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About Us - Green Policy
The vast majority of our activities and sports are in the great outdoors, so being ‘green’ is at the heart of everything we do. We strive at every opportunity to do our bit for the environment and have implemented a number of policies and standards to ensure that we are doing ‘our bit’.

Journey to Work

We are proud to say that not one of the ‘Extreme Team’ arrives to the office by car, which is completely by choice and due to the nature of our employees. Whether we are enjoying a brisk stroll along Brighton seafront or weaving through the traffic on two wheels; we are a CO² emission-free and fossil fuel burning-free haven. Skateboarding, biking, walking or even Kite-surfing to work are the norm for us here at Experience Days! Walk to WorkBike to Work

Being an Internet company has its drawbacks and frustrations, but, it is one of the main reasons we consider ourselves 'green'. Born out of our general ambition to be greener and our loath of fax machines; we send receipts & vouchers via email wherever possible and any paper that we have to print on is recycled. We are happy to employ the services of local recycling company ‘Magpie’ and are enthusiastic about recycling the paper, plastic, ink cartridges and card that we have to throw away. The dream of a paperless office is not as far away as some may think…

Energy Saving

There is no denying that we rely heavily on computers, phones and various other pieces of hardware. But, we endeavor to switch off all main switches after every working day and rarely heat the office. Not to say we sit here shivering, but Brighton is a warm place and the office is akin to a sun-bed most of the time thanks to our oversized office windows.