn't spend the whole day actually driving (out of 7 hours) but was still a great experience though.

- rob, 06/05/2012

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in stoke on trent

Brilliant day! Excellent staff made sure we enjoyed all the 5 different challenges, my favourite has to be the stockcars. I cant praise the friendly staff enough! Already planning my next experience, would recommend this to all male and female alike. 5 star all the way!

- john, 05/10/2015

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in stoke on trent

what a brilliant day ,from the moment we got out of our car we were greeted by the excellent friendly staff ,kitted out,drivers briefing which was both informative and funny realy puts one at ease then into the action split into groups of 6 and the day passed too quickiy the excellent staff made sure we all had a great time and I for one would not hesitate to recommend this day to anyone and I am already planning my next experience, hope I get the same friendly staff cant thank them enough, well worth the money .

- john, 05/10/2015

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Coventry

I attended the Ultimate Stock Car event on 09.05.15, having done a few experience days now I have to say this was by far the best and most organised. From arrival to departure everything was taken care off, the events were great fun, all of the staff were excellent - knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about what they do, and everyone went home with smiles on their faces. I would definitely recommend this experience if you like your speed, adrenaline, and cars.

- Karl, 11/05/2015

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

The experience was very well run throughout the day.

- rik, 28/07/2014

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Very good day with not much hanging about despite the number of different activities. Enthusiasm and helpfulness of the staff helped the day even better. Would have preferred more time in the actual stock cars but did not really detract from the overall experience

- Gordon, 23/10/2013

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

I bought this package as a birthday gift for my wife, she had a great day and would recommend it to others. The staff were very welcoming and were very accommodating, great apple pie and Black Forest gateaux and even let dogs on the premises providing they obviously stay on leads.

- Alan, 25/08/2013

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

The Staff were excellent and really friendly! However, maybe a little less time at the beginning spent talking because we just wanted to get in the cars!

- andy, 06/12/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Very good value for money, most laps I've ever had on one of these days. Track and cars a bit basic but WHAT FUN and great staff

- harvey, 20/09/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Thought the staff made the day all very helpfull and fun.

- S, 14/07/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Brilliant day. Best fun you can have with clothes on. Del Boy challenge was superb. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

- Graham, 11/07/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

An excellent day overall. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Some of the cars were a bit battle-worn and damaged - you had to get the right F2 to be competitive! I could have done the F2's all day! The banger was excellent, as was the reliant robin, and the push-me-pull-you car was very interesting. The viewing on the in-field was more interesting than I thought it would be, and the movie would have been good for newcomers to the sport. Overall good value for money, and a real thrill. When can I go again???

- Dan, 04/07/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

All staff were very friendly and well organised. The event ran like clockwork and the day flew by.

- Keith, 20/06/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

This was such a good value for money experiance. The driving experiances were brilliant and such fun. There were refreshments on hand all day for the spectators, and the lunch provided was very good. Cannot rate this highly enough would definalty do it again

- Casey, 10/06/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Had fantastic day at Northampton raceway, very well organised with very friendly, helpful staff. Excellent day if you love to drive like me an my son do, senceable or crazy, it has it all. Thank you. would also like to give big thanks to Amy for surgesting day and her helpfulness with everything.....

- Alan, 02/05/2011

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

This was a fantastic day, which was very well organised and great fun. It's something I never thought I'd be able to do - race Superstox for real. I'd highly recommend the day. If you want race action on an oval circuit, give it a go! My family were also able to watch throughout the day.

- Steve, 14/06/2010

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Great day out, had a good laugh and loads of fun!

- Andy, 13/05/2010

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

it was one of those days where we didnt stop laughing all day,brilliant day out,food was excellent,staff were very frendly and helpful,thanks to every one involved in making this a brilliant day. cant wait to go again

- Martin, 10/05/2010

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

We had a fantastic Day, the staff were brilliant, woudl really recommend the day.

- Jacqueline, 23/03/2010

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

This was a great fun day. Packed with high speeds, tight turns and just for me a couple of crashes!!!!! I would recommend this day to anyone who loves driving a needs a challenge.

- Matthew, 12/03/2010

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Overall a great day.

- Kelly, 25/11/2009

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton


- Craig, 24/11/2009

Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship in Northampton

Despite getting robbed over the trophies, we had a brilliant incident filled day! Highly recommended!

- Lee, 07/10/2009
The Stockcar Racing Championship Day is one of our firm favourites here at Extreme Element and has been one of the best sellers for the past four years. We caught up with Mark from Motor Racing Live, the company that supplies the Stockcar Experience as well as some of the other top experiences on our site!

Hi Mark, thanks for talking to us today. So how and when did you get started in Stock Car Racing?
Stockcar racing has been in my family for 40 years – my father started selling newspapers at Hednesford Hills Raceway, and eventually went on to become the co-owner of the track. I have been watching Stockcar racing for 30 years and became managing director of one of the main promoters of the sport fifteen years ago.

What other aspects of stock car racing are you involved with?
I started off as a race commentator which is still my favourite job. After selling our three tracks 5 years ago, we now focus on running experience days.

What is your favourite part of your job?
Our experience days are fairly extreme – and very different from most car experiences. We give participants the chance to really race in real racing cars! And with trophies, commentators, marshals etc. We try and give people the ultimate motorsport experience. I like doing something that no other company does.

What makes Stock Car Racing so different from other forms of racing?
Stockcar racing is the most intense motorsport around. It is awesome for spectators – you can see all of the action, all of the time. There are more overtaking moves in one lap than in a whole season in most other motor racing formulas. The sport survives because of the huge spectator appeal - with average crowds at an event topping 3000! The cars are powerful, aggressive and very exciting to drive.

What made you set up a stock car experience?
Stockcar racing is a ghetto motorsport – in that it has a cult following, but isn’t widely known about. We wanted to open up the sport to a broader range of people. We also felt that, after karting, there really wasn’t anywhere that people could go to race bigger, faster and more exciting cars. We wanted to create a real motor racing experience that could be a step on from karting.

How long have you been offering experiences?
We started out first experience 10 years ago (Stockcar Championship Race Day), launched Extreme Dodgems 6 years ago and since then have created Auto Stunt School, Wacky Racers and Star in a Car – over the years more than 40,000 people have taken part.

What is the biggest event you have held at Motor Racing Live?
We created an event call “Civil War” – the biggest Banger Demolition Derby in the World – two armies (North and South), 160 cars, 1 left moving at the end! It is in its 12 year now and attracts 10,000 people to Hednesford Raceway every January to watch – madness!

What makes your experiences so great?
I think we offer events that no one else would ever dare to do!
In Wacky Racers you get to travel on open roads in a Street-Legal bed!
In Star in a Car you get to compete to win £1000 on a race track.
In Auto Stunt School we will teach you the most extreme things you can do in a car, and in the Stockcar Raceday and Extreme Dodgems you get to race real racing cars, through Heats and Finals, for massive trophies!!

Why do you think stock car racing makes a unique gift?
A Stockcar racing experience if perfect for anyone who loves cars, and is looking for something that is a bit different and memorable. Our experiences are usually full days, include lunch and offer something very different from the run-of-the-mill car experiences.

What can customers expect from a day at your centre?
Most of our experiences offer many different events during the course of the day. So expect 5 or 6 different challenges alongside the racing.
Groups sizes are small (usually 6 per group) and we are totally dedicated to making sure you have the best time ever!

What sort of people takes part in the Stock Car experiences?
Most days attract a broad range of ages and abilities – there is absolutely no need to have had any racing experience – and we often have winners who have never done anything other than drive their road car. You just need to be prepared to have a lot of fun!

Are there any additions you hope to make in the coming years?
We are always coming up with new events and experiences – and at the moment have just launched our tree house experience in Wales - which is a big change from Motorsport.
We are also working on a top secret new experience for Christmas 2012 - watch out for it on the Extreme Element web site!

That's great, thanks Mark - we will be looking forward to finding out about the new experience! If you would like to book on to any of Motor Racing Lives' experiences, check them out below or on our site!

Stockcar Championship Racing Day
Take part in a full on day of motor racing action with the Stockcar Championship Experience. Not only will you take part in multiple head to head racers, you will attempt to drive the dual steer car and the 'Del Boy Challenge' in tuned Reliant Robbins among others!

Price: £159

Worlds Wackiest Racers
This has to be one of the most memorable motorised experiences available as you go for a ride in the world's fastest sofa through the country lanes, a cruise round the track as you sit back and relax in a sofa, drive the double decker car and have a meeting in the world's only motorised office!

Price: £99

Tree House Stays
Get closer to nature with this modern take on outdoor living in a luxury tree house in the heart of the Welsh Countryside. With three unique tree houses set in the beautiful woodland area you will be able to sit back and relax in nature with some of the creature comforts of home.

Price: From £349

Extreme Dodgems
Take part in a full day of metal crunching action as you race the 1300cc bangers around the oval track shunting your opponents out of the way. With commentators, stewards and pace cars make the day feel like the real thing as you take part in 26 action packed laps split into heats and a final.

Price: From £145
    • Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship
    • Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship
    • Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship
    • Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship
    • Northampton Stock Car Racing Championship
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